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 "Hehe," Saber Devil giggled to himself and readied his weapon to receive the attack. show me what the Young Master of Xiao Family is capable of. I will only defend."

It seemed he only planned to use his saber as the form of defense which showed everyone how confident he was. His saber turned bright red and a thick but narrow mist surrounded it, also colored in red.

Xuefeng immediately received an additional info from Little Ming, 'He is channeling Fate Qi through his saber. It seems this is one of his abilities.'

This didn't bother him as Xuefeng already had his own concept in his mind. 'Drakos, can you handle that? When I attack, you can weaken his defense by sucking his Fate Qi. What do you think?' Xuefeng proposed.

He didn't need much to convince Drakos for cooperation. 'I'm always down for a snack,' Drakos agreed eagerly.

'You don't plan to use your abilities?' Ling asked curiously, wanting to be of any use but Xuefeng had another idea.

'As much as I want to crush him right now, I actually want to test my true strength, without any assistance,' Xuefeng decided, his Black Flames Slayer suddenly bursting out with flames. They danced on top of his blade like a colorful leaf under strong wind. Both red and black flames connected with each other but that didn't impress Saber Devil, his mouth still forming into a snicker.

"If that's all you got then we will end this quickly," Saber Devil mocked. He immediately received hateful gazes from the other guards who were still ready to attack at any moment.

Xuefeng actually wasn't listening to his blabbering, focusing on picking the right move. Based on his style which was being free and innovative, he could create any spell he wished while mixing any Qi he wanted.

Just as Saber Devil finished talking, Xuefeng added more ingredients to his attack. Green and blue flames joined to the mix, entangling itself with the other two. White flame joined right after, causing a disturbance.

Each flame had its own properties, keeping the characteristics of their elements. His sword could convert any Qi into flames, but it couldn't change its properties entirely.

Earth Flame was thick and heavy, moving slowly like a plant on the wind.

Water Flame was thin and translucent, but swiftly traveled all around the blade.

Air Qi was the most disruptive, acting like wind, passing through other blades and adding aggressiveness as if general who rode across the whole legion, cheering for them before the battle.

Seeing all five flames, Saber Devil's smile was gone, replaced by serious expression. He wasn't stupid. He knew that Xuefeng had to be strong despite being a Spirit Sage and the mastery of so many elements confirmed his guess. His provocation didn't work so only real strength could give him a win.

"One attack each," Xuefeng reminded and suddenly dashed at his opponent, holding the improved, now Multi-colored Flame Slayer, with both hands and struck at Saber Devil's weapon. He held it sideways with blade aimed at Xuefeng but that was only part of his defenses.


Xuefeng smashed his sword at the saber, expecting the flames to burst out in a pillar in Saber Devil's direction yet a sudden Shield of Qi appeared in front of his blade. It made Xuefeng's attack come to halt and nullified any momentum he built.

"Is that all? My foot didn't even move," Saber Devil ridiculed, his smile returning onto his face but then it turned into confusion, seeing Xuefeng smiling as well.

"You think so?" Xuefeng asked without stopping the pressure on the shield.


A big rapture appeared on the barrier, going all the way alongside Xuefeng's blade.

"How...?" Saber Devil muttered but it was too late for him to change the outcome.

Xuefeng saved the best for last, suddenly busting out with Lightning Flame that broke the shield with one strike and exploded forth, straight into Saber Devil's body.


He landed tens of meters away, sliding on the ground with flames burning on top of his skin and hit the nearby building, causing its barrier to activate.

"Hurray! Young Master won!" The guards cheered immediately, happy to see their side winning but Xuefeng wasn't happy with that exchange.

'I guess its true that normal cultivators has no chance against a Fate Holder. Anyone under Monarch stage would die with that strike,' Xuefeng commented in his mind.

'You can't help it. You forgot that Fate Qi is made from all elements mixed together. It will be hard for you to fight against it even with six elements. What's more, this is his ability,' Ling cheered him up. They couldn't do anything about it.

'That barrier was yummy, hehe. He put a lot of Fate Qi into it,' Drakos informed satisfied, sounding like he would definitely do it again.

Seeing that Saber Devil wasn't dead and actually standing up, the flames not doing much damage to him, Xuefeng assured him, "Don't worry, you will have a chance to get more.'

"Xuefeng! That was amazing!" Lisa came up to him and hugged him from behind. She couldn't be happier that he kicked the pest's butt.

Letting go of him, she quickly cheered, "Go win!", before distancing herself to a safe distance. On the way, she realized her actions were like not her but her happiness from seeing Saber Devil suffer was enough.

The one in question was slowly approaching Xuefeng, dragging his saber behind him. He looked pissed. Really pissed. Xuefeng couldn't tell if his face was red from burns or anger.

"It's your turn little swordsman. Hope you can push me back at least a meter away," Xuefeng taunted, adding fuel to the flames.

"Damn, you will pay for this," Saber Devil cursed while gritting his teeth. It was hard to notice at first but his body started changing, his muscles bulging and hair turning red, similarly to his skin.

'He is turning berserk to increase his physical strength,' Ling informed softly. 'Do you want me to test my new ability...? We can get his abilities right now if you want...'

It was a good proposal but Xuefeng wasn't that fond of it. 'No, I don't want to expose it yet. There are too many people watching,' he rejected, caring for her more than some abilities. 'Let's just test him for now, we can still kill him later.'

Based on what they know, Ling's second ability was similar to Drakos but what she left was destruction while he only absorbed the Fate Qi without harming the user. They won't know all the details until they test it but it wasn't the time.

Saber Devil was already attacking so he turned his focus onto him. The red giant carried his bright red Saber, looking exactly like a devil from hell. He stared angrily at Xuefeng before crying out as he ran the last meters, his blade getting bigger and bigger, "Take this!"

He increased his saber size to more than ten meters yet he didn't have troubles to carry and swing it. Seeing the incoming strike, Xuefeng didn't use his Flame Slayer but instead extended his hand, seemingly planning to catch the blade with his naked hand.


Lisa and others gasped, watching the scene with anxiousness, expecting some flashy defensive moves instead of direct confrontation.


Their ears hurt from the sound of the explosion, but they didn't turn their heads away, looking at the scene with their mouths wide open.