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 "I told you the truth, but I just missed some information. I wanted to tell you later when we become closer." A tear rolled up under her eyes as she started talking.

"I didn't lie about the Prince. I really chose White Lotus Academy because I didn't want to meet with him. I thought that It would be enough to stop him and I even applied to be accepted as a disciple, but I didn't think he was such a psycho. When he learnt that I got accepted to the White Lotus Academy, he sent me a letter saying he will use Golden Wish to get me." She tried to calm down and tell him the story but at this moment tears raced down her cheeks.

Xuefeng felt really bad seeing her cry. He took the risk and cancelled his Spirit Shackles. She didn't run away or attack him but sat down and wiped her tears with her sleeve.

She looked at him with red eyes, blaming him for making her cry.

"Okay, don't be mad. Calm down and tell me the whole story." He picked her up and sat her on his lap. She still kept her piercing expression and only after Xuefeng hugged her did she stop.

'Eh, I'm so weak. What would I do if a female opponent suddenly started to cry...Damn, I need to turn my heart into a rock. Yeah, next time. Definitely.' He thought in his mind.

"Tell me, what is that Golden Wish?" He asked after seeing that her tears stopped falling.

"Sniff... It's the reward for the top 3 in the Azure Dragon Tournament. It's organized once every ten years in the Empire Capital. Those who reach top 3 receive a Golden Wish. They can wish for almost anything.

As long as it is not ridiculous like 'I want to destroy this country' or 'Kill everyone from X family' you can have anything. Most popular wish is to marry someone or becoming a sect head of top ten sects." Princess sniffled, lay her head on his chest and continued the story.

"Even Academy can't help you?" Xuefeng has thought this Golden Wish was quite unfair.

"The Academy is just a small power in front of the Azure Dragon Emperor. Also, there are only 3 wishes for the most powerful in the Eastern Region every 10 years. There was a situation, where a lady refused to be with a man like that, but it was either agree or die, she had no choice." She already calmed down but didn't leave from his embrace.

"How much time is it left till the next Azure Dragon Tournament?" Xuefeng asked.

"It's still 16 months away. I didn't want to leave myself to fate, so I wanted to find someone to help me defeat him. I almost gave up when we came here with father, but then I saw you awakened Black talent. At first, I just wanted to becharm you into helping me, but after you gave me the necklace I changed my mind. I even gave my grandma necklace to you." She opened his robe to look at the shining golden crystal.

"Why do you think that "Prince" will win this tournament? There are millions of cultivators in the Empire. There is definitely someone stronger than him." He didn't believe that some prince of the kingdom is better than all cultivators in the empire.

"He might not be the strongest cultivator, but the rules state that you have to be under 30 years old to take part in the tournament. When it starts, he will be still under 30 and he will probably advance to Spirit Overlord stage. He is such a battle maniac that his chances of getting into top 3 aren't small." When she talked about him, her voice was filled with disgust.

"Wouldn't it be better if you told me everything earlier?" Hearing her whole explanation, he couldn't help look into her eyes and ask speechlessly.

"I didn't expect you to mature so fast. It has been only one week but you advanced so much. I wanted to talk to you so many times but I didn't know how to tell you." She dodged his gaze and buried her head back into his chest.

Xuefeng let go of her and stood up. He really didn't know how he should feel.

'Ling, what do you think?' He asked Ling out of helplessness.

'Well, you will definitely meet a lot of Fate Fragment holders in an event like this. You still have a lot of time to grow, so your chances are high enough. Most Fate Fragment holders are great in battle so there is a high possibility that this prince is also one.' Ling analysed.

'Eh, all you care are your next upgrades. Okay, I get it.' He expected an answer like that.

Princess also stood up and watched Xuefeng pacing back and forth. She was waiting patiently for his answer. After a moment he finally stopped walking and said: "I will help you deal with this guy..."

"Really?" Princess wanted to run happily into his arms, but she slowed down when he finished the sentence. "...But I don't like that you have hidden this fact from me."

"Technically, I agreed earlier to help you deal with this prince, and nothing changed. Only the scale became bigger. I also overreacted a bit earlier." He continued.

"If only you could wait a bit more and I would tell you everything. You had to pin me to the ground and make me cry." She hit him in the chest blaming everything on him.

"Oh, so now it's all my fault?" He thought it was funny.

"Of course." Princess confident self returned and she chuckled.

"So when do you plan to leave?" He remembered she wanted to return to the capital.

"Actually, I only wanted to stay two more days to find a chance to tell you about this. Now that you know everything, I can return faster. I will visit you before I depart to join the academy." She decided.

"So fast?" He asked surprised. He actually wasn't that mad at her, so he wouldn't mind if she stayed longer.

"I already stayed for a long time. I want to accompany my mother for a bit before I leave her." She simply answered.

"Oh, I understand." He would do the same in her place.

"Then I will take bath, change my clothes and we will meet outside." She kissed him lightly before leaving the training room.

"Eh, this is getting more and more complicated. At least Wuying doesn't want me to defeat anyone." Xuefeng sighed as he recalled this whole situation.

"What about me?" Wuying suddenly appeared in the doorstep and asked.

"Ah, nothing. How did the meeting go?" She informed him earlier that she has a meeting with Shadow Guard members and she will be late for training.

"Quite good. I have good news. We will cancel today training. You should keep your strengths as we are going on a mission tomorrow." Wuying said without beating around the bush.