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 "Hmm, I don't really know but no longer than four years from now on. I have something I need to do in Heaven's Realm before that time. The faster I go the better," Xuefeng answered, wondering why she asked. "Why? Are you planning to Ascend too any time soon?"

"Mhmm, Trade Union is a corporation spreading throughout all Realms. I will definitely find more opportunities once I Ascend. Was just wondering if we can see each other there," Wu explained, suddenly stopping her flight.

They arrived near the Liu Clan Palace which would mean their separation.

"I will definitely ask about you when I visit Trade Union there and make you my manager once again. Hopefully we can Ascend around the same time," Xuefeng said happily, knowing it would be hard to find a women as responsible and capable as Wu.

For some reason, Wu shivered, looking down. "Right... You are right... I will of course always be your manager," she said quietly, her face covered with hair as she looked down, acting as if she was wiping her eyes.

Xuefeng immediately noticed that something was wrong and asked worried, "Did something happen?"

"Sorry, something got into my eyes and I can't get it out," Wu explained as she lifted her head. Her eyes were already red from too much rubbing.

Xuefeng couldn't let her suffer like that and approached her, gently holding onto her face. "Let me see. Don't move," he called out, looking straight into her black pearls.

He first carefully wiped her tears caused by the rubbing before scanning in search of the intruder in the form of dust.

"I can't see anything..." Xuefeng muttered after a while, finding nothing. He couldn't feel her hands placed in his hips but he didn't mind, thinking she was supporting herself to stay steady.

"Maybe check the second one..." Wu proposed, squeezing his hips as if she was in pain.

"Nope, still nothing," Xuefeng shook his head again. "Maybe it's gone already."

"Mhmm, probably," Wu nodded, smiling at him. "Or maybe it's cause I didn't sleep well last night. I might be too tired." She stopped tearing up so Xuefeng thought she was alright and let go of her face.

"You should go home and rest then," Xuefeng suggested, fixing one strand of hair for her by putting it behind her ear. "Okay, now you are ready to go."

He didn't think too much of it but she started staring at him, acting as if she was in daze.

"Is there something on my face?" he asked, touching himself yet she only smiled.

"No, you are still as handsome as before," She finally replied, getting ready to leave. "I will settle everything with your father. Have a nice day Xuefeng."

She flew for more than a meter when Xuefeng reached out and grabbed her wrist. "Wu, wait for a moment," He called out.


"Can you close your eyes for a second?" he asked mysteriously, holding her hand and she complied.

To cheer her up, he decided to gift her something only he could give. "Please, don't resist when I enter inside you," he warned her before he did anything.

"Wha-" Wu frowned when she heard him but then blushed the moment Ling inserted her Fate Qi into Wu's body, heading towards her Spirit. There was a slight resistance at the start but she didn't block Ling in the end.

"Alright, done. With a better talent, it will be easier for you to Ascend later," he said happily, letting go of her hand. She looked as if she didn't know what to do but then she dove into his arms.

"Thank you..." Wu said sincerely squeezing his body tightly.

"It's nothing," he brushed it away, knowing it was all Ling and they finally separated for good. "I will get going then. My girls are probably waiting to eat together with me. Rest well."

There was a couple of complicated emotions visible on her face but it was easy to mistake it for just being speechless. He wouldn't mind chatting more with her but he already left for a while. He still had the appointment with Lisa for another lesson for which he was already late.

He didn't know that all he needed to do is kiss her and she would be his but now the entry barrier would be much higher for him.


At the same time, the news of Royal Family's failure on the Main Square finally reached the Ruler of the Realm's ears. He naturally didn't take it well, cursing and smashing things around his palace.

"Call for the Captain of the City Guards! Now!" he yelled at his servants who quickly scattered away. No one wanted to face the angry Ruler but they didn't have a choice.

The middle-aged man, the same one who led the group earlier came into the room a moment later and his heart sank, seeing the Ruler angry. He knew his chances of survival were low.

"Can you tell me what the fuck happened?! I clearly said to avoid any conflicts with that Xuefeng and what did you do?! You argued with him and got played like a kid, disgracing Royal Family's name!" The Ruler showed no mercy and etiquette as he scolded.

The Captain knew it was all his fault, even if it was his men who did it. Defending himself at that moment would only hurt him even more.

"First we the whole Royal Family in the border city and now this," Ruler of the Realm called out as if blaming him for everything. "Millions of women will now think we are against them! Do you have any idea what does it mean?!"

The Captain wanted to ask what but he stopped himself, staying quiet. Too bad the Ruler didn't explain further, already fed up with it and gave him the choice. "Either you find a way to fix it or your head will roll."


The Captain swallowed his saliva but thankfully, he didn't come empty handed, knowing what awaits him.

"The whole matter blew up cause of that young man's accusation that Royal Family only cares about profits. We just need to show that we care more about the people. That Xuefeng gave out Ten Million Spirit Stones to the crowd and how much respect he got from that. We just need to give more to people and your Majesty's position will be stronger than ever," the Captain proposed, awaiting the Ruler's decision with his head bowed.