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"You did well Xuefeng," Liu Xiaobei patted him on the back, seeing the crowd ecstatic.

"You could tell me earlier, I would prepare something better at least," Xuefeng lamented, still thinking he could improve but his father shook his head. "No, it was perfect."

"That's good then. Do you need me for something else?" Xuefeng asked just to make sure before he returns back to the palace.

Liu Xiaobei wanted to say 'No' when he stopped himself, seeing a quite large group of cultivators incoming from the north. "I think you should still stay for a bit longer," he said, pointing at the sky with his eyes.

Xuefeng followed his gaze and smiled surprised, "Is this Royal Family? Let me handle it," he quickly decided, spreading his wings once again, flying to face the whole group alone. His move immediately grabbed the whole crowd attention.

"Is he going to be fine?" Riu asked worriedly, not expecting the authorities to come so fast. They created the whole event overnight, without asking for any permissions.

"He should be. There is no way they will try to fight with millions watching," Liu Xiaobei assured her before thinking of an idea. "Go put the action on the big screen. It would a good finale for our show."

"Oh!" Riu quickly exclaimed and sent the message to the backstage, announcing it afterward to the crowd.

"Everyone! We wanted to proceed with the shop's opening yet it seems there are some people trying to create trouble for us. I'm sorry for any delays. The shop will open right after the problem is resolved."

The announcement created some irritation from the people who already couldn't wait to buy their favorite dress and lingerie.

"Damn, who is troubling them?! I can't see any problems?"

"I think its Royal Family. The event created quite a commotion."

"Oh... Let's hope the shop will open in the end..."

Many complained but hearing it was Royal Family intervening, they stopped cursing. The leading party still had huge respect in the Capital Community, being shaped for thousands of years. They could only wait and see how the action develops.

On the screen, Xuefeng was flying up with face full of confidence and calmness, hovering right in front of the enemy group, blocking their advance. Some of the Xiao Family experts tried to move and help him but he stopped them.

"I am fine. Focus on managing the crowd. They need more than this small group to stop Liu Clan," Xuefeng said, proudly mentioning his Clan's name whenever he could. His voice reverberated throughout the Main Square as if there were speakers on every corner.

Anyone could hear him clearly and thanks to the displays, they could see him too. His previous actions which gave him fame were seen by limited amount of people but this time millions of people were watching. Who didn't like to watch real life spicy drama involving two biggest clans in the capital? Naturally, everyone would get excited.

"Who is responsible for this event?! Show yourself!" the leading middle-aged man, looking like a Captain of the city guards called out with stern expression, not especially looking at Xuefeng. "This "show" violates every damn rule in the codex! This is unacceptable!"

The man didn't mind being loud, having the reputation of the Royal Family behind his back.

"Oof, it's over. It's the Captain of Royal Family Guards responsible for the order in the city. He is known for his strict behavior..." Someone commented, recognizing the man.

Aside from his unforgettable character, he was also a great cultivator, already standing at the peak of the Monarch stage. Just based of his strength people respected him.

Xuefeng rose his hand up and replied with a smile, "Oh, I'm here. Is there anything I can help you with?" He didn't seem a bit worried.

All attention of the newcomers switched to him, getting pierced by hundreds of stares yet he remained unmoved. One had to know there were more than hundreds Sages in the arriving group, all being top notch experts.

The middle-aged man frowned his thick eyebrows and aimed his anger at him. "Do you know the consequence of your actions?! Explain yourself!" he demanded, not giving him any respect. For him anyone who breaks the law didn't deserve any.

Xuefeng was still polite despite the Captain's rudeness. "Consequences? I'm not aware, I'm sorry. I came to the capital just yesterday. Can I get enlightened on what punishment we will receive?"

"Even if you don't know the rules, it doesn't mean you can break them! The punishment for disrupting the order of this scale deserves a fine worth ten million high-tier stones!" the Captain shot the number, scaring many in the crowd. Ten million was enough to set up their own clan and start a few businesses yet it was the cost of a single fine.

Despite such a high number, Xuefeng wasn't moved. "Just Ten million? No problem! I think I have enough in my hidden storage I hid away from my wives," he said as if a joke, pretending to search his pockets.

Everyone thought he was joking, some even laughed, angering the Captain even more only to shock them when he suddenly found a ring in a hidden pocket of his pants and showed it to everyone happily. In the next second, Spirit Stones began flying out of the ring as if water, covering half of the sky behind him.

"S-so many Spirit stones..." a guard behind the Captain stuttered, seeing so many stones for the first time in his life.

It wasn't natural to bring so many Spirit Stones out of the Storage Rings. Most big transactions occurred by exchanging the rings with the rings being a gift of low value.

They thought Xuefeng wanted to mock them by pulling out the mountains worth of stones just to waste their time but they only laughed in their minds. Money was money. They could easily collect it.

"This should be around ten million Spirit Stones. I already counted. Is that enough? I will pay up front first and then we will end the show," Xuefeng expressed his sincerity, complying with the consequences and surprising everyone, even his own father.

"Oh," the Captain thought Xuefeng will resist but seeing he didn't, he couldn't help but soften a bit, finally showing his smile. "Finally someone who knows how to settle matters without resisting. Fine, we will take the fine and support in managing the crowd."

He gave his men a sign and they happily began approaching Xuefeng to collect the money. Though, they didn't cross a huge distance as just after, the mountains of Spirit Stones moved, suddenly falling from the sky.

It momentarily spread like a web that covered the whole Main Square only to halt closer to the ground, gently falling with the speed of the feather. Everyone hesitated but the moment High-tiered Spirit Stones were just above them, they quickly reached out to grab them.

"Haha! I got one!"

"I got three!"

"Hey! You stole mine!"

In seconds all Spirit Stones were snatched by the quickest hands, leaving most with grins on their faces. Everyone liked free money, no matter how small the amount.

"What do you mean by this?!" the Captain barked, his face turning red from anger.

"Oh, you didn't think I would pay you the money? You were not even here when the event started so how could I disturb you? I only paid the damages to people I potentially disturbed," Xuefeng explained with a shrug before looking at the crowd. "I sincerely apologize to anyone we disturbed with our event. I hope this gift from Liu Clan will somewhat appease you lovely people. You have been great the entire show. I couldn't ask for a better audience."

"It's alright! The event was great!"

"Yeah! We loved it!"

Cheering resounded from the happy crowd, sounding an army chanting. Who wouldn't support someone who casually give out ten million to the crowd.

"That move only wasted your money! You still have to pay the fine!" the Captain argued, turning cold. He realized Xuefeng was playing with him the whole time.

"What fine? To fine me anything, there has to be a victim. I don't think anyone suffered in our event," Xuefeng replied with confusion on his face. "We can asked the crowd what they think."

"Does anyone want to agree with the Royal Family who considers my gift to you all a waste of money?" He asked, looking hurt. "I was really sincere with my apology but if Royal Family wants to take away all the gifts, I can't do anything..."

The immediate response from the crowd was obvious and easy to imagine.