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 Xuefeng got betrayed and all of his secrets got exposed. Now that all girls were so eager to try new things, he couldn't run away anymore. He got dragged out of the pool by everyone and brought into a massive bed, surrounded by all the girls as they stared at him with desire.

"I think your buddy is more excited than you," Xiao Wen said with a grin as she grabbed his erection firmly, feeling it jump and twitch as she stroked it. She happened to be the one in charge of the assault, claiming the main spot as she sat directly on his thighs.

"We are your wives... We would never hurt you," Yiren assured him sweetly, leaving a kiss on his lips as she lent her lap to him as his pillow. She massaged his ears with care, relaxing him even more.

Xuefeng couldn't resist them anymore and gave up. "Fine... Take what you want... I'm all yours tonight," he said as if he was going to sacrifice his body to safe the world, making the girls laugh.

Because of his perverted thoughts, Xuefeng spend whole night, satisfying all of his girls' desires. Yi, who wasn't exactly show where they stood in their relationship, didn't give up on her dreams to enter into Xuefeng's heart. She was patient, stealing one or two kisses to get a taste of him before subtly making her stand equally with others by joining in group activities around Xuefeng's crotch.

Yi didn't want to get anywhere beyond that for now, waiting for their love to flourish first but for that she needed more time and opportunities. Little Ming was in a similar situation as her, not fully ready to attack until she was sure Xuefeng accepted her.

In the end, they didn't finish until morning, forcing them to sleep late. They all cuddled into Xuefeng, each finding their own space on the bed. If Xuefeng didn't tire them out, he didn't think they would want to end.

At the same time, right when the the sun rose above the horizon, the young tailor's shop was finally finished. With Liu Xiaobei full support, Riu and her brother worked overnight to get everything set up and ready for big opening the next day. Liu Xiaobei also heard of his son's fame and decided to use it in business. They wanted to enter the capital with a bang.


Hundreds of people spread throughout the capital, announcing the big news to all pedestrians. Thanks to Xiao Feng manpower, it wasn't hard to achieve in such a short time frame.

Everyone still remembered about him from yesterday's gossips so they immediately got interested. Similar conversations happened in every corner of the capital.

"That Xuefeng? The powerful Xiao Family's son-in-law who defeated Saber Devil with one hit?"

"Yes! Let's go check it out before it's too crowded!"

Anyone who could instantly flew into the sky and headed towards the main square. Although not everyone could fly as it was partially prohibited, when everyone was doing wrong at the same time, the law enforcement wasn't able to punish them, only focusing on keeping order.

It was still half an hour till noon but the whole main square which could fit a few million people at once was already fully packed. All nearby roofs were occupied by people as guards protected the skies, forcing them to find another free "seats."

A big stage was built in the middle of the square with a long runway leading towards the new shop. It was few stories high, occupying all floors. It was one of the best locations that Tang Family had previously, but now it was turned into a giant clothing and lingerie shop.

"I am sure it will work out. It should be the first time such an event was created in the capital," Miss Riu, the tailor's older sister said confidently as she watched the massive crowd from the stage. It was her idea to showcase the best products they had in this fashion.

She wore one of the dresses from the collection, dolling herself up for the first time.

"It will for sure. I also start to think this will be the best business we will have. Liu Clan will definitely give you all the help you need," Liu Xiaobei assured her, smiling brightly to the crowd. Riu couldn't help but get excited, knowing they made the right decision to join hands with Liu Clan.

"Is Xuefeng going to come? It would be nice to have him. It seems everyone is waiting to see him," Riu asked curiously, hearing the crowds talks.

"I already sent his mother to wake him up. He seems to be sleeping," Liu Xiaobei shrugged. He wanted to avoid bothering Xuefeng too much but this event was too important for Liu Clan. He couldn't blame him too if he doesn't come as everything was too rushed, prepared while Xuefeng was busy with his matters.

"Mhmm, that's good. Shall we slowly start then?" Riu asked, seeing the time was closing and she received a nod. Riu didn't wait and quickly sent a message to her brother who was preparing models in the building. She wanted to use real human models to show the full beauty of their clothes.

With the signals sent, the show finally started. Right above the scene, a giant cubic water screen began to raise up in the air for everyone to see, even from the furthest spot on the Main Square. At the same time as it rose, the music started to play, making everyone turn quiet, expecting something to happen.

Riu who was on the stage suddenly saw herself on the big water screen, looking as if alive and she smiled gently, looking at the crowd. She was waiting all morning for this moment.

"Ladies and gentlemen! Thank you all for coming! I'm Riu and I will be your host today!" She greeted everyone warmly, the sound amplifier attached to her ear spreading her voice throughout the Main Square.

The delicate melody soothed everyone's ears as she continued, "You probably wonder what is the business we want to present to you. I can only tell you it involves fashion, love and future. For more, you will have to see for yourself."

Riu pointed at the new shop with her open palm and the doors opened abruptly with a bang, grabbing everyone's attention.

The water screen shifted the image, this time displaying the entrance and the music intensified, getting a dancing rhythm to it.

Bum, clap. Bum, clap.

Before anyone realized, everyone was clapping to the music as the first model left the building, stunning everyone.

"Isn't it Delicate Flower...? The top ten beauty...?" The guys immediately recognized the women walking confidently on the runway, catching their hearts with her smiles. Thankfully not only guys were captivated, the women in the crowd immediately noticing the beautiful flowery dress she wore, looking comfortable yet pretty.

"What a pretty dress... Where did she buy it...?"

Many girls wondered, only to hear Riu's voice as she introduced the piece.

"The first dress in our collection, beautiful casual white dress for every day walks around the city. With such a dress, you can captive any men's heart. If you want to look as great as Miss Delicate Flower, you can buy it today in our new store!"

Before they could fully digest the information, Riu continued, introducing the second model. "Even if the dress is great, we still need to think what's underneath it if we plan to please our man. The current fashion of women's underwear is plain and boring. We deserve better!"

The women in the crowd felt embarrassed that Riu talked about underwear but they couldn't agree more. They even preferred to be naked than wear their underwear in front of their men.

"We found a solution! Something all of us women deserve! Underwear shouldn't be ugly and uncomfortable! Let me present you something that any man would like to see underneath the pretty dress!" Riu cried out enthusiastically and another model walking into the runway, following after Delicate Flower.

Her pretty appearance wasn't the main thing that caught their attention. It was the lack of clothing and the white set of sexy underwear that covered her curves. The men who watched the model's butt moving couldn't help but imagine their own women wearing them.

"Babe! I will buy you those!"