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 Xuefeng felt bad for pushing everything onto his women and decided to spend the rest of the day with them. This was only one of the reasons as the other was Nuwa who didn't let him go anywhere. She was stuck to him like a glue, getting back a day worth of cuddles that she missed.

At the same time, they had to take care of the three hundred new elves who knew nothing about this world. They had to explain many things and basically tour them around the whole territory. It was also nice that Xiao Family cultivators quickly befriended them, hoping for some sparring. It wasn't often that you could fight someone stronger than you.

All they knew is that the skilled three hundred came from far away as none of the Elves said anything about their origin. Their queen already warned them many times and they wouldn't dare take any risks. Each one of them left their wife and kids in the Holy Land which was the main requirement Nuwa had. They needed something in the holy land that they care about, enough to stay quiet.

On top of babysitting Nuwa's army, Xuefeng spent a lot of time arranging his plans with Nuwa and Tangwei.

"Queen wants me to be the leader of all transactions?" Tangwei asked, learning about Nuwa's decision.

"You don't want to?" Nuwa asked back.

"No, no, I will gladly do it! Thank you Queen for the trust in me," Tangwei bowed, showing a bright smile. She couldn't ask for more.

"Don't bow anymore. Since you will take this job, you should act like a leader and make your own decisions. You shouldn't bow to anyone. You can call me by my name too," Nuwa suggested as she patted Tangwei on the shoulder but Tangwei quickly shook her head.

"Queen, you raised me from young as if your own daughter. Out of respect, let me call you my Queen for as long as I can," Tangwei said with firmness, forcing Nuwa to accept it.

"Your main job will be exchanging the goods and managing the manpower. Wuying won't be able to always take care of the guards. You can cooperate with my father too if he needs anything," Xuefeng explained in details, knowing they would be training hard very soon and there would be little time to take care of the Clan. He didn't want to push everything onto his father.

"Mhmm, I will not disappoint," Tangwei promised, glancing at Xuefeng's face with interest and asked Nuwa, "Queen, do you still remember our deal?"

"I do, but it's not a time. I still need you," Nuwa replied before shushing her away, "Okay, now go back to work. You should already know everything."

"Mhmm, good night my Queen," Tangwei nodded in understanding and turned to Xuefeng, holding her gaze on him for a good few seconds. "My King."

She left right after and Wuxing quickly grabbed Nuwa by the arms for questioning. "What deal was she talking about?" Xuefeng asked as he pinned her to the sofa they sat on. "Am I hallucinating or does the deal involve me?"

He could feel she looked at him while wanting something from him.

"What if it does?" Nuwa grinned, leaning over to steal a kiss from his lips. Unfortunately, Xuefeng didn't let her off this time and bit her tongue instead, forcing her to retreat.

"Do you need a spanking?" He asked sternly while pulling her onto himself and smacked her put as a warning. He forgot it was exactly what she wanted.

"Mhmm, yes please. One more time," She pleaded, continuing to smile at him.

"No. Tell me now," Xuefeng pouted, not doing anything until she tells him. Nuwa who lied on top of him could only give up and sat up.

"It isn't much. She doesn't want to be your girlfriend, don't worry. I wouldn't allow that," Nuwa assured him and Xuefeng also sat up, having Nuwa on his lap.

"What is it then? Is it related to sex?" Xuefeng questioned, causing Nuwa to tease him again. "You want it to be?"

"No, I already have full hands with all of you girls. If it's just sex, I can get it from you," he rejected firmly.

"Let's say she has a special hobby where she needs a second person assistance. She only feels good when it's a handsome male doing it with her. It's physical yet its not sex. That I can assure you," Nuwa said mysteriously, giving Xuefeng hints. Many ideas crossed Xuefeng's mind but knowing it wasn't sex, he didn't care anymore.

"Alright, don't tell me. If she is as competent as you say she is, anything she wants, I can give it to her. She has been helping us for some time already," Xuefeng decided blindly.

Seeing he didn't care anymore, Nuwa quickly changed the subject. "Anyway, talking back to what you said a second ago..." She whispered seductively as her hands dove down on his belly, entering into his pants. "Don't you think I deserve a reward too? I worked hard the past two days..."

"Mhmm..." Xuefeng tried to respond but Nuwa locked his lips with her own while rubbing against his crotch with warm hands. It was obvious what she wanted and Xuefeng was quick to get hard as always, his member betraying him.

"You don't need to do anything later anyway..." Nuwa whispered into his ear before biting on the tip, causing him to almost moan. The combo of her soft hands and the pleasure from his ear was just too much.

Just as she said it, Xuefeng froze, realizing he still had one thing to do today that he put on the second plan.


He was supposed to meet with her but he didn't even inform her that he would be absent. Xuefeng immediately felt bad.

"Actually, there is something that I still need to do..." Xuefeng whispered, sensing that Nuwa's force was already pulling his pants down. "I promised to meet with Lisa, my alchemy teacher today. "

Nuwa had only one response to that.

"Is she more important than me?" Nuwa asked as her hands finally turned his bottom naked, staring him directly into his eyes.

"Of course not," Xuefeng replied honestly.

"Then you will meet her later. Now you are mine," Nuwa decided for him as she lifted her butt and sat back down, this time with a hard and long object piercing though her insides. "Got it?"

Xuefeng frowned, realizing that he changed his priorities for a moment and embraced Nuwa, gently placing her on the sofa. "Is this how you should talk to your King?" he asked back with a teasing smile, not letting her win.

"Hehe, my King, please punish this naughty Queen..." Nuwa replied, grasping onto his hair which she gently brushed with her fingers while rubbing his earlobe with her thumbs. She knew where to grab to please him the most.

Xuefeng could only punish her plenty to remind her who is the King.


When Nuwa finally released him, it was already evening. Even after a few rounds, Nuwa was still asking for more but Xuefeng decided to continue his punishment at night with everyone else. He still needed to at least inform Lisa that he will be away for a few days. They already decided to visit Fate Organization tomorrow so he had to postpone his alchemy studying.

When he got to her Mansion, the lights were still up so he knocked on her doors, feeling a bit guilty.

"Who is there at this hour?" Lisa asked a moment later, coming up to the doors without opening them.

"It's me, Xuefeng. I'm sorry for not telling you but-" Xuefeng tried to apologize at the start but Lisa stopped him before he actually started.

"I don't know any Xuefeng. Go away," She called out, sounding as if she pouting.

Xuefeng expected this but just as he wanted to apologize again, a soundproof barrier surrounded the mansion, blocking his words from reaching her.