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 Hearing the summary of basic alchemy, Xuefeng realized it wasn't as simple as he thought. Not only he had to control the temperature, but also time the mixing well. He had to memorize which herbs could be mixed with each other and which couldn't. Thankfully, he had Ling who could help him with that.

Aside from that, the whole pill condensation was on another level. Just his Bloodline Power wasn't enough to compress the liquid into its solid form and he needed to train his Spirit Qi instead. Just as he could create a domain from Air Qi, he had to do that same with his Spirit Qi but in a miniature scale, surrounding just the liquid.

"You already have a method to control the flames and herbs so I guess you don't need a cauldron. You can perform the alchemy directly in the air," Lisa explained, finishing the basics. "Is Fire the only element you mastered? Knowing more elements can greatly help in your alchemy. I personally know four elements."

She was naturally proud of herself as she said that. It took her a lot of time to master each of them and there were not many people who could repeat her feat. Xuefeng saw her expression and couldn't help but sigh, hoping she wouldn't be upset.

Instead of saying, he decided to showcase his skills instead. He extended his arm and momentarily, six different colored balls of Qi hovered on top of his palm. Fire Qi, Water Qi, Air Qi, Earth Qi, Lightning Qi and Spirit Qi.

"I have six." He said humbly, keeping the Qi back into his dantain. Lisa opened her eyes wide, dumbfounded for a second but then calmed down.

"Okay, that was to be expected. You had to be talented to become Xiao Feng's son-in-law." Lisa found herself an explanation but then asked out of curiosity, "Which daughter did you claim for yourself?"

"Oh, all of them," Xuefeng replied honestly, having nothing to hide. "Both Tianshi and Wen are my wives."

Lisa wanted to question him yet seeing his calm gaze, she somehow believed him. "Wow... Tell that to anyone and they won't believe you," She said, wanting to tease him.

Xuefeng didn't mention Yiren as not many knew she was Xiao Feng's daughter. It was best too limit the amount of people who knew the truth. Also, telling her how many wives he had would bring him nothing good. Lisa could as well think he was a playboy and a pervert which wasn't in his interest. Even if it wasn't the truth, he didn't want to waste his time explaining.

"It's okay. I don't need that. I'm happy with my girls and it's all that matters," Xuefeng replied, shrugging. "Can we continue?"

"Mhmm... We can," Lisa nodded but then changed her mind. "Actually, first you keep your side of the deal. I want two cakes."

Xuefeng knew she will say something like that but he didn't mind it, knowing she was giving him a favor while teaching him. "Okay, I will be back in a moment. I will tell the manager to grab you one."

He stepped out of the laboratory only to halt, hearing Ling's warning. 'There is someone approaching the mansion together with the manager from earlier,' she called out.

Xuefeng frowned and scanned the outside of the mansion yet his Spirit Awareness couldn't pass through, something blocking him. It could only mean that someone was stronger than him but her wasn't worried.

He stepped back to the laboratory and asked Lisa, "Are you expecting anyone to visit you today? Someone is approaching."

"Huh?" Lisa showed a confused expression. "I don't think I have any appointments set up. Do you know how does he look like?"

Lisa also extended her Spirit Awareness outside but was met with the same blockage as Xuefeng. As Xuefeng was stronger, she could only ask him.

'Short black hair, buffed, carries a big saber on his back. He seems to be really proud of himself.' Ling came to the rescue, describing the man for Xuefeng and he passed the same to Lisa.

She immediately recognized the man. "Damn, its this bastard Saber Devil. What is he doing here??" Lisa cursed, getting annoyed the moment she imagined him. "He came to ask for the Ascension Pill, yet since then, he didn't stop bothering me. He doesn't take no as an answer."

"Bothering you?" Xuefeng asked for further information.

"Yeah, he dares to flirt with me. I don't have time for men. He even sent me a date invitation! What a loser, can't even ask me directly," Lisa replied, describing the situation in a few words. She definitely didn't have a good impression of him.

"Okay, let me handle this. I will tell him to get lost," Xuefeng quickly decided, walking towards the doors but Lisa stopped him, catching his arm.

"No, wait. You can't do that. He will direct his anger at you. He is at the peak of the Monarch Stage," Lisa explained and proposed, "How about you pretend to be my boyfriend instead?"

'He seems to be a Fate Holder as well,' Little Ming added. 'There is a small amount of Fate Qi lingering on his body. I already concealed yours so he shouldn't be able to tell you are one too.'

Knock, knock.

Just as Xuefeng was thinking what to do, a knock resounded from the entrance doors.

"Let me open the doors and you will come after me, pretending you are my man, okay? This will stop him from chasing after me," Lisa decided for him and run to the doors. Xuefeng could only sigh and follow her idea.


Seeing that no one responded to their knock yet, the manager tried to reason with the important customer, "Mr Saber, I already told you Miss Lisa is currently busy. I will pass down the message when she is done."

"It's okay. I can wait," Saber Devil replied calmly, thinking clearer than earlier. He had time to cool down as he flew all the way to here.

It was naturally blindly of him to fight in the Xiao Family territory, knowing Xuefeng had a lot of backup here, but that didn't mean he wouldn't face him and potentially challenge him. If Xuefeng was stupid enough to accept it, that would be the best for him.

They didn't need to wait for long as the doors opened a second later, Lisa herself welcoming them.

Instead of greetings, they were quickly met with a scolding. "Didn't I say I don't want to be disturbed now?! I can't work if you disturb me like this!" She cried out, not even looking at the Saber Devil and instead venting on the manager.

"M-miss, I did remind it but Sir didn't want to listen," The manager quickly shifted the blame and stepped back, letting her take care of Saber Devil. He knew the influence he had so that would be suicide for someone like him.

Saber Devil smile, opening his mouth to speak when he saw a man walking up from behind and stopped, glancing at him. Xuefeng came up to Lisa, hugging her casually and wrapped his arms around her, pulling her into his chest as if protecting her from danger.

"Who are you and why do you make my girl angry?"