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 Xuefeng had a lot of questions but he didn't let go of her, leaving that for later. Yiren also wanted to give her mother a hug but seeing she was busy, Yiren moved onto her second best target.

"Tangwei! You came," Yiren called out as she extended her arms for a hug which her childhood friend accepted.

"Yiren, you have been visiting such magnificent world and you never brought me with you. I'm mad at you now," Tangwei complained despite having a smile on her face and squeezed Yiren even more.

The army of Elves behind them were already used to Tangwei and Yiren's friendship so it wasn't a surprise but the hugs and kisses their Queen received were a precedence. They all stared at them but Nuwa didn't care. She wouldn't be changing how she acted with Xuefeng for anyone.

"Did you miss me?" Nuwa asked happily, not showing any signs of her previous expression. For the man in front of her, she took off her mask that they have rarely seen.

"Mhmm, of course. As a matter of fact, we were talking about you not long ago. There is something I wanted to ask you all so we waited for you," Xuefeng replied, giving her another kiss and let go of her so she could be greeted by others as well.

One by one she received a welcome hug from all the girls, before Nuwa turn back to her army, her face back to normal. "Everyone, this is your King and my man, Liu Xuefeng. All of those women in front of you are my sisters. Their word is like mine," she called out with power, making everyone lament in their hearts. What they would do to have the Queen use soft voice with them as well.

They didn't lose respect for Nuwa while watching their silly behavior, knowing it was only reserved for Xuefeng, now their king.

Before they could do anything, Xuefeng preceded them. "There is no need for any courtesy. Just treat me like you treat your brother," he said with a light smile.

They didn't seem to hear him as all of them still bowed and replied, "Yes King."

Xuefeng didn't want to bother with them, knowing they wouldn't listen anyway so he turned to Nuwa with more important matters. "I already informed Xiao Family guards that you will be coming but we still need to settle their quarters. I didn't expect you will bring so many of them," Xuefeng informed, glancing at all the skilled warriors she brought. He could already guess it would be enough to increase their overall strength.

"It shouldn't be a problem. There is a lot of space left," Nuwa said while glancing at all the terrain and empty houses. Tang Family left behind them thousands of homes which were waiting to be filled. There were few hundred of them only in the palace territory but they had much more terrains available.

"Mhmm, not a problem at all. Even if you brought the whole Clan here, we would still find a place for them," Xuefeng assured her. "Let's go then."

"Wait, there is something I need to share. I might have spread the news that three hundred Monarchs belongs to the Liu Clan. I thought it will be good for us," Nuwa admitted while rubbing his hands with her thumbs and she received a reaction she wanted to see.

"It's alright. You can do anything that you think is right. Just tell me afterward so I know," he replied softly, holding her hand firmly. "I think it's actually good that they misunderstood."

"Oh, I wasn't lying. They should be all Monarchs based on human standards. Though, instead of Spirit Qi, they mastered other elements to their peak," Nuwa revealed, shocking Xuefeng.

"Wait, so we actually have three hundred Monarchs? Does that mean that Yiren is also a Monarch already?" Xuefeng tried to connected the dots.

"Oh, of course. I thought you know that already. Though, she still need to Master Spirit Element so she currently has five at the peak. If she wanted to ascend right now, it wouldn't be a problem," Nuwa explained, patting Yiren's head who already finished chatting with Tangwei. "Naturally, she is bad at fighting so she still has a lot to learn."

"That great Yiren. I didn't expect you to be first," Xiao Wen called out, seeing how happy Xuefeng was and added, "We will definitely catch up shortly."

"Hehe," Yiren only giggled, enjoying all the praises and Nuwa's pats.

"If that's the case, it would be best to hide our strength only to strike with the enemy unprepared but I guess everyone would find out sooner or later," Xuefeng commented, not complaining as it was already too late to change anything.

Turning to Wuying, the one with the most experience in directing the guards, he asked her helplessly, "Can I entrust you in taking care of the new recruits? I realized I know nothing related to it."

"Of course, I was the one settling Xiao Family guards anyway. Was waiting when you will ask," Wuying easily agreed and glanced at Nuwa. "Shall we?"


In the last two days, Liu Clan's name spread through the Capital like a wildfire. First it was Xuefeng's and Ruler of the Realm's confrontation. Then Xuefeng beat one of the top experts with one strike. At that point, only Xuefeng was famous while the Liu Clan was still too small to be noticed by anyone.

Only when the Clothing Brand Shop was opened could it be Liu Clan success but it was still far from being a super power so not many bothered with it, thinking it was Xuefeng's credit.

When the third rumor began to spread, people finally realized how powerful this new Liu Clan was. To become a top family, there only needed to be one Spirit Monarch as a leader. Based on the new rumors, Liu Clan had it three hundred. The difference in power was too big. When Xiao Feng heard it, he almost choked and immediately came to see it for himself.

To his shock, aside from his own experts, there were new characters flying in the Liu Clain's air space, protecting it from any intruders. He immediately recognized the origin of those warriors and wasn't surprised anymore. He already knew that Xuefeng had a way to enter inside so it was only a matter of time before he bring them outside.

"Wu? You are talking about that manager?" Nuwa asked with her eyebrows raised as they finally gathered in their room and began talking. "It's not like I have an opinion about her but I know one thing. She is a tigress. Do you really want to keep so many tigresses in the same room who fight for the same male?"

"You make it sound like I can't handle you all. Anyway, that wasn't the case. I want Wu to belong to our group as she can be really useful for us but Ling said she has feelings for me. That is why I came to discuss it with everyone," Xuefeng explained, leaving the decision to them.

"Let me guess, she showed you some signs yet you didn't notice anything and almost hurt her feelings," Xiao Wen called out sarcastically, finding the situation familiar.

"Cough, something like that," Xuefeng confirmed while clearing his throat.

"I don't mind. She is clearly capable and would be a nice addition to our group," Tianshi expressed her opinion and others followed as well.

"I don't mind either."

"I'm fine with it."

"We can invite her for a meeting so we can test her. Only us girls. What do you think?" Xiao Wen proposed and Nuwa's eyes brightened.

"Let's do it then."