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As Xuefeng flew back to the palace, planning to enter through the balcony, Ling finally couldn't hold herself back. 'Xuefeng, you are such a dummy sometimes,' she admitted, disappointed with Xuefeng.

'What did I do?' Xuefeng was momentarily confused, halting in front of the balcony.

'How can you still not read women's emotions while having so many wives?' Ling asked, not understanding him.

'What? Is it about Wu? Did I say something bad?" he realized he might have misspoke but scanning his previous conversation, he didn't find anything.

'If it was anyone else, I wouldn't care but Wu is special. She is actually smart and can help us plenty with her business mind. You already have so many wives so one more won't change anything,' Ling explained, knowing Xuefeng was a dumbo when it came to reading women's feelings.

Hearing her words, his eyes widened. 'Wu likes me...? Aren't you mistaken? I think I would have noticed. We just mutually respect each other I think. Maybe thats why you would thi-' Xuefeng muttered, picturing Wu in his mind but then Ling cut him off.

'She gave you so many signs, didn't you see it? Asking if she is pretty, hugging you tightly, squeezing your hips as she held you and she even teared up when she realized she is only a manager for you. She covered it by saying something got into her eye and wanted to leave it at that, giving up on you but then as you held her, I could feel her heart beat faster. You gave her hope again only to crush it by not doing anything,' Ling laid it down for him to elementary parts.

Only then did Xuefeng began to understand it, feeling stupid. How could he not see it. The look she gave him right after they separated was an obvious signal.

'Why didn't you tell me earlier...? I could do something with it,' Xuefeng asked, feeling bad. He probably hurt Wu with how he acted. He could be more tactful.

'You already did the damage and if I told you, it wouldn't help anyone. You would only make it worse,' Ling replied. 'For now don't do anything. It not like you have feelings for her so it will be awkward for you if you meet her now. The truth is, even if you doesn't love her now, she can still be your women and join our group. You never know if any feelings get born in the future.'

'Okay. Before I do anything, I will discuss it with the girls first. I can't be selfish anymore,' Xuefeng decided, landing on the balcony. Even if Ling was right, he couldn't decide it for himself. He was not alone anymore.

Xuefeng opened his room and to his surprise, all his girls were still laying on the bed, snuggling into each other. They were already awake, chatting and giggling. It warmed his heart to see everyone getting along with each other and he couldn't ask for more.

"Xuefeng! You are back!" Yiren called out, seeing him by the balcony and quickly stood up, running up to him to welcome him with a warm hug. "You were away for so long..."

He embraced her, picking her up and she wrapped around him like a bear, not letting go. "There was an event that I had to manage. My father opened a grand clothing shop and millions on people came for the show. Though, I only came when it ended so I couldn't see it. I hoped I can record it for you girls," he explained as he carried Yiren to the bed, sitting on the edge.

"It's okay, we were having a nice chat with each other so we were not bored," Xiao Wen assured him, leaning over for her own sweet kiss.

"Oh, what did you talk about?" Xuefeng asked curiously, hugging the naked body of Xiao Wen as well.

"About the future," Xiao Wen revealed, snuggling into his chest next to Yiren. "We decided that we should intensify our training. If we don't, we will have a hard time catching up with you."

"That's a good idea," Xuefeng nodded, wanting their growth the most. "But aren't you already training hard? Don't be so hard on yourself."

"Yeah but I'm thinking about something different. Me, Yi and Tianshi already have a Fate Spirit but the others doesn't. How about we use the Fate Organization to get some abilities and a few more Spirits for Wuying, Shan, Yiren and Nuwa?" Xiao Wen suggested. "I'm thirsty for some action so it would be a nice opportunity for us."

Hearing her, Xuefeng forgot about Wu issue for a moment, getting intrigued with her proposal. "Can we actually bring everyone inside the Fate Organization Realm? I thought only Fate Holders can enter inside."

"Technically its not allowed and anyone who does it will be killed but will that apply to us as well?" Xiao Wen asked rhetorically as she smiled. She knew that the Fate Organization leader cares about Xuefeng so they wouldn't do them anything.

'Will we be able to extract a few more Fate Spirits?' Xuefeng asked in his mind and Drakos replied, awaking from his slumber, 'Yes. There shouldn't be a problem. We just can't support the Spirit for long so it's best one connects with it right away.'

"Alright, we can do it. But lets wait for Nuwa first. It would be good to have her near in case we need to fight," Xuefeng agreed in the end. Without Nuwa it would be too risky.

"Okay, then its settled. We will go tomorrow. I can't wait to visit arena once again," Xiao Wen said happily, hugging him. "Nuwa said she will arrive today so there shouldn't be a problem."

"Mhmm. Now that we have this out of the way, I wanted to talk-," Xuefeng began, thinking they could talk about Wu's case but he was disturbed.

Yiren reacted from something, her eyes brightening and she looked outside the balcony. "Mom is back! I can sense her!" she cried out happily.

She pulled away from Xuefeng's chest and hopped out of the bed, wearing only her white panties. She walked to the balcony, trying to spot Nuwa in the distance and spotted countless dots flying towards the Capital.

"Shall we go and meet them?" Yiren asked excitedly, happy to meet her fellow clan mates. She hoped that her best friend would be coming or maybe her Auntie.

"How about we wear something first? This sight should be only reserved to Xuefeng, don't you think?" Tianshi proposed as she touched her breasts and pressed them against Xuefeng's chest, claiming Yiren spot.

"Of course!" Yiren called out as she ran back towards the bed and halted, recalling that Xuefeng wanted to say something. "Xuefeng, what did you want to talk about? Sorry I cut you off."

"Ah, we will talk about it later." Xuefeng shook his head. "Go get ready and we will all go greet Nuwa."

Now that Nuwa came back, he wanted to hear her opinion as well.