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 Coming back to her kingdom, Nuwa already had her own plans. She wanted to fully connect the two worlds and bring both her race and Xuefeng's Clan to another level.

Naturally, she had to be cautious with her actions. If the people from the outside world learn about Holy Land, they would flock over and try to get inside. The situation would be even worse if they learned about Fate Stones that endlessly appeared. They wouldn't have any peace left.

To protect their people, she could only use the best control tools at her disposal.

Fear, manipulation and deception.

She had to inflict fear into both Humans and Elves, making them wary of each other by manipulating them with different deceptions. It sounded wrong but once she loses the control, everything will turn into a mess. She didn't want to see chaos once she is gone either.

"This must to be larger," Nuwa muttered as she came out of the well in her bathroom, acting as the exit point for the Holy Land. "We will need to rebuild the whole Palace for that."

She dried her blond hair and clothes with a bit of Fire Qi before fixing herself in front of the mirror. 'Do I look cold and bitchy enough?' She asked herself in her mind, the usual smile she wore around Xuefeng gone. The Queen's vibe emanated from her.

Nuwa didn't bring her standard Elvish outfit but rather the dress Xuefeng bought her, wanting to show off new style to Elvish girls. It was a simple summer dress, having all white top with a colorful flower design at the edge of her skirt.

Getting out of the bathroom, she looked around and saw that nothing changed, bringing her nostalgia. The usual peace this small Hidden Realm had would be gone soon. She didn't want to do it but it was necessary, knowing that she will be leaving for good in a few years.

Just as she wanted to approach the doors, someone opened them for her. It was Tangwei who was carrying a vase of flowers to place it on the small table. She almost dropped it when she saw Nuwa.

"Queen! You are back!" Tangwei called out, quickly placing the flowers down before bowing to her, bright smiles appearing right away. "Everyone was asking about you Queen."

"Let's greet them then. I have a couple of announcements," Nuwa nodded, not wasting time anymore and walked towards the doors. Tangwei could only follow after her patiently.

"Oh," Nuwa stopped as she recalled. "Note down to call for the designer. We will need to remodel the palace today."

"Yes!" Tangwei agreed, not asking any questions.

Nuwa gathered Palace guards and ordered them to gather all citizens to the main square for her speech. It was naturally a lengthy process as there were many flying islands which they had to visit so Nuwa used that time to claim the revenue from the auction house and listen to Tangwei's updates.

Afterward they brought a designer to the palace who frowned hearing Nuwa's request.

"I want to remodel the whole throne room and nearby apartments into a giant place which would act like a lobby and guarding spot for the tunnels. I also want to enlarge the entrances for a better access," Nuwa ordered, already having it all planned.

The old elf wasn't the one who built the palace but he still felt pain from hearing about destruction. It was a marvelous piece of architecture which he didn't want to ruin. Naturally, he couldn't argue with the Queen.

"My Queen, when do you want to have it done?" he asked politely.

"Today," Nuwa said firmly, not giving him a way to say no. "It has to be done by today. Get as many workers as you need."

"Hmm..." the old elf looked like he was counting stuff and finally said confidently, "I can be done by evening if I have at least ten masters of Earth Element. They need to be experienced with building through."

"Alright. Start right away." Nuwa agreed and patted Tangwei's head. "Tangwei will assist you with everything." The girl in her opinion was really capable and didn't mind to leave her some managing roles.

"Yes, Queen," Tangwei and the old elf replied at the same time.

"Are there any specifications of-" the old elf wanted to ask for details but he got disturbed when a Royal Guard entered the throne room.

"My Queen, the people already gathered and everyone is waiting," he notified. "Should I tell them to wait?"

"No, I'm leaving right now." Nuwa shook her head and left with him after one sentence. "Ask Tangwei for any questions. I already talked about the concept with her."

Almost the whole race gathered on the main plaza with some hovering in the sky as there was no place to land for them. A small place was left in the middle where the podium was created but it was reserved for Nuwa.

Once the elves saw her, they immediately cheered but she stayed calm, landing without everyone staring at her. Her mother was already there, closing her restaurant to join the announcement as well.

"We can talk about everything later in detail," Nuwa said as she hugged her mom and received a nod from her. Both knew some things should be kept hidden to the general public.

"My People!" Nuwa called out, her voice reverberating throughout the plaza. Everyone quietened down, knowing they wouldn't be called by the Queen if the message wasn't important.

"I would like to share a secret that Royal Family has been hiding from you all for a while," Nuwa began, already making everyone hooked with first sentence. What was more interesting than royal secrets?

"As you already know, there is another world outside of ours from which one person is chosen every twenty five years. We recently discovered that there is actually a way to enter and leave our world however we wish," Nuwa exposed, shocking everyone around her.

People started chatting between themselves but they quickly stopped, realizing the queen was waiting to continue.

"Some of you might have already guessed but the products that our auction has to offer actually come from the outside world. I brought them back here after visiting it a few times. Its an amazing world with far bigger land than you can ever imagine," Nuwa teased, suddenly making everyone excited. "But there is a catch."

The excitement died down, knowing it couldn't be this good. Many enjoyed the artefacts that auction sell so they can only imagine there could be many dangers in that world as well.

"I have one good and one bad news. I will start from the good one. I plan to connect both worlds and allow some of you to follow me. You will be able to witness all the new things we have been missing while being closed in our small realm," Nuwa described, causing a massive eruption of cheering. Even through this was their home, it was really small. Knowing there was another world they could explore was like a heaven's gift for them.

"But there is a bad news too," she added when the crowd calmed down. "Humans who live in the outside world find our Fate Stones as a precious treasure. Once they find out we are not lacking them here, they will do anything to break inside and steal everything. Most humans are greedy and they will gladly kill all of us just for a few of those stones. Because of that, it's risky to go out."

Just as she thought, this silenced everyone, not expecting their stones would be this valuable. If what Nuwa said was true, it would be a catastrophe once someone leaked this news.

"I don't want that to happen which is why I will start from bringing outside only trusted men. Hope you can understand my decision."