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 "Hmm, did I make it right? I'm not on your level so I might have made some mistakes." Xuefeng tried to keep his calm as if he knew what he was doing yet he really had no idea.

Either he was successful and Lisa was just shocked or he failed completely. In this case, it unfortunately turned out to be the latter.

"You imbecile!" Lisa cried out, her eyes sharpening and eyebrows frowning. "You ruined the herbs! Do you even know alchemy?! It's not a simple melt, mix and cool down!"


Xuefeng took a deep breath, not expecting such heated reaction from her. He already accepted that his guess could be wrong but it was still his first failure since a while.

She glanced at the pills and called out hurriedly, "Quickly give them to me! Maybe I can save them!" With one move she snatched all ten pills and lumped them all together.


A blue flame burst out from her hand and she threw all ten pills into the fire, burning them directly on top of her hand. The pills momentarily heated up, even faster compared to Xuefeng fire method. When the liquid returned back to its melted form she sighed in relief.

"I can save it," She said determined and began condensing the pill, not splitting it into ten like Xuefeng did. Applying pressure with her Spirit Qi, the liquid turned smaller and smaller until it turned hard, reaching the size of Xuefeng's pill.


The moment Lisa finished and canceled her flames, Xuefeng got hit by a wave of smells, messing up his nasal receptors. He sensed sweetness, sourness before a sharp smell hit him, forcing him to take a step back. Lisa wasn't affected by it at all, only observing and testing the pill.

She scraped the surface, getting a bit of powdery substance and tasted it with her pinky. She wasn't satisfied with the result, her face squinting and looking calm at the same time. There was no happiness in her.

"If I didn't act fast, you would ruin the process completely!" She scolded, not expecting Xuefeng to be so bad. "Based on my senses, fifty percent of the desired effects are gone. I only managed to recover half. Do you know how much money you just threw away? About five million!"

"..." Xuefeng didn't know what to say to that, knowing he fucked up really badly. He could tell her he knows nothing about alchemy and avoid this but the confidence in himself was not enough.

Lisa placed the pill in the storage and continued to fan the flames. "Is this the alchemist that Xiao Family gets me? A person who doesn't even know anything about alchemy? This is the basics of alchemy. You can't add water to the herbs else they will lose their medical values! I really want to know what idiot thought you alchemy," Lisa scolded as she wrapped her hands together.

Xuefeng could only shrug and own up to his mistake. "Actually I have no idea what I'm doing. I never studied alchemy. I thought I will try experimenting which was wrong of me to do. It is my bad for not telling you beforehand. I'm sorry," Xuefeng apologized sincerely, surprising Lisa with his words.

She looked at him blankly until she finally responded. "You don't know anything about alchemy...? Then why are you here?" She asked perplexed. If he didn't know anything, he would be useless to her.

She also felt bad for giving him such high end herbs. It was her goal to make him fail but it would mean something only if he knew what he was doing. With his lack of knowledge, its understandable he fails which doesn't give her the same satisfaction.

"I'm here cause you were creating problems for us and because I want to learn alchemy," he replied casually.

"What if I don't want to teach?" She asked back, finally knowing his real goal. "And who are us? Who are you exactly?"

Knowing she would find out sooner or later anyway, he exposed his identity. "I'm Xiao Feng's son-in-law and his partner in business. In other words, I'm your boss," he admitted. "I will pay that five million out of my own pocket later as it was my mistake."

He knew she would turn into stubborn lady if he tried to force her into anything so he chose a different method.

"I know I can't force you to teach me so I will give you a choice. If you want me gone, I will leave and find someone else to teach me. This way you will get your old life and change your assistants every day or week as you want. That is option number one. Either that or you can teach me alchemy and receive my favor. Pick between the two." Xuefeng presented her with her options.

"Thats it? Just one favor?" Lisa asked, not impressed by her choices. She compared it to all proposals she got over the years, cultivators proposing her the most rarest herbs they could find, palaces and even countries yet she always said no, not caring about them. Was a favor of the man in front of her more valuable?

"Yes. Thats it," Xuefeng nodded, confirming her question. Xuefeng could brag about his successes and quick cultivation but he just failed horribly which forced him to stay humble.

Lisa squinted her eyes, looking at him to somehow figure out any more details from his body. She had no knowledge of Xuefeng who even Ruler of the Realm can't do anything so that couldn't influence her decision.

Xuefeng didn't hurry her, only calmly looking in her direction but that only prolonged their stalemate.

"You will listen to whatever I say?" She finally spoke, asking deep in thought.

"Of course," Xuefeng agreed, her request belonging to obvious ones.

"You will bring me food and cakes too," She added, wanting to get as much as she could from him.

It wasn't a problem for Xuefeng so he quickly nodded and agreed once again, "I can arrange that."

Hearing she would get cakes was enough to buy her and she immediately began her lessons. "Fine, I will be your teacher. We will start right away," She said. "We will start from the basics. There is a lot of explaining so listen carefully."

Before he could say anything, Lisa was already explaining, forcing him to listen intensely.

At the same time, back in the Fate Organization's pocket realm, Saber Devil was actually in a really good mood, looking into the clouds while recalling the beautiful lady he saw in one medical house yesterday. Since then, he couldn't forget about her.

"Ah... Her blond hair and perfect body... Xiao Wen can't even compare... To think she was there the whole time and I didn't notice her," He sighed, feeling like he lost so much time without spending it with her.

"Ah... Lisa... I want to meet you again..." he muttered yet again under his nose.

Knock, knock!

His imagination was broken by the sudden knock to the doors but he wasn't mad, calmly inviting the person inside. It turned out to be rat who was providing him with all the news. He already forgot about Xiao Wen, thinking she couldn't compare to his delicate Lisa.

"Did you bring me news from my Lisa?" He spoke as if she was already his.

Unfortunately, the Rat didn't have good news. "Xuefeng is back in the capital! He returned today," He called out one of the better news first but Saber Devil didn't care, brushing it away. "I will take care of him later. Tell me about my Lisa. Did she accept my invitation for dinner?"

"Actually the two cases are connected. According to my sources, It turns out that Xuefeng visited Lisa today and he still didn't leave from her mansion. It has been more than an hour since he entered inside and still didn't leave. I'm afraid they must be friends..." Rat said everything in one breath and stepped back, afraid Saber Devil will get mad.

"Just friends...?" Saber Devil asked sharply, his mood momentarily worsened.

Rat wanting nothing else but for Xuefeng to die, he couldn't help but fan the flames. "I don't know about it... But it seems he is actually her boss after Xiao Family took control over medical houses... What if he forces her into something indecent...?" He theorized, giving Saber Devil some hints.

Just as he thought, Saber Devil didn't take it well and pulled out his saber, smashing it against the table which broke upon impact. "I will fucking murder him! Stealing all my girls!" He cried out, fire burning from his eyes and walked towards the doors, no longer caring about the rules.

"Follow me!" He bellowed and kick opened the doors, leaving right after.

'Xuefeng is done for now, hahaha,' The rat laugh in his mind, following after his new boss.