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 Getting ignored, Ling pouted and immediately appeared behind Xuefeng, hugging him from behind. She didn't say anything but simply pressed her naked body onto his back, trying to get some attention from him.

As Ling came out, Little Ming couldn't be any worse and also showed up. Her body was much bigger compared to her usual cute self but her face maintained its round shape. Despite her size growth in all curves, she still kept her pink jumper that got all wet as she hid in the water, only watching from the side with her face flushed.

Before Xuefeng could say anything, the doors to the bathroom opened. Both Xiao Wen and Tianshi came in, already knowing what was happening inside. "Ah, why didn't you call us?" Xiao Wen complained displeased and dropped her dress with one move, jumping to the pool right after. Tianshi copied her and they both swam while only wearing their underwear.

Xuefeng disregarded anyone other than Princess Shan and leaned over, asking with caring smile, "How are you feeling? Does it hurt? I can wait until you are fine."

He didn't push too far inside her as he knew that the first time could hurt. He was surprised when Princess Shan looked at him with confusion and asked back, "Huh? I'm fine. Was it supposed to hurt? It actually feels nice."

He would think she was lying if not for the bright smile she had on her face. He decided to move with his hips reaching even deeper inside her. Seeing drops of blood, he was sure he broke her hymen yet Princess Shan had no reaction whatsoever. She seemed to be enjoying it plenty.

"Xuefeng, I think she is just resistant to pain. Due to training in extreme cold temperatures, her pain receptors are sturdier than anyone else," Ling whispered into Xuefeng's ear as he thrust inside Princess Shan, finally having no worries that she will feel any pain.

"Got it," Xuefeng acknowledged her input with quick kiss before lifting Princess Shan's legs and placing them on his shoulders, freeing his two arms. He reached out behind him, clutching his fingers on Ling's butt cheek and pulled her to the side so he could see her.

"Sorry for ignoring you," he apologized. "I just wanted to give Shan the first time she deserves with my attention on her."

Xuefeng then turned to Shan, rubbing her thigh warmly but before he said anything, she gave him a smile and assured him, knowing what he will say, "It's okay. We are family now. Let just make it a good experience for everyone."

He was actually speechless for real after her words, asking himself how much karma did he gather in his past lives to have each of his girls so good. "You are really an angel..." he muttered in the end.

Just from what she said, Xuefeng decided to share this moment while focusing only on her. He let go of Ling with an apologetic smile and laid down on top of Princess Shan, sealing her lips. Ling could only sigh helplessly. She knew Xuefeng was making the right decision.

Seeing that Tianshi and Xiao Wen already reached them, slowly swimming as they chatted, Ling joined them next to Little Ming, leaving Xuefeng and Princess Shan alone.

Little Ming wanted to watch more but she got pulled away as Ling hugged into her body. Ling was the one who proposed to increase her height but her cute behavior remained, too hard to eliminate.

"You are Xuefeng's Spirit, right?" Xiao Wen questioned, just to confirm Lang's words. He already told her she was a powerful Fate Spirit.

"Yes, I'm Ling's mother," Little Ming replied proudly, acting like an actual mother and patted Ling on the head. Now that she was taller, she could do much more than before.

"Huh? How is that possible? Isn't that Ming we saw earlier?"

"Hmm, let's say we are the same person but have two bodies. Each time we switch, our personalities change," Little Ming explained before announcing shamelessly. "It's complicated but just know that I'm the better sister, humph."

She was still pouting at Ming for keeping her away for so long but she understood Ming was a better help for Xuefeng at that time.

"Haha," everyone laughed at how cute she was and Tianshi even swam up to her to give Little Ming a hug. Having a sudden thought that made her curious, Tianshi asked, "How is it to be inside Xuefeng at all times?"

The two thought about the question while turning their heads to look at Xuefeng and Ling was first to reply. "It's a torture," She said honestly.


Even though Xuefeng was busy with Princess Shan, he couldn't avoid hearing their conversations as they were just next to them. This one particular answer from Ling almost made him choke.

Little Ming nodded to that, confirming, "I know right? He always thinks about naughty or lewd stuff. He makes his thoughts open to us so we can see all of his daily fantasies. You wouldn't believe what Xuefeng wants."

"Cough, cough! Traitors!" Xuefeng called out, trying to stop them before they spill anything but only received their smiles in return.

Xiao Wen and Tianshi looked at each other, momentarily getting interested. "Please, go on," Xiao Wen smiled evilly, urging them to share.

Xuefeng was pulled back into kissing by Princess Shan which gave Ling a green light. She leaned over and whispered the best details into two sister's ears, making even them embarrassed. "Xuefeng is so perverted...?" Xiao Wen asked surprised, secretly willing to try some of his fantasies.

"I'm sure its normal right? Every man should be similar in this aspect." Tianshi, tried to defend Xuefeng, actually liking some of his ideas. Making love midair would be her favorite as she liked flying.

"What aspect?" A sweet voice suddenly called out from the entrance. It was the trio of Wuying, Yiren and Yi who came home late. Seeing everyone was in the pool, they also began stripping off their clothes down to their underwear.

"It's about Xuefeng's fantasies. We know everything now, hehe," Xiao Wen explained, enjoying this a lot. It was always Xuefeng who bullied them and now it was their chance to fight back.

"Oh! Share, share!" Yiren loved gossips so she instantly got into her mood, running on top of the water surface as if it was ground to reach them faster.

Hearing Xiao Wen's whispers, Yiren couldn't help but ask, "Is that even a position...? How about we try it tonight? I don't mind experimenting." She was always eager to try new things.

"I agree, we can do some of the list," Tianshi agreed too, willing to do anything if that can elevate Xuefeng's pleasure to another level.

"Okay. You actually made me want it too. Let's do it tonight," Xiao Wen decided with Wuying joining right after. Yi eyes were still wide open, blushing heavily but she also nodded, willing to do anything to be any closer to Xuefeng.


Just as they all looked at Xuefeng's direction to get his opinion, Princess Shan cried out of pleasure, feeling hot substance shot inside her. Despite the whispers, she could still hear anything the girls said, making her come just from thinking while putting herself in all those scenarios.

She turned her head to the side while embracing Xuefeng and asked without a breath, "Where do I sign...?"