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 Wu rubbed her face, staring at her father speechlessly. She heard him clearly yet for a second she thought something was wrong with her ears. "Father, did you drink something unhealthy today? You seem to not even know what you speak anymore. Maybe you should rest?" Wu proposed, not delving into her father's nonsense.

She even tried to stand up, trying to avoid that conversation yet Manager Kong pressed on her shoulder, sitting her back down. "No, sit down, we are not done," he said. "I'm perfectly fine, don't worry."

Wu took a deep breath before speaking. "Father, forget about it. What you want is not happening," Wu rejected firmly, wrapping her arms under her ample chest while leaning on his chair. Her previous cheerful mood turned into her usual business expression.

"Don't you like him? Its only a step to turn that into love," Manager Kong reasoned with her yet the only reaction he got from her was unamused stare.

"It's cause we are f-r-i-e-n-d-s." She spelled out the whole word so her father could understand. "I like him but not romantically. Also, he is my business partner. I don't mix business with relationships." Wu was always firm with her believes and it was rare for her to change her mind.

Manager Kong knew that well but he didn't give up. "Give me a reason. Why can't you be with him? Isn't he a great guy? You won't find a better man with such great future in this Realm. Just give it a try," he tried to convince her, speaking well of Xuefeng yet Wu only rolled her eyes at him.

"You want to know why? Maybe cause there is almost two decades between us? Or maybe cause he already have like what, seven women? Do you want me to share my husband with all other girls? No thanks," Wu explained yet Manager Kong debunked her right away.

"Firstly, age is just a number. I was twenty five years older when I married your mother. Secondly, he already looks mature and behaves like adult, representing his clan and Xiao Family. Thirdly, is it that bad to have some sisters around? I heard Xuefeng treats them really well. He cares and satisfies everyone so you don't need to worry about that."

"I don't worry about it!" Wu quickly shouted, stopping him before he said anything stupid and stood up, brushing her father away. "I'm going back home."

He didn't stop her this time but simply called out as she was about to leave, "I talked with your mother about it and she agreed."

She halted upon hearing his words and turned around. "Mom agreed...?" she asked surprised. Wu was really close with her mother, valuing her opinion.

"Actually, she was the one who proposed this idea. She is worried that you won't find anyone, always busy with work and having too high standards. Now that a man like Xuefeng appeared in the spotlight, we think you should give him a shot," Manager Kong explained. "Think about it and do how you wish. Just know that you won't regret being with him."

Wu paused for a moment, clearly lost in thoughts and went out of the office, leaving a quiet agreement.

"I will think about it..."


Although the palace was enormous, once Xuefeng rose to the skies and scanned the place with his Spirit Awareness, he quickly found the training grounds, located next to the gardens. To his surprise, he found Princess Shan who was training her Ice Domain, surrounded by a small ice copula.

He gave her some Fate Stones and Water Qi Wisdom Tree so he was happy seeing her training seriously. He landed at the edge of her domain and simply waited without disturbing her. To avoid wasting his time, he also began cultivating, improving his Spirit Qi levels.

He didn't ask for Ling's help as he wanted to be conscious of his surroundings in case Princess Shan finished her training.

At his stage, it was much harder for cultivators to improve, even if they had high talent but that wasn't the case for Xuefeng. Thanks to his bloodline, he could absorb Spirit Qi ten times faster.

He didn't count for how long did he cultivate before he noticed some movement next to him. Princess Shan finished her training and approached him, smile displayed on her face. Xuefeng didn't react right away, acting as he didn't realize she was coming and only when she was close to him did he open his eyes and attacked.

"Ah!" Princess Shan exclaimed but it was too late for her to defend, her body embraced by two strong arms. She was already familiar with his touch so she simply cuddled into his chest, kissing him lightly. "I thought you are cultivating."

"I was waiting for you," Xuefeng replied, placing her on his lap and returned the kiss, giving her much stronger sensation.

Although, they were alone in the training grounds, Xuefeng thought back to his previous mistake and proposed, "How about you show me our room? I still didn't visit the palace." He didn't want her to feel uncomfortable like Wuying.

"Yes! Of course," Princess Shan agreed right away, suddenly getting excited. It was the first time they were alone together when Xuefeng came up to her himself. It was finally her chance to shine.

"Your father gave us the master bedroom, right when that balcony is." She pointed at one of the balconies on the high floor and suggested, "How about we fly there?"

"Sure," Xuefeng smiled and they both stood up, Princess Shan still hugging into his chest. As his wings spread, he already realized she wanted to fly together with him. "Hold onto me tightly."

Just as Princess Shan thought, there was no one in the room as Yi was still training her ability in her private room. "Come, I will show you around," she called out happily and pulled him by the hand the moment they landed.

The master bedroom was fully furnished, having an build-in office, bathroom, closet and a giant wooden bed that stood out from everything else. Red curtains hanged around it, probably meant to cover the acts on the bed.

Though, even if he wanted to take a closer look, Princess Shan didn't let him, pulling him straight towards the bathroom. He didn't complain, actually wanting to take a relaxing bath before resting so he accepted Princess Shan's company.


The doors closed right after they entered and Princess Shan closed it with a lock.

"Didn't you say you will show me around?" Xuefeng teased, watching her actions but he didn't receive an answer, only a kiss as she pulled on his shirt.

"Do you want to take a bath with me?" Princess Shan asked with desire, her lips hovering next to his. She waited a long time for this chance so she didn't want to lose it.

"Do I have a choice?" Xuefeng asked back, closing the distance of their lips as his hands pulled her waist closer to him. He wanted to take her ice dress off but he held himself back, curious of her plans.

She pulled away from his lips and smiled, replying as her hands began lifting his shirt.