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 Nuwa looked at the reactions of her people and realized that not many shared the fear she wanted to achieve. Many elves felt proud that they have something that humans don't.

Nuwa face darkened as she released her pressure throughout the plaza too temper them. "I don't think everyone realized the severity of the situation. Humans who seek Fate Stones are the best experts from the best. Not only they are strong but have the number advantage as well. Once they find out about our Hidden Realm and see our beautiful women, not only will they take away our treasures but also enslave your wives, your daughters and even mothers. This is definitely not an easy decision to make," she said sternly, making everyone turn quiet.

"Does anyone have any questions?" Nuwa asked, finally making most of them wary of humans at the very least. No one wanted to gamble the lives of their family. Male Elves were not scared of anyone in battle but when it came to women, not many of them actually knew how to fight. Living in a peaceful world, they focused more on raising their kids and supporting their husband instead.

No one spoke for a little while until one burly man finally spoke what everyone wanted to know. "My Queen, why are we risking then? We live in our place without much dangers. Shouldn't we cherish it instead and live happily?"

If their actions could easily endanger the peaceful lives of their families, many would rather not do anything. Nuwa already expected a question like that so she had an answer prepared.

"Let me ask you, who wouldn't want to explore the broad outside world after knowing there is a way to enter it? Many foods to enjoy and many beautiful sights to enjoy. The only danger is us. If any of us decides to betray their own race and side with humans, the whole race will be destroyed," Nuwa warned them, cutting straight to the point.

The elves looked around themselves, wondering if they knew anyone who would betray their race. Some were pretty offended by getting a look from others more often than the others. This was exactly what Nuwa wanted. Not only wary of Humans but also looking after their own comrades and watching their hands. She couldn't observe and check everyone so the best method was make them watch after each other.

"I hope this subject is settled. Tomorrow morning, any male elf who mastered at least four elements and already have a family of his own can come to the palace to join the operation. They will receive thousands of Spirit Stones as compensation for their participation," Nuwa announced, causing some to whine and some to cheer.

Spirit Stones were much scarce compared to Fate Stones and one could only exchange them in the auction. To receive thousands of them as a salary was a great lure for many who decided to learn this element. They could kill two birds with one stone. Satisfy their curiosity by exploring the world and earn money at the same time.

"Those who still didn't master four elements, don't worry, I didn't forget about you. From today onward, you will be able to exchange one Fate Stone for ten Spirit Stones of the same quality. Once you improve, you will also get a chance to follow me outside," Nuwa assured the majority of the crowd who momentarily began to cheer.

The Storage Rings they bought were really handy and the weapons powerful. The only drawback was Spirit Stones which they lacked. With better exchange, they wouldn't need to worry about it anymore.

"Long live the Queen!"

"Long live the Queen!"

"Long live the Queen!"

People cheered for her yet she quickly lifted her hand, signaling them to stop.

"Go back to what you were doing. Those who wish to join me tomorrow morning, I hope you can spend the rest of the day with your families. As always, family is the most important. This is an order." Nuwa commanded, getting a quick response.

"Yes Queen!"

Being done with the crowd who began flying away towards their homes, Nuwa glanced at her mother, wanting to speak with her but she only smiled and asked simply, "Do you need me to follow you or should I stay here and take over your job?"

"The latter..." Nuwa replied with a bitter smile, hugging her mother. "Sorry Mom."

"Ah, it's okay. I already expected this would happen sooner or later. I am only sad I won't be able open my restaurant often. Being a Queen again will take most of my free time," Auntie sighed, already used to her leisure life.

They flew back to the palace and auntie suddenly asked, "How much time left till I won't be able to see you guys again?"

Nuwa already knew that her mother would figure that out from the clues so she wasn't surprised. "Less than four years," Nuwa replied honestly.

"I want to see my granddaughter once again before you guys leave for good," Auntie demanded, looking forward. "I want to give her a taste of my kitchen for the last time. I know she loves it."

"Mhmm, I promise..." It was easy to say it but for some reason Nuwa got emotional and halted mid-air.

She grew up in this place after all. It would be sad to never visit it again after Ascending to Heaven's Realm. She knew that her place was next to Xuefeng but a piece of her would always stay here.

"Mom, he is really worth it. I never left like this before and no matter how many times I look at him, I can't help but smile. I love him," Nuwa confessed suddenly, breaking her cold mask with a soft smile, thinking of Xuefeng.

"I know my dear," Auntie acknowledged it with a nod and gave Nuwa one more motherly hug which she returned.

Pulling away after a moment, Nuwa was back to her calm Queen's mask and said casually, "Let's go to the Palace. There is still a lot we need to settle."


The next day, exactly three hundred Adult male elves appeared in front of the palace, ready to join Nuwa in her adventures. They didn't know what they can expect but that's what was exciting about it.

Nuwa didn't give everyone a token to pass through the portal but instead created ten of them and gave them to her most faithful Royal Elf Guards. They became the captains of ten groups, each having thirty people under them.

The process of bringing everyone inside was troublesome as she had to first bring inside one person, that person could then go back, knowing what was their destination and bring another two people. This way after fifteen trips back and forth, they captains were able to bring all of their members to the outside world.

Naturally, Nuwa took Tangwei with her, planning to make her the main person responsible for the whole trade between two places. Just as Yiren, She also had her mouth wide open the first time she stepped on the soft ground and saw the lush forests. The other elves were not better.

"Whoa... My wife won't believed me when I describe her this sight..." One of the Captains muttered in disbelief but Nuwa didn't give them too much time to sightsee.

"This is not a visit but a mission. Follow me," Nuwa ordered firmly, bringing them back to order.

"Yes Queen!" The three hundred men called out at once, sounding like a trained army and spread their wings to catch up with Nuwa.

When they moved towards the capital in this busy for everyone day, everyone flew out of their way, fearing the invisible pressure the army created. The Royal Guards who protect the gates gulped when they saw it but still blocked their way.

"Pass or identification please," the Royal Guards called out calmly, trying to not show any signs of intimidation. After all, there were around three hundred adult warriors with wings made from elements and cultivation that even he, a peak sage couldn't see through.

"We are from Liu Clan! Open the gates or my army of three hundred Monarchs will do it by themselves," Nuwa ordered coldly, not respecting anyone belonging to Royalty party. He voice resounded loudly, spreading to the ears of many who waited to enter the Capital, watching them from the ground.

Hearing her words, everyone almost choked and the guards quickly opened the gates for them. They already expected them to be Monarch stage and Nuwa only confirmed it for them. Nuwa was sure they would spread the news about this very quickly which is exactly what she wanted.

They moved unhindered through the Capital's air space, receiving many looks until they finally reached the Liu Clan Palace. Just as she expected, a welcome party came out to greet them. She didn't care about her appearance as she suddenly increased her speed tenfold and momentarily appeared in front of the group.

She didn't hesitate and dove into the only man's arms, hugging him tightly as if she didn't see him for a long time.

"Xuefeng... I missed you..." She muttered into his ears, not letting go of him and enjoyed as his hands wrapped around her back. The words she wanted to hear found their way into her ears.

"Welcome back my love."