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 It was already noon when someone knocked into Xuefeng's master bedroom, waking him up. Naked beauties covered his body, too comfy to move and open the doors. He could feel it was his mother knocking so he felt obliged to go talk to her. She wouldn't disturb him if it wasn't anything important.

He shifted his body, trying to not wake anybody up yet Tianshi, who was right on top of his chest, lazily opened her eyes and looked at him with questioning gaze.

"Sleep my love..." Xuefeng whispered as he gave her a kiss, trying to make her fall asleep but she didn't listen.

"Did something happen...? What time is it?" She asked back quietly, seeing that everyone else was sleeping, tired from yesterday's activities. Xuefeng didn't use his Regeneration ability on purpose, wanting to tire them out else he wouldn't be able to sleep.

"It should be around noon. My mother is knocking on the doors. I will go greet her," Xuefeng replied as he rubbed her cheek and she nodded, moving to the side. Tianshi was one of those people who liked to sleep well.

Yi, Princess Shan and Wuying laid their heads on his belly while wrapping their legs with his own. He had to carefully pull his body away to avoid waking them up. Only after he was free did he realize he could simply teleport away which would be much easier.


Just as he wanted to stand up, Xiao Wen caught his hand and demanded similar treatment, being awake the whole time. He could only give her a kiss to finally be free. Walking up, he only wore his pants before walking out shirtless.

"Good morning Mom," Xuefeng greeted her mom properly with a kiss on the cheek and asked while closing the doors quietly, "Is there something urgent?"

Mu Lan smiled and asked back with her motherly care, seeing the girls on the bed. "Did you enjoy the night?"

"Cough, it was okay," Xuefeng cleared his throat, not willing to share the details.

"Alright, its good you are active. I'm still waiting for some grandkids," she said playfully and seeing Xuefeng's eye roll, she went into the topic she came with.

"Are you busy now? We are opening our clothing store in your name and we want you to greet the crowd," she described his job in few words. "You became famous due to your fight yesterday so now everyone wants to see you."

"Oh!" Xuefeng was quite surprised, not expecting it was actually about his clothing brand idea. "How did you guys set up everything in one day?"

"We worked whole night to get ready. Thanks to your fame, we gathered millions of people on the main square for the show. The only lacking puzzle is you," Mu Lan said honestly, already feeling tired from the all-nighter she pulled.

"Ah, no one told me anything... Else I would help for sure," Xuefeng felt quickly for a moment but then his mother gave him a pat, assuring him. "It's alright. We didn't tell you on purpose as you were busy too and studied whole day. You should be well rested."

"I will get ready right now," he quickly decided, giving her mother a hug.

"Come alone. It won't take long. We want all single ladies to make you their idol. This will definitely improve the sales," Mu Lan proposed, knowing what effect he had on the girls.

"Okay, I will do what I can," He nodded, willing to do at least this much. He knew his mom wasn't joking.

He went back to the room and began wearing his clothes to which the girls suddenly woke up, looking in his direction. "Are you leaving?" Yiren asked, woken from the lack of Xuefeng on her lap.

"You girls can sleep a bit longer. I'm going to help mom with some event and come back shortly to eat with you," Xuefeng explained apologetically and gave everyone a quick kiss to appease them.

Xuefeng would propose to take them with him if there was a need so no one complained, going back to sleep.


Meanwhile on the Main Square, a new visitor appeared to watch the event. It was Wu who decided to visit Xuefeng to talk to him about the partnership with him yet she stopped by, hearing Xuefeng was opening a new store.

She already knew it would be a clothing store, similar to the one in Phoenix City but she didn't expect they would gather so many people.

Wu couldn't see Xuefeng anywhere but she still stayed, hoping to see what will happen. After yesterday's talk, she couldn't stop thinking about what her father said and her mind kept playing jokes on her by imagining various scenarios of them together. She wanted to talk to him to finally set her thoughts straight.

'This one should be new...' Wu thought as she saw a new set of lingerie on the last few models. 'Maybe I should tell Xuefeng to get me some...' Being a classy women, she already bought a few pieces back in Phoenix City but she wouldn't mind having more.

Based on the women's screams of desire, she expected that the demand would be pretty high. The stock would run out immediately but she didn't want to fight with the crazy women in the crowd.

'Will he think that I'm using him...? Nah... It's just a small favor. He is not like that,' Wu got lost in her thoughts again. 'But won't I need to tell him my size? Isn't that too intimate...?'

Wu tried to find an answer yourself, just as she always did when suddenly many screams from the crowd woken her up. She looked up and saw the source of her internal problems.


"Now that everyone saw the collection, let me present you the main designer and sponsor of today's event, Liu Xuefeng!" Riu introduced him properly and the water displayer switched to Xuefeng who appeared in the sky.

His Golden Wings were covered with flames as he flew above the crowd, scanning everyone with his gaze. He did two rounds before landing on the stage, splashing the fire off his wings right before landing next to Riu.

Even she had to admit he looked cool at that very moment, seducing her with his graceful movements. For a second she thought he wouldn't be that bad or a partner yet she quickly shook her head to get rid of those thoughts.

'Damn you father... Messing my mind,' Wu cursed under hear breath, not liking the uncontrolled thoughts. If she didn't know about it, she wouldn't waste her time over thinking.

"Hello everyone, I'm Liu Xuefeng," Xuefeng called out to the crowd, not needing any amplifiers for his voice to resound throughout the Main Square. He had to pause as many girls screamed excitedly, surprising him. He didn't expect to create such a reaction.

"Thank you everyone for coming for our event. I'm truly grateful," Xuefeng thanked according to the script that his mother gave him before improvising, showing his sincerity.

"When it comes to this project, my first priority was you, my dear women. I wanted every girl and every women to feel beautiful for herself, her man or her husband. I didn't do it for the money. I have more than enough. I did it cause I know every women deserves the world and this is my gift for you. Please enjoy this collection and support Liu Clan. Thank you once again."