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 "Yes. After you left, I was left to clean up and manage all the assets that Tang Family left behind. There was no problem at first and everything was normal until one of the alchemists started giving us a lot of pain. If she wasn't one of the best, we wouldn't bother with her," Xiao Feng explained shortly and added. "Coincidentally, she is also a daughter of White Lotus Sect Master which makes the matters difficult. We have share various businesses with White Lotus Sect so we don't want to ruin our relations with them."

Xuefeng finally got the gist of the situation and glanced at Jiao, wanting to see her reaction. As he thought, Jiao wasn't calm but instead there was a worry visible on her face.

"I don't think I will be able to help with her..." She informed, quite embarrassed for her sister. "She doesn't seem to listen to anyone, including me and my mother."

"Then I guess we don't have any chance to rope her in. All other alchemists joined our alliance yet she is the only one who can't seem to reach agreement with us." Xiao Feng lamented. "And to think she is the only one who holds the recipe for the Ascension pill."

"Ascension pill?" Xuefeng asked curiously, knowing he might need some for him or his women in the future. "Does it help to ascend?"

"Yeah, the pill is the great secret of my White Lotus Sect and only my sister successfully learned it. This is why no one can touch our sect as many top tier experts still await for their pills and they would do anything to get them. Protecting the sect when its in danger is just one of the basic help they can provide." Jiao answered on Xiao Feng stead, walking closer to Xuefeng and stopping right next to him. She wasn't someone who would not take her opportunities.

"Alright, I know what to do. Let me meet with her and try to convince her," Xuefeng quickly decided, not worried about the situation. If there was a problem, they just needed to fix it.

"Okay, as you wish." Xiao Feng agreed right away, glad Xuefeng took it on his own chest as he already tried everything and nothing worked.

"Girls," Xuefeng called out to the rest while patting Yiren's head who was the closest. "Can you help my parents in setting the territory when I settle the alchemists?" He didn't want to take everyone with him like a tourist group so it was better to find something to do for everyone.

"No problem," Xiao Wen replied and other nodded as well.

"I will also help with our men. Let's go ladies," Xiao Yuying also announced as she glanced at the multiple strong experts behind her which assured Xuefeng.

"Great, I will leave it to you guys," Xuefeng said with a smile, spreading his wings to fly when he realized Yiren was still holding onto his shirt, stopping him. She looked like she wanted to say something yet just before Yiren spoke, Xiao Wen came up to her and pulled her away.

"Yiren let's go. Negotiations are boring. We will find something better to do," Xiao Wen tried to convince her, quickly figuring Yiren's purpose of stalling. She naturally wanted to follow Xuefeng but Xiao Wen knew it wasn't a good idea. Yiren could easily ruin the negotiations by acting with her emotions.

Before she could resist, Yiren was already dragged away by her sisters and Xuefeng could only smile bitterly, knowing it was better this way.

Xiao Feng led the way for them as Xuefeng and Jiao followed next to him. She was flying surprisingly close to him but Xuefeng didn't put his attention on it, listening to Xiao Feng instead.

"Her name is Lisa. She didn't cause trouble at first. Her only requests to join us were standard. We only had to provide her with all materials she needed and a skilled assistant. We provide it to every alchemist so its not actually a problem. We agreed right away," Xiao Feng described the situation. "The troubles came later when Lisa began throwing out one assistant after another. Even the best assisting alchemist was thrown away. There is always something that she doesn't like."

Hearing what was the real problem, Xuefeng smiled, already having a plan in his mind. "I will solve it, don't worry," he assured his father-in-law, surprising both him and Jiao.

They landed in the middle of the busy street, gaining attention from all the strolling cultivators and seeing it was actually Xiao Feng, everyone gave way to him. Surprisingly, many recognized Xuefeng as well, especially his golden wings. There was only one golden-winged man who cursed the Ruler of the Realm and survived.

Xuefeng kept his calm, not looking at the people's eyes and they smoothly entered into one of the medical houses that had Xiao Family insignia on its front sign. Even though Xuefeng wanted the Tang Family properties for himself, he didn't mind that move, knowing that Liu Clan was still a nobody in the Capital. Everyone knew Xiao Family and being under them for a while could increase their sells.

