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 As much as Xuefeng wanted to laugh, he understood Xiao Feng frustration as a fellow man. Who wouldn't want to have multiple top class beauties as wives while shared deep love with them. Although it was hard, Xuefeng was an example that it was doable.

"Yiren, don't scold your father too much," Xuefeng called out with a smile, barely holding himself from laughing from the constant giggle of Nuwa next to him. "Come here."

"Yes~" Yiren nodded happily and hopped into Xuefeng's arms in a few steps, her feet flying into the air as she hanged herself on his neck. Xuefeng didn't have the will to tell her otherwise, no matter what customs were in place and embraced her to support her.

"Yiren, I want to tell you a secret, okay?" He spoke in a secretive tone, feeling as Yiren's fingers dive into his scalp and massage it.

"Oh!" She exclaimed interested, the word secret gathered all of her attention. "I'm listening." Yiren fell back to the ground, looking excitedly into his eyes but she didn't let go of Xuefeng's neck.

Xuefeng smiled and glanced at all of his women as he spoke. "What we have here, you, me, your mother and your sisters. All of it is hard to replicate but every man wish to have it too, so don't scold your father. Its normal." He explained the concept to her, giving Yiren a kiss as a bribe to be nice before letting go of her.

"Really? Well, daddy was still bad to curse you. He should be nicer in the future," Yiren held her ground, not giving up on her beliefs.

At that moment, Xiao Feng's wife suddenly spoke, glancing at her husband in all smiles. "Is that true? Do you want me to get some sisters?" She asked, her nails gently grazing on his cheek. "If you really want it, I can compromise."


'Damn you Xuefeng...' Xiao Feng couldn't help but curse again, this time in his mind to avoid another scolding from his long lost daughter and quickly reacted to his wife's provocation.

"No, I think I'm good. I'm completely satisfied with you sweetie." Xiao Feng replied, acting like any man would in that situation. Though, he expected a different reaction from her.

Xiao Yuying, his wife, showed a regretful expression while sighing to herself, "Ah, and here I thought I could get a bunch of sisters I could gossip with when you are busy..."

"Huh?" For a second, Xiao Feng believed her, actually never against such an idea. "I mean... If you really want to-"

He didn't get to finish his words as a few fingernails were digging into his cheeks, showing his wife's disapproval. Xiao Feng realized he was trapped by her words.

"We will talk about it at home," Xiao Yuying finished the discussion with signature words and everyone felt bad for Xiao Feng, even his own men.

Glancing over at Yiren, she recovered her smile and returned to the previous subject. "It was nice to meet you Yiren. Don't worry about scolding. Xiao Feng needs someone to set him straight as he doesn't listen to me most of the times. We should become friends, hehe," Xiao Yuying expressed with a giggle to which Yiren quickly agreed. "For sure!"

Knowing the show was over, Nuwa threw a cutting glance at Xiao Feng who has been giving her some attention with his eyes before suddenly taking over Xuefeng's lips with her own, not bothered by everyone watching. She turned Xuefeng around so his back faced the rest and left continuous bites on his lips, giving him no other choice but to respond with the same.

Xuefeng knew it was her goodbye kiss, so he didn't push her away until she did so herself, causing them to stay glued to each other for at least half a minute, making everyone wait for them.

Nuwa finally let go of him and licked her lips, wiping them alluringly with her finger before spreading her wings while still being hugged by Xuefeng. "I will be back tomorrow. I gave you a taste so you can miss me," She said, giving him one last peck and expecting him to let go of her as she swung with her wings, launching into the sky, only to still see Xuefeng's face in front of her, holding her body tightly.

"Are you going with me?" Nuwa asked with a grin, her wings still swinging hard, ascending higher and higher with Xuefeng accompanying her.

"No, but I'm still yet to give you my taste..." Xuefeng finally replied when they were high above the clouds, the hand on her back suddenly slid onto her butt and grasped it strongly, causing Nuwa's mouth to open, only to get locked again by his lips. The force he used was nigher strong to cause