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 The unambiguous reaction from the crowd made the Captain even angrier but he knew they didn't stand a chance if they tried to fight it.

"Can you hear it? I think the crowd is against it," Xuefeng said happily, shrugging as if it wasn't his fault. The truth was, the Captain dug his own grave by fighting against him with words.

The Captain didn't say anything, stepping cautiously as the ice beneath their feet was really thin. He didn't want hurt Royal Family name by accident. Unfortunately, his men were not that smart as him.

"This doesn't change anything!" the man behind him called out, acting like his right hand. "Organizing such a big event in the capital without Royal Family's permission is a criminal offense!"

The Captain wanted to stop him from talking but it was already too late.

"So you want to arrest me now? Whoa, Royal Family. Is this what you really are?" Xuefeng asked with a frown, showing his anger for the first time. "And here I thought that Royal Family has any good left in them. I was wrong."

He didn't stop at it but turned to the crowd and called out with passion and injustice crying from his expression.

"People! Can you see it?! They are trying to arrest me! All I wanted to do is bring change! Change for all the women in this world! And what Royal Family does? They want to take it away from you!"

He pointed at the Captain and his group who were already getting red from the accusations and continued.

"They want to stop us cause that will only bring them loses! Can't they be more shameless than this?! Not caring about our loving daughters, our caring wives and us, men, who want to see our beautiful women happy and sexy every single day!" Xuefeng cried out with power, moving the men of the crowd.


"Women! How many times have you been to the tailor shop, looking at the mediocre dresses which not only cost fortune but also take weeks to make?!" He switched to the beautiful sex, aiming into their problems.

"ALL THE TIME!" the women in the crowd called out with one voice.

"Men! Is this what you want for your women?! Royal Family wants to close our shop and silence the revolution in fashion! Recall the smiles of your women while watching the event! Will you let Royal Family ruin their happiness?!" Xuefeng asked once again, his voice getting stronger and stronger.

"NO!" This time every single men joined in the cry, showing their stand.

"Lies! This is pure slander!" the Captain countered his words, shouting out to public but Xuefeng didn't bother with him.

"All they want are profits! Not caring about us! The people! Their greedy mouths fed with golden spoons have never enough! This show is an example! Right when we present you with a great collection, they come here to arrest and shut it down! We can't let that happen!" Xuefeng raised his fist to the sky as he yelled.

"WE CAN'T!" Both men and women joined, raising their fists to the sky.

The Captain was officially horrified, looking at Xuefeng as if he was a scary beast. He gained the crowd's voice in just a few sentences, acting like their leader.

He still had to grit his teeth and try to fight back else Royal Family reputation would be completely ruined.

"You are the same!" He shouted. "Don't lie about profits! Your business also needs them! Will you give away your goods for free?! All you say now is your evil strategy to ruin our reputation!"

Some people actually paused, thinking that they were being tricked by Xuefeng but he quickly corrected their thoughts.

"Wrong!" Xuefeng denied firmly. "I gave away ten million Spirit Stones! How dare you assume I value money more than people's happiness?! If Royal Family doesn't only think about profits, go do the same!"


The sheer thought of throwing away ten million from his pocket made the Captain choke. It couldn't happen as he didn't have this much on him but even if he did, he would never do that.

"Just as I thought!" Xuefeng responded to his silence and began his finishing move.

"To prove my words, I would like to give you all my promise that each piece of our collection will be affordable for all! With our great designs, we could sell all products at high prices and they would still sell well," Xuefeng said honestly, many confirming his words with nods.

If their pretty dresses had the same prices as those from Royal Family tailor shops, people would definitely line up to buy them.

"You probably wonder why we would do that?" Xuefeng asked, answering for them right after. "It's cause we care about every woman, no matter rich or poor. Now you won't need to save up for months to buy a mediocre dress. This is my promise to you, my dear women. I hope each of you will finally feel pretty, getting what you deserve."

He looked at the crowd with a loving gaze, one he would only show to his wives. It wasn't a surprise that in combination with his words, he melted women's hearts.

The Captain was already speechless, knowing he lost any support from the crowd that he had left. The best choice for him was to leave before the situation gets worse. Just as he thought about it though, planning to turn around and run, Xuefeng faced them.

"I have never thought Royal Family would be like this. I'm disgusted. Leave!" He ordered as he glared at them.

He didn't even need to do anything for the crowd to react similarly, chanting in one voice.




The pressuring energy from the crowd left them no choice but to disappear quickly.

At the same time, Riu who was already prepared for that, called out as the chanting stopped, "The problem seems to be solved! I would like to finally announce that Liu Clan Clothing Pavilion is open!"