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 Flying back into New Liu Clan territory, he could see that everyone was still busy. Despite being rebuilt, the whole territory needed some management. Each living quarters had to be assigned to families or guards, the cultivation resources had to be distributed and work delegated.

Xuefeng could see hundreds of Xiao Family's Guards from the sky, flying around as they patrolled. They couldn't avoid such help as they were currently too weak. Thankfully, no one could threaten them aside from the Royal Family and they didn't make any moves.

With Xiao Family as support, his people could train in the perfect environment and hopefully, in a few months, they could become a group of skilled experts. He didn't measure anyone with his own measurements as barely anyone could jump stages like he did.

He flew towards the Palace only to be stopped by his own guards' cries, coming from the distance, "Young Master came back!" Just this small shout of one person was enough to alarm tens of guards who rushed to greet him. His Golden Wings were shining like a lantern so it wasn't hard to notice him.

"There is no need to greet me. Return to your work," Xuefeng immediately informed, not willing to cause such a sensation yet they didn't stop, hovering in front of him.

"Young Master! Please accept us!" One of them called out.

"Yes! Young Master accept us, please!" Another followed.

Xuefeng got confused, not knowing what they wanted and raised his hand to stop their blabbering. "What do you mean by accept?" He asked after they quietened down.

"Let us serve under you!" One of them explained, starting another begging apocalypse.

'Gosh, they behave worse than kids,' Xuefeng thought, releasing his pressure to shut them all up. He understood now that they wanted to work for him which didn't surprise him that much. It might be too cocky from him but that was the reality.

Even though he currently needed as many people as he could get, Xuefeng hit them with question, "Did you consult it with Xiao Family or just decided out of blue?" Despite the two families connections, they were still separate and Xuefeng didn't plan to steal any experts from Xiao Feng.

Just as he thought, all of Xiao Family guards lowered their heads in embarrassment.

"First get my father-in-law approval and then come back. I can't permanently accept you without his permission," Xuefeng decided before flying away as he ordered, "Continue your job."

"Yes Young Master!" They all called back, respecting him even more after his response.

Xuefeng didn't yet know how big of a commotion he created in the whole capital which was the main reason they wanted to join him. Being so young yet so powerful, only someone stupid wouldn't hug his thigh to profit later.

As Xuefeng landed near the entrance, he spotted Wuying who was busy with her matters, ordering her shadow guards around. Seeing her sexy body, wearing her black leather top and short shirt that allowed her swift movement, Xuefeng couldn't help but walk up to her, using his Invisibility to surprise her.

She assigned the work to her Shadow Guards who immediately disappeared after getting an order and marked something on her metal board right when Xuefeng sneaked in behind her.

"Boo..." Xuefeng called out, planning on scaring her yet Wuying responded instinctively, pulling out her dagger and stabbing at Xuefeng's head as she turned around. Xuefeng managed to catch her hand yet another dagger headed in his direction.

"It's me," he said as he canceled his ability, holding both of her wrists. He was amazed he was able to react this fast. "You almost killed me, hehe."


The metal board Wuying was holding finally fell to the ground, showing how quick their movements were.

Wuying relaxed when she saw it was Xuefeng and revoked her daggers. She wanted to scold him yet he pulled her forward and embraced her body while sealing her lips in a kiss. It has only been half a day yet he already missed his wives touch. He already became addicted to their affections.

Xuefeng didn't mind they were watching by clan members from the distance yet she did, transporting them into world of black and white, seeing everything as blurred mist.

He thought Wuying will take them to the palace but she only moved them into a narrow crevice in the design of the palace, still being outside. His back was pressed against the wall yet he quickly reversed their position, his hand lifting up Wuying's thigh as he grasped it firmly.

He didn't avoid punishment after he finally let go of her lips and received a hit on the chest. "Dummy, why did you scare me earlier? What if I injured you...?" She scolded, worrying visible in her eyes. Wuying couldn't be able to forgive herself if she hurt him somehow.

Xuefeng didn't respond to her scolding and instead massaged his chest, pretending to be hurt. "Ouch, since when is my Wuying so violent?" He asked unhappily, his puppy eyes on a verge of crying.

This didn't work on Wuying as she lightly struck him on the side in return, bringing him back to reality. "I know you are pretending," she announced and gave him a peck as the sign of forgiveness.

"I want more kisses," Xuefeng demanded, hovering in front of her with his lips but she only gave him one, pulling him away at the same time.

"How was the battle?" She asked curiously. "The news reached to us a few hours ago. I wanted to check on you but I would only disturb you."

"Oh, it wasn't much. I just beat one guy who thought he was the strongest," Xuefeng replied humbly but then lifted her chin and responded to her worry. "You can visit me any time you want. I will always find time for you. And don't worry, I am fine."

"Thats good," Wuying replied happily, and gave him last kiss before sneaking out of his embrace. "Time for me to go back to work."

"This fast? Isn't it late already?" Xuefeng muttered, catching her hand.

"I'm still not done with my duties. I'm still a leader of Shadow guards so I have to settle some matters," Wuying explained, caressing his cheek.

"Alright. I won't disturb you," Xuefeng replied, giving up on corrupting her as her job was too important. "Do you know where are the others then? I will check on them."

It was getting late so he wanted to bring everyone to rest but it didn't seem it would be this easy. He wasn't knowledgeable in clan building so he left that to his father who was much more experienced.

"Xiao Wen and Tianshi help your parents. Yiren went out with Xiao Feng's wife and should be back soon. Shan and Yi should be training behind the palace so you can check on them I think," Wuying quickly before realizing that her men were searching for him so she gave Xuefeng a kiss before leaving. "I will be back late. Don't wait for me and rest. I will join later."

With her gone, Xuefeng could only listen to her advice and fly up to search for the training grounds Wuying talked about.

Xuefeng wasn't bothered with the fame he created for himself but the news reached many ears, together with those at the highest positions in the capital. One person was sitting in the main headquarters of the Trade Union and was thinking deeply about the news, analyzing it.

It was Manager Kong, the boss responsible for Earth Realm Trade Union operations.

Knock, knock.

Someone knocked on his door, pulling him out of his thoughts and the person entered without waiting for his permission. It turned out to be Manager Wu who was finally done distributing her cargo.

"Dad, I'm back," she called out with a smile, walking up to him to hug him. They didn't see each other for a few years, only communicating through messages, so she missed him.

"My daughter, it's good you are back," Manager Kong said, returning the hug and sat her down on his chair like a little kid. "Sit down for a moment."

"Did something happen?" She noticed her father was troubled by something so she asked right away. "Mom wanted us to eat dinner to celebrate my return. She told me to bring you back home."

"Did you hear about Xuefeng's news? He is Xiao Feng's son-in-law," Manager Kong asked her curiously, not thinking about dinner.

"Oh," Wu was surprised they would be talking about Xuefeng but she nodded. "Yeah, I heard it from the guards. They were chatting about it. He is as always impressive."

"What do you think about him?" Manager Kong asked further, making Wu a bit suspicious. "Why you ask that?"

"Just answer," he didn't reply and pushed her for answers.

She sighed and thought for a moment before describing Xuefeng in a few words. "He is a very kind and caring guy. Works hard to achieve his goals and to protect his women. I quite admire him."

"What is your relationship with him?" Manager Kong continued investigation.

"Currently we are business partners as I became his main manager. I would consider myself his friend as well. Why?" she asked right after explaining. "What are you planning? You wouldn't ask me without a goal in mind."

"You are right. I do have something planned," Manager Kong nodded, walking up to the window of his office before asking seriously, turning to look at her.

"How about you start flirting with that Xuefeng and become his wife?"