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 "Mom and Dad were right..." Wu muttered to herself, staring at the majestic Xuefeng who supervised the crowd from above. "There are no other men like him..."

She couldn't help but acknowledge that he was a smart man by manipulating everyone so easily. Not only did he gain the crowd's recognition but also ruined Royal Family's name which was exactly what he was after.

Just as she was in her thinking zone, the people around her began to go crazy. "The shop is opening! Let's go!" They cried out seeing the doors to the shop opening and many rushed, trying to be in the first batch to enter.

People pushed each other, trying to get ahead of the other which forced her to fly above the crowd. She already expected the chaos but it was beyond describing. Fortunately, she wasn't the only one who noticed it.

Wu saw Xuefeng's frown and immediately call out, "I know that everyone wants to buy your favorite pieces today, but due to the high demand, not everyone will be able to visit our store today. If we see anyone creating trouble, they will be banned from shopping in our stores."

On top of his shocking words, he flew all the way down near the shop entrance, hovering above the people to even further discourage anyone from misbehaving.

It was quite obvious that a few million people would never fit into the store of this size but a reminder was still required. Once everyone did something, others would follow which created chaos.

Even though he said it clearly, there were still some who didn't want to comply with his orders. Wu saw him extend his hand in the direction of the crowd and five people were lifted out of mass.

"Were my words unclear?" He asked sternly, his voice hitting everyone, finally making everyone halt. It was clear that the guards didn't let anyone inside despite the shop's opening.

"N-no..." The five people replied fearfully, not expecting Xuefeng had such powers.

"This is my final warning. If we see anyone pushing and cutting in the queue, I will personally ban them for life from all our stores. Did I made myself clear?" he warned, making an example of the five people.

"Y-yes..." the five nodded with their heads lowered, looking ashamed. Xuefeng didn't say anything else, throwing them somewhere at the back with no chance of entering the shop today.

"All I want is a pleasant experience for everyone. Respect each other just as you respect yourself. In the next few days, we will be opening tens of shops throughout the Capital so everyone will be able to enjoy our collection. Just be patient," Xuefeng explained, returning to his warm character and gave the signal to the guards who finally began to let people inside.

'I need to talk to him...' Wu thought, her desire to increase with each minute. She knew that Xuefeng wouldn't stay in the sky whole day and would soon leave the rest to the guards so she left, flying away to the edge of the Main Square with less people. She hoped to catch him on his way back to the Liu Clan's Palace.

Just as she expected, a few minutes later, Xuefeng left the scene, flying in her direction. Despite his absence, the crowd didn't go wild like before. Getting his word that there would be more stores in the couple more days, those who were not in a hurry simply started leaving, preferring to go when it was less crowded.

She was already in the sky, waiting for him to reach her when a few girls from the crowd decided to approach Xuefeng before she had her chance, forcing him to halt. She didn't know why but her heart got uneasy when she saw all girls were young and beautiful.

Before she knew, her body was already flying up in Xuefeng's direction, hoping he will see her. The lady fortune seemed to be on her side as he spotted her right after she showed up.

She waved at him, curious on what he was talking about with the girls and to her surprise, the pretty girls turned around in her direction to check her out. At that moment, Xuefeng seemed like he excused himself and flew towards her, clearly prioritizing her. Her undecided heart warmed up.

"Manager Wu, what are you doing here?" he asked with a bright smile, stopping in front of her.

"Just Wu is fine," she said, willing to be more casual with him. "Aren't you busy? I don't want to disturb you."

"I'm fine with Wu. We are already friends after all." Xuefeng naturally agreed with the naming, finding it even better and replied, "I'm heading home now so I am not particularly busy. My plans were already changed by the event."

"Mhmm... but what about the girls behind you?" Wu asked curiously. "Did you tell them something about me?"

"Them?" Xuefeng pointed with a slight head tilt. "They said they are my fans and wanted to chat. You appeared in the perfect moment. I told them I actually have business with the beauty behind them."

"So that why they looked at me strangely. They probably thought they are better company than an old auntie like me, ha ha," Wu joked at herself, not expecting Xuefeng to momentarily get angry.

"What are you talking about? Auntie? You are still a beauty in your prime. If you say you are old one more time I won't talk to you again. Humph," Xuefeng scolded, making Wu really happy.

She didn't know why but getting into the mood, she asked shamelessly as if asking for more compliments, "Am I really...? Do you find me pretty...?" Wu regretted it afterward, wanting to slap her forehead yet Xuefeng didn't mind the question, nodding.

"I find you really pretty. If anyone thinks otherwise they are blind." he said confidently.

"Thank you." Wu replied sincerely as she put a strand of her black hair behind her ear, a bit of rosy color appearing on her cheek. "Can I accompany you on your way back to the palace? I have something I would like to talk about."

"Of course, it will be my pleasure," Xuefeng nodded and folded his wings, using his cultivation to fly next to her. It would be hard with how big his wings were.

Just as she was about to speak, he smiled and read her mind, "I guess you want to talk about the clothing brand that we created?"

She wasn't even surprised and nodded, turning back into businesswoman, "Yes, with the demand this big, there is no way Liu Clan can supply the whole capital on your own. I want you to outsource some of the work to Trade Union. You will need large workforce of qualified workers to handle so much tailoring. We can provide that together with all necessary materials."

"Sure, but our main tailor will be responsible for managing everything. The quality has to be kept," Xuefeng agreed, making his own demand which Wu naturally accepted. "Of course."

"Then it's a deal. You can talk to my father about the details. I don't think I will be able to handle it. I'm quite busy with my own training recently. Aside from Alchemy and Crafting, I still need to improve my cultivation. I don't plan to stay here for long," Xuefeng said honestly, not lying to her.

"Oh..." Wu opened her mouth as a sudden thought crossed his mind. She wasn't in a hurry and Xuefeng plans gave her an idea.

"Can you tell me when do you plan to Ascend to Heaven's Realm...?"