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 Lisa stared at Xuefeng for a short while, her eyebrows lifting with each of her new idea of a comeback before frowning after realizing its flaws that Xuefeng could exploit. Knowing the power Xiao Family had, once she become enemies with them, they could pull a lot of strings to hinder her carrier. After all, not many would want to offend them.

"You know that this is a blackmail? Do you think we can cooperate with such relationship?" Lisa asked, her eyes turning sharp, not bothered with his hand that was still holding onto her chin.

"It's not," Xuefeng quickly denied. "I want you to work properly without causing a ruckus every day. Choose. You are running out of time." Being stared by his gaze, Lisa felt naked, unable to hide her thoughts.

"Who are you?" She threw one last question, finding it hard to believe Xuefeng was just an assistant. With how he presented himself, he could easily act like the representative of the family.

Xuefeng only smiled and didn't reveal anything. "I'm just a simple men, born in a average family of workers who did their best to provide me with everything I needed to become a good man," Xuefeng described himself, for a moment recalling his parents from back on earth. Without them, he wouldn't be a person he is today.

Looking at Xuefeng's eyes, he didn't seem like he was lying. Lisa finally decided what to do.

"Fine, I agree. You are mine now and we start right away," Lisa called out as she grabbed Xuefeng's hand and pulled him after her, walking towards her mansion. "You listen to whatever I say, got it?"

"Sure, boss," Xuefeng smiled and agreed, letting her drag him inside. He only glanced at Xiao Feng on the way, giving him a signal to take care of everything else as he takes care of Lisa.


The doors slammed after the two entered, leaving the other three outside. Jiao was frowning, not liking the fact that Xuefeng was alone with her sister, the General Manager was scared that he would be at fault once Xiao Feng's son-in-law gets injured under Lisa regime and Xiao Feng was deep in thought, wondering what he should tell others so they don't freak out.

"Mr. Xiao... Is it safe to leave Young Master with Miss Lisa? Many of our Alchemy Assistants were heavily injured during Miss Lisa's experiments..." The manager asked worriedly, already traumatized after taking care of Lisa for about a week.

"Xuefeng knows what he is doing. He wanted to study alchemy so this is a good chance for him," Xiao Feng replied simply, not giving any more details. "Provide them with anything they want. I'm leaving."

"Mr. Xiao, I will return with you and help the rest," Jiao quickly joined him, not wanting to be forgotten to which Xiao Feng nodded, leading the way.

Both her sister and Xuefeng ignored her so she had to find her own place.


Back in the new Liu Clan Palace, new visitors came a short moment after Xuefeng left to settle Lisa's matter. The moment they saw Manager Wu, they immediately bowed their heads and listened to her orders without questions. Although Xuefeng's parents didn't know about Manager Wu full origin, Xiao Yuying was more than knowledgeable about her and sent her greetings right as the two met.

"Little Wu! It's so nice to see you!" Xiao Yuying called out from afar and hugged her like an auntie who met her niece. "How many years it was when I last seen you. Must have been more that five, right?"

"Aunt Xiao, it was only six," Manager Wu returned the hug, treating her warmly, like a part of her family. "This time I returned for good. I will be Xuefeng's exclusive manager."

"Oh! Thats fantastic." Xiao Yuying exclaimed, knowing exactly what that meant. Having Xuefeng as her client, Manager Wu made a huge deal, swallowing both Xuefeng and his clan. "I'm happy for you. Xuefeng made a good choice."

Manager Wu only smiled, knowing that was correct before excusing herself, seeing that all the crates were already unloaded. "Aunt Xiao, I will leave for now, I will visit for tea later if I find time," she said before walking towards her men who were already waiting for her.

Xiao Yuying didn't mind that as she knew time was precious for people like Manager Wu. The girls and her daughters already left to help organize the palace but there was one that Xiao Yuying asked to stay behind.

"Yiren?" She called out to the blond beauty next to her that was patiently waiting. "What do you think of Auntie?"

Yiren blinked innocently and replied honestly, "I have nothing against you. Only father is a baddie who needs some work."

"Haha, true!" Xiao Yuying couldn't help but laugh in agreement. "He does need someone to temper him but he is not why I told you to stay behind. Can you guess why?"

"I have no idea," Yiren shook her head. When everyone was going to choose their rooms, Xiao Yuying came up to her and told her to stay. Being a kind lady, Yiren didn't reject her.

"Well, let me tell you," Xiao Yuying began explaining. "I noticed that you have a talent in you. Just like Xuefeng or your mother, you have a talent to be a leader in you. Despite being kind and gentle, you can still muster up some courage to fight back on your believes."

Xiao Yuying's words put Yiren into thinking, before hitting her with a proposal. "How about you study under me? I will teach you how to become a real supporting lady-leader. As someone who has been by your father's side this whole time as he created our family, I learned a lot. I can feel that you want to stay by Xuefeng's side without being just a side character. You want to influence his decisions instead of just following them. What do you think?"

As much as Yiren thought about it, she was momentarily interested but a slight uncertainty of why Xiao Yuying wanted to help her appeared in Yiren's mind. As if Xiao Yuying knew that from Yiren's expression, she spoke before Yiren even thought of a response.

"You probably wonder why I want to help you, right? Don't think too deeply into in. I know you all love Xuefeng and he loves you. The thing is, every successful man has a woman behind him who does things he doesn't want to do or simply doesn't know how. Both my daughters are already aware of what they want and they can fight for their believes. From my observation, you are more willing for compromises for Xuefeng's sake. If I can help you improve, I am helping them as well," Xiao Yuying explained further.

"Mhmm, I understand," Yiren acknowledged with a nod and shared her thoughts. "If my change can improve my relations with Xuefeng, I'm more than happy to learn but if I have to do anything that I consider inappropriate, then we will stop."

"So is that a yes?" Xiao Yuying asked to confirm and hearing Yiren's confirmation, she smiled, patting Yiren on the head.

"Follow me around today. I will teach you while showing you examples on the spot," Xiao Yuying wrapped their arms together and pulled Yiren with her.