They were greeted in the lobby by the general manager of the house who came up to them hurriedly, happy to see them. "Mr. Xiao! You finally came! Miss Lisa is creating a ruckus yet again!" the Manager called out as if he saw his savor.

Xiao Feng slapped his forehead and turned to Xuefeng, introducing him. "This is my son-in-law. He said he will handle the situation," He said proudly, giving Xuefeng some pressure to now handle the case.

"Oh! Young Master! I'm glad to meet you! Should I lead the way?" The general manager quickly bowed, beyond happy that the problem will be gone already.

"Yes please." Xuefeng replied shortly and they followed him to the back where the alchemists had their own apartments and laboratories. From afar they could hear screams coming from one of the mansions.

"I ruined another batch because of your incompetence! How can you be so stupid! Who even taught you alchemy?! Get out!"

Hearing the yells, Xuefeng smiled and whispered into Xiao Feng's ear, giving him a gist of his idea. It surprised him but Xiao Feng was willing to try anything so he agreed to Xuefeng's plan.

A moment later, the main doors of the mansion were opened and an angry alchemist walked out, his face burning. Despite being angry, he couldn't talk back to Lisa, being just a starting alchemist. If he were to offend a big shot like her, he wouldn't get far in the industry.

"Manager! Call the manager! I need a new assistant!" Lisa's voice came from the inside and soon a young lady came out of the house, surprised to see the guests.

"Sister! What are you doing here?" Lisa quickly run up to Jiao, not even bothered looking at Xuefeng or Xiao Feng.

Lisa and Jiao hugged, making Xuefeng confused for a moment. They looked identical! He definitely didn't think they would be twins. Blond hair, sharp green eyes with a similar figure, despite being slightly thinner.

"I came to visit you. How are you? I heard you create troubles." Jiao replied as she pulled away, asking for details to help Xuefeng.

Lisa grunted and glanced at Xiao Feng with angry expression. "Mr Xiao, am I causing troubles? I think its you who provide me with bad assistants every time," She shifted the blame, returning to her previous issue. "I want another assistant by tomorrow or I'm leaving."

Both the manager and Jiao sighed, knowing this would be a never ending circle but Xiao Feng pointed at Xuefeng, introducing him, this time in another role. "This is Xuefeng, the new assistant that I prepared for you. This time you will be really satisfied," He bluffed, already pitying Xuefeng.

"Huh?" Both Jiao and the manager reacted confused yet Lisa didn't catch that, walking up to Xuefeng instead to check him out.

She caught his chin, looking into his eyes before tilting it left and right to see his face from all angles as if he was a toy she wanted to buy.

"What are your qualifications? Who did you worked for before?" Lisa questioned after letting go of him, wrapping her arms under her chest. Despite being an alchemist, she wore a casual red dress with short skirt that showed her smooth legs.

Xuefeng was already prepared for such a question and shrugged, replying calmly, "Does it matter? No one else wanted to work with you. Either you take me or find someone else to provide you with endless resources for your research."

It wasn't an surprise that all of them had their mouth wide open after Xuefeng's words and Lisa was fuming.

"Hahaha!" She burst out in a angry laughter and countered him, "Do you think you are the only ones who can support my research? I have plenty of offers! Royal Family will gladly steal me away!"

Xuefeng didn't even blink hearing the threat. "We destroyed Tang Family in a single night, leaving no survivors. Royal Family is next," Xuefeng replied in all seriousness.

Although Lisa was surprised by his words, she naturally didn't give up. "Trade Union wants me too!" She called out with a smirk, knowing that no one could influence such a good deal for Trade Union.

Xuefeng walked up to her and caught her chin in a similar way she did to him, staring sharply into her eyes. "The daughter of Trade Union boss is my friend. They won't accept you with just one word of mine," he fired back with his own cards.

Lisa got a little intimidated so she took a step back but he followed after her, taking a step forward as well. "There are still many othe-" Lisa tried to defend but Xuefeng cut her off. "We will destroy them as well."


Lisa hit the wall of her mansion, having nowhere to run anymore. This was the first time she met this kind of a man who didn't leave her a room to comeback at all. Before she could think of anything, he lifted her chin so she would look into his eyes and gave her a choice.

"Take it or leave it. We are fed up with your every day ruckus. Either you behave and work with us properly or you will have to find the herbs by yourself from now on. Choose."