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 Xuefeng covered his hand with lightning and caught the giant saber's blade as if it was nothing, only pushed back a little cause of the swords momentum. The saber dimmed with each second, losing its powers before turning back to normal. Saber Devil was still in shock, not believing one of his strongest attacks was this easily blocked.

"That's all?" Xuefeng asked sarcastically as he brushed the saber to the side. "Scram. You don't even deserve to serve as a maid for Xiao Family with that weak strength."

Saber Devil's transformation already began switching back to normal, his skin regaining its natural color only to turn pale, staring at Xuefeng without moving. Being a tyrant in the capital, he never lost this badly.

"Throw him out," Xuefeng ordered to the guards, walking back to Lisa and the manager.

The guards shivered hearing the command but they weren't scared. They were excited. "Y-yes, Young Master!" They stuttered as they quickly rushed up to Saber Devil, dragging him away. He was struggling but being temporarily weakened after using his berserk ability, he couldn't resist against ten Sage cultivators.

Before Xuefeng said anything, the manager knelt down, begging for mercy, "Young Master... I'm really sorry for disturbing you. It's all my fault. I will accept any punishment."

"Stand up," Xuefeng called out, his expression calm but stern. "No one is allowed to kneel in front of me. Treat me normally."

"Y-yes..." The Manager stood up, not expecting it and glanced up at Xuefeng before lowering his head again, too stressed to look in Xuefeng's eyes.

"If you bring anyone in here once again, you will pay with your head," Xuefeng declared. "Are we clear?"

"Yes, Young Master," the Manager nodded right away, sighing in relief that he avoided punishment this time. "I will pass those rules to everyone."

"Good. The alchemists are very important to the growth of my clan," Xuefeng explained and signaled with his hand for him to leave. "Go back to your duties."

She didn't scold him too much, wanting to leave a different impression on him. If everyone disliked him, he wouldn't be able to build successful businesses.

"I won't disappoint Young Master!" the Manager called out, skipping towards the Medical Pavilion entrance.

"Ah!" Xuefeng suddenly recalled as he looked at Lisa and added, "Bring two best cakes as well."ts

"Right away!" The manager naturally complied and run ever faster, wanting to get the job done quick.

Only Xuefeng and Lisa were left in front of her mansion. She was unusually quiet compared to her previous rebellious attitude. When Xuefeng looked at her again, he caught her fixing her blond hair, putting some behind her ear but she didn't shy away, staring back into his eyes.

He lifted her chin and decided for her, "Let's continue our lesson," before casually walking into her mansion. He already proved himself, being more than capable so he would be the one calling the shots now.

Instead of getting angry, Lisa bit on her lip, slowly releasing it as she stared at Xuefeng's back with her mind full of new ideas and ran after him, choosing her strategy on impulse.


As Saber Devil was thrown away through the main entrance of Xiao Family Medical Pavilion, it was obvious that people would be surprised, shocked and definitely curious. He was one of the top experts in the capital, making him quite a figure.

It didn't take long for the guards to happily spread the news, praising their new Young master and describing the epic one-on-one battle. Xuefeng didn't forbid them to do it so they acted on their own, knowing it was a great way to improve his popularity.

From one person to another, the story was getting more and more exaggerated into unimaginable size. Everyone was adding their own flavor to the news, wanting to get even more recognition from their friends.

It took less than two hours for Xuefeng's name to spread throughout the capital, his story traveling through thousands Transmission Crystals. Once it did, many connected the dots between Xuefeng and the man who faced off against the Ruler of the Realm a week ago. They couldn't wait to share this discovery as well, making Xuefeng famous overnight.

Now everyone knew he was Xiao Feng's son-in-law and Liu Clan's reputation grew together with him.

"You are doing well for the first day," Lisa praised him with a smile, seeing another successful creation. "Even though its just a Rank one pill, many struggled to make one after a month of studying. You did it in one day. I'm impressed."

"It wasn't much," Xuefeng waved with his hand, dismissing her praises. He wasn't exactly satisfied with his results, expecting to master alchemy much quicker. "I will try harder next time."

He noticed that she was much kinder to him after they returned to studying, but he took it as a mutual respect they had for each other. Truthfully, after so many encounters like that, he could expect that something could be brewing inside Lisa's mind. Hearing earlier that she didn't want a man as that would hinder her work, Xuefeng thought he was safe.

Realizing it was already late, Xuefeng clapped his hand to get rid of the ash-like substance from his fingers before getting ready to leave. "We will stop today. My wives are probably worrying about me so I need to go back," he excused himself.

"Oh, no problem," Lisa didn't mind it, smiling in return. "Come back tomorrow. You will help me with my work. I will be making some high ranked pills," She proposed.

"Alright. See you tomorrow then," Xuefeng agreed and headed to the exit, thinking that was all.

He was wrong.

"No goodbye hug for your teacher?" Lisa asked from behind, making him halt. "It's okay, go."

Not that she mentioned that, it would be awkward if Xuefeng just left. He already learned that when a girl says no, it sometimes means yes.

He turned around and spread his arms, walking up to her. "Okay, here," He offered.

Lisa didn't mind that she had to ask for one and hopped into his embrace, hugging him tightly. Her cheek rubbed against his chest and fingers caressed his back. It definitely wasn't a teacher-student hug.

Just as Xuefeng wanted to let go, she did it on her own. "Now you can go. Its a rare for me to get a hug so I had to take one from you," She explained herself. "I'm mostly lonely so I lack physical touch. Sorry."

Xuefeng naturally felt bad for her and didn't complain about it. "It's okay, I don't mind," he muttered. "I'm off."

Just as he left, Lisa smiled to herself and began cleaning the room. "He seems interesting..." She said to herself, recalling the sensation of their hug. It was hard to believe but it was the first time she was hugged by a man.

When Jiao was out, flirting with guys, she was studying alchemy under her mother's guidance. There was no time for her to play around if she wanted to be the best.

"Maybe I should gift him a pill tomorrow...?" Lisa asked herself out loud and before she knew, she began pulling out high-ranked herbs to start.