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 Even though Princess Shan wanted to hurry and act before anyone came back, she believed it was best for her to provide Xuefeng with the best experience he could have. She wanted to leave an impression on him, giving him something he will remember. Knowing Xuefeng was quite experience, it wasn't an easy job.

"Isn't it our first...?" Xuefeng ashed in a whisper as his shirt dropped on the wooden floor and they embraced once again. Princess Shan teased him by rubbing her nose against his own while subtly biting on his lips.

"It depends..." she whispered back, staring into his eyes with her icy orbs. "Is that what you want...?" Princess Shan wished to know his feelings too and sensing how his hands were slowly stripping her of her white-blue dress, she already got a slight idea.

'Just say yes...' Princess Shan wished, rubbing his back with care as she waited for his answer.

Xuefeng didn't respond right away and instead, pulled her waist even closer to him while sneaking his hand into her ice blue hair, entangling it with them before leaning over to her ear. "I want the Tigress Shan..." he requested.

Princess Shan's eyes widened, not expecting such an answer but it was more than she asked for. Hearing his wish, she knew there was no need to hold back anymore.


She threw Xuefeng's body against the wall and immediately pinned his arms to it. He didn't show any resistance, letting her do whatever she wanted.

"You don't even know how much I wanted to do it..." She said with an obvious desire as she gave him one bite on the lips and moved to the side instead of down. Kissing his cheek she moved towards his long ear, grabbing it between her teeth.

"Ah..." Xuefeng couldn't help but moan, forgetting about his hidden pleasure spot.

"I saw Yiren did it for you. To think it has such an effect on you, hehe," Princess Shan giggled, happy to discover his weakness. Being a tigress, she wouldn't let go of it this easily.

Click. Click.

Two ice locks appeared on top of his wrist, giving more freedom for her fingers and she immediately caught both of his ears, rubbing it gently while suppressing his cries with her lips.

"You know that they only react to people I truly love...?" Xuefeng informed, his breathing hurried.

Princess Shan froze, looking into his eyes to see if he was lying. "Really...?" she asked with hope.

"Mhmm," Xuefeng nodded, showing his honest smile. "If not, I would feel irritation and nausea."

"I'm glad..." Princess Shan broke her character for a moment, feeling really touched for a moment. She always thought of giving her all to him but now she really meant it.

"You know..." she suddenly spoke as her teasing expression returned and her hand moved downward on his abs, stopping right before his crotch. "I once saw a dance a lady could do for her man. I never tried it but I don't think it should be that hard..."

She didn't ask for his permission as she suddenly turned around, leaning on his chest with her back and moved her butt in a round motion. Her belly joined in as it danced like a wave and her skirt quickly rolling upwards to expose her curves.

"Do you like it...?" she asked seductively, resting her tongue that just experienced an exhausting battle.

"I do," Xuefeng replied honestly, his raging erection acting as a physical proof. She could also feel the hardness with her butt yet she wanted to hear him say it. For her, it wasn't the end but rather the beginning.

She reached out to his locked hands and freed them with a tap of her finger. Leading them down, she placed both on her hips, letting him follow as she continued to move in every direction.

Princess Shan couldn't escape from his grasps and rubs as he gripped her thighs strongly. Despite giving him some free will, she still led him to do her bidding. Unfortunately, one slip and she could lose the control she built.

"Ah..." She couldn't help but moan when his fingers slid in between her legs, caressing her through a pair of white underwear. "Not yet..." She stopped him, pulling his arms upwards on her belly. "Take off my dress first."

She didn't need to ask twice, his palms already pinching her nipples as they covered her breasts. She let him take care of him and meanwhile, she slowly lowered her hands, sliding on his waist before pushing his pants down. She only needed to reach down to his thighs before they fell on his own, at the same time as her dress which he threw to the side.

He grabbed his erection and before he did anything, she put it between her legs, letting it peek at the front with its head.

"How about now...?" She asked, moving back and forth as he fondled her ample breasts. "Is it better?"

"Is this how the dance goes originally?" Xuefeng asked back instead of replying.

"No," She denied, caressing the tip of his glans. "I'm innovating."

"How about we move to the pool?" She proposed right after, hopping away from him while still holding onto his shaft. Before he could say no, his foot already entered the pool, walking down the steps into hot water.

The pool was round with a small statue of a naked women on an island in the middle, looking more like a fountain than a bath. They could only guess that the previous owner liked to bring girls into the bath so he build a big one right next in his bedroom.

Princess Shan led him to the middle of the bath before making him sit on one of the steps. She kissed him for the last time and dove underwater.

"Ah..." The feeling of her soft lips and tongue wrapping around him was too amazing for him to stay quiet. Despite being inexperienced, she showed some great skills which surprised him. The cooling sensation of her lips compared to the hot bath made him ecstatic.

He wanted to pleasure her too yet she didn't let him, fully focusing on him.

At the same time, Ling who was watching everything from the side, expressed her willingness. 'I want to join too,' she said shamelessly, knowing what she wanted. 'Others are coming back already.'

He didn't need to search as it seemed Princess Shan already did, resurfacing with an unhappy expressing. She glanced back at the doors before showing a determined look as she jumped onto his lap, wrapping him with knee-socks covered legs.

"Others are coming and we are not done yet," She informed him firmly, giving him the signal that she wanted more. Her tigress was gone, only pure desire that screamed from her eyes.

Despite others coming, Xuefeng couldn't leave her like that.

He lifted her body and placed her down on the island. She knew what would happen now and she didn't know if she was more excited or happy.

She looked at him with an innocent smile when he pulled her panties to the side and slowly pierced into her, finally claiming both her heart and body.