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 Rat already mentioned the two could be friends but Saber Devil didn't expect them to already be a couple. He was willing to believe it when squinted his eyes and abruptly turned around. As if he had eyes behind his head, he noticed Manager's change of expression.

There was naturally a surprised look on Manager's face, his eyes opened wide. He only came back to normal under Saber Devil's gaze, looking away, but that already left an impression on Saber Devil. Now he knew something didn't add up.

'Fuck,' Lisa cursed in her mind, thinking they were busted and turned to Xuefeng, trying to cover Manager's mistake.

Acting as if she tried to calm Xuefeng down, Lisa placed both hands on his face, and began caressing his cheeks. "Baby, don't worry, he is just a client. He is already leaving," she assured him before sneakily covering his lips with a layer of Spirit Qi before kissing him.

The moment Saber Devil saw that, his fists tightened but he released them when Lisa turned around. He knew that getting mad at her won't do him any good.

Hugging into Xuefeng's chest, she called out to Devil Face with and ultimatum, "Is that right? I'm busy right now. If you disturb me once again, I won't sell any pills to you, including the Ascension Pill."

Devil Face wanted to bicker and expose Xuefeng in front of Lisa but he disturbed him, glancing at the manager behind him.

"Mr. Manager, I want to ask a question. How come you are you allowing anyone who is not from Xiao Family to enter here? What if this person had bad intentions and try to hurt alchemist living here? What worse, my great Lisa?" Xuefeng asked sharply, not liking any of this from the start.

Even if Saber Devil was a Fate Holder, someone he was supposed to kill, Xuefeng didn't act rashly, playing this game first. It was better to fight someone angry than calm.

"Uhm..." The Manager almost choked, not knowing how to reply to that. It was indeed forbidden to bring anyone here but he couldn't say no to person like Saber Devil. Seeing Xuefeng's attitude, he immediately acted.

"Mr. Saber, please follow me to the customer lobby," He called out, still polite but only received a glare in return. "You want to kick me out? Hah! Never heard a better joke," Saber Devil laughed in his face, acting as if he heard the funniest joke ever.

This was Manager's only way to avoid losing his job so he jumped away and called out into his communication crystal which he suddenly pulled out, "Intruder! Lisa Mansion, now!" He used as little words as possible to shorten the time of the guards' arrival.

It didn't take more than a second before they were surrounded by ten Sage experts, all having their weapons aimed at Saber Devil. That didn't scare Saber Devil at all but anyone could see he was getting annoyed.

"Is this how Xiao Family treats guests? First inviting them in but then attacking them?" He asked sarcastically before taking his big black Saber off his back and smiled. "Come at me then! I want to see how capable you all are."

The guards hesitated, knowing how strong Saber Devil and looked at the Manager, waiting for his orders. Although the Capital was enormous, there was only less than a few hundred Spirit Monarchs. Saber Devil belonged to the strongest ten so it wasn't hard to remember him.

Manager thought he would scare Saber Devil yet it turned out they would have to fight to chase him away. He already lost hope on keeping his job. Normally it would be an easy battle for ten Sages to defeat one Monarch but the Manager wasn't that confident with that fight.

Fortunately, just as he was about to nod his head, Xuefeng spoke out, saving him.

"Wait. It's not right. I don't want to see any bloodshed here," Xuefeng called out as he let go of Lisa, walking in front of her.

"Hehe," Saber Devil giggled and he supported the saber on his shoulder. "At least one person knows the difference in strength."

"Exactly. The difference in strength is too big," Xuefeng nodded, confirming it firmly before scolding the Manager, "Can you tell me what are you doing? Why are you sending ten men against one little swordsman? People will say we are bullying the weak. Change it quick! They should go one on one to give him some chance."


Lisa couldn't help but burst out laughing, holding herself back in the last moment by covering her mouth.

The other guards despite being trained to hide their emotions also smiled, holding themselves back from laughing. When their Leader wasn't even scared, calling Saber Devil a little swordsman, they didn't have to worry too.

Saber Devil turned red, keeping his anger inside him with difficulty. "What did you say...?" He muttered coldly, his saber turning from black to red as if getting hotter.

Xuefeng sighed dejectedly and glanced at the guards. "Anyone is willing to fight with one hand?" Xuefeng asked with pity in his voice. "Your opponent is not only alone but deaf as well. Once the news leak, we will be cursed for generations..."


This time no one could hold themselves from laughing or at least letting out a snicker. The loudest was Lisa who not only laughed at Xuefeng's joke but also Saber Devil's red face.

"You motherfuc-" Saber Devil cursed, ready to slash Xuefeng's mouth but then he stopped himself, realizing something was wrong. There was no way anyone would provoke him like this unless they had a plan. In his current situation, it wasn't hard for Saber Devil to figure that out.

Xuefeng was baiting him.

They were in Xiao Family territory. It was easy for them to momentarily gather hundreds of experts to aid them. Once he attack, they will get the reinforces and drown him with attacks. He was fine one against ten but not hundreds.

"Fight me one on one if you dare!" He finally called out, calming down a bit after figuring Xuefeng's plan. He thought Xuefeng would reject at first but Xuefeng only smiled and nodded.

"Alright. Let's trade blows. One each. The one who pushes the other back on a further distance, wins," Xuefeng proposed. "I don't want to bully you so you can go first. This way you will have a chance to strike at least once."

"Ha! No, you will go first. I want to see your strength before I defeat you in one strike," Saber Devil disagreed right away, snickering before he spoke. He already considered Xuefeng as an only talk man who will be crushed under his blade.

"That's fine by me," Xuefeng agreed with a shrug and walked towards the bigger area next to Lisa's mansion. There were many mansions nearby built for various alchemists so they had to battle in between the buildings. They had protective barriers around them so they didn't worry about destruction.

Lisa stared at Xuefeng, finding him quite interesting, just based on this one scene. She didn't worry about him but was rather looking forward to the battle. She wanted to see what he is worth.

Pulling out his Black Flames Slayer, Xuefeng immediately ask the beefy man in front of him.