Xuefeng broke the barrier as it didn't have any defensive properties and called out to her once again, "Lisa, please. I suddenly got really busy and couldn't come until now."

Lisa seemed to be clearly hurt as she fought back, "And you didn't have anyone near you to send me a message and inform me? I was waiting, you know. I was telling myself that maybe something happened as you promised me but I guess you are fine. You just forgot about me."

"I didn't forget about you... It's just each time I wanted to meet you, something came up. We had a big shop opening on the Main Square and then Nuwa came back with a new army which I needed to settle. I am sorry, okay? It won't happen again," Xuefeng apologized as he explained himself, knowing it was his fault.

"So you will come tomorrow without any issues, right?" Lisa asked, acting as if she was ready to forgive him only to get disappointed once again as Xuefeng described the situation. "Actually, I am going to be away tomorrow-"

"Don't talk to me. You can leave," Lisa said firmly, not buying his excuses anymore.

"Fine, I will leave. Just know I'm sorry," Xuefeng replied in annoyance and flapped his wings as if he was leaving, making no other sound.

A minute passed in silence when Lisa asked quietly, "Xuefeng? Are you still there?"

Hearing no response, the doors opened and Lisa's head peeked through the doors, checking if Xuefeng actually left and to her surprise, he was standing right there.

"What's up? I thought you don't care about me anymore," Xuefeng said with a smile to which Lisa showed him her tongue and closed the doors immediately.


The doors let out a dull sound but Xuefeng's shoe stopped it from closing entirely.

"Take your foot away," Lisa demanded but her wish wasn't fulfilled as Xuefeng slowly opened the doors instead. She had no strength to fight back so she let go of them, pouting as she stared at him with her arms wrapped under her chest.

"Can you stop for a minute and listen?" Xuefeng asked, closing the doors behind him.

"Hmph!" Lisa remained stubborn and simply snorted, turning her head away. "I am not doing anything. It's all your fault."

"Yes and I said sorry, didn't you hear me? Do you want me to drop on my knees and beg for forgiveness?" Xuefeng questioned as he walked up to her, getting annoyed with her attitude. He could only do so much in the current situation.

Lisa probably realized that she acted unreasonably as a complicated expression appeared on her face. "You could send me a message..." Lisa muttered softly, lowering her head.

When her blonde hair fell on her forehead, she looked exactly like her sister, Jiao, making Xuefeng realize that he didn't see her since they came to the Capital.

Focusing on the issue at hand first, Xuefeng lifted Lisa's chin to look directly at her as he spoke, "Do you think you would be satisfied if I sent a servant to inform you of my absence?"

Lisa quickly shook her head in response, biting on her lip. She would definitely throw the person out without hesitation and get even angrier. Him coming on his own was the best solution.

"What are you doing tomorrow then?" She asked curiously, her voice much less aggressive as if she forgave him this time.

"I will be away from the Capital for a day or two. I am still not sure how long it will take but we can continue the lessons as soon as I am back," Xuefeng replied honestly, finally letting go of her chin.

"Alright. You are the boss anyway," she nodded, looking at him pitifully.

"Good," Xuefeng smiled and patted her as a reward. "Before I go, did you see Jiao anywhere? I realized I didn't see her since yesterday."

"I didn't." Lisa shook her head, watching Xuefeng expression. "Is my sister important to you?"

"Well, she lost a bet so now she is working for me. I care about my people. If they go missing, I will naturally go search for them," Xuefeng explained simply, not going into details.

Unfortunately, Lisa didn't stop her questioning and investigated further, "Oh, so she is your servant now?"

Xuefeng gave her a glance and said, "You can say that, though, I didn't ask her to do anything yet. She just wanted to follow me I guess."

He never treated her as a servant but more like a friend.

"Hmm, I guess I know when she is. Whenever she is stressed, she goes to the Bloody Cherry Bar, not far from here. Maybe you can find her there," Lisa suggested, knowing her sister well.


Lisa couldn't be more accurate as at the same time, Jiao slammed a wooden cup against the table in a nearby bar, crying out to the barman, "Another one!"

Her cheeks were rosy from the strong alcohol but she didn't plan to stop. She thought that she could influence Xuefeng more by being closer to him but it wasn't the case at all.

'Damn... With so many women around who guard him from the shadows, I have little chances to seduce him. How did they act to make him change?' Jiao thought to herself, wondering what she should do.

She didn't mind being one of his women and she already threw away her plans of getting rid of his wives. She knew that the task was simply impossible. All she wanted now was a bit of his attention which he didn't want to give her.

"My lady. Don't you think it's dangerous to drink alone?" The barman asked her as he placed another cup of strong wine in front of her before whispering, "Maybe it's time to stop before It's too late... You have been watched by many tonight..."

They were in a bar full of rouge cultivators so for a beauty like her to come there alone was a bad idea. It would be a waste for such a lady to be assaulted.

Just as he said it, he spotted a man in the back throwing him a dirty look as he played with his dagger. The Barman immediately realized what happened.

She was already a target for them.

The Barman shivered and immediately retreated. "Enjoy your drink, ma'am," he added as he walked away. He couldn't help her more.

Jiao wasn't drunk to the point of not knowing what was going on around her. Instead of running away though, she smiled, picking up her cup and walked towards the man that has been ogling her body since she came to the bar.

One could clearly see based on his appearance that he was meant to be a bad guy. Scars all over his face with half of his face tattooed.

Jiao passed through the circle of his friends who grinned to themselves as they watched her curves. They couldn't believe she actually walked up to them by herself. For them, it was akin to surrender.

"How can we help you, Miss? Are you looking for fun?" The man with scars asked, his voice deep and hoarse.

"Of course," Jiao nodded with a gentle smile, stopping in front of him. "Why else would I come to you?"

"Hahaha, good! Come here bab-" the man laughed and reached out to grab her but he couldn't finish his words in the end.


Jiao swung with her cup and the black wine splashed across the tattooed man's face. Before he could do anything, the liquid froze, crushing his face within black prison and his body stopped moving.

"Ah, it felt nice," Jiao called out with a smile and asked the rest of the men in the group, "Who else wants some fun?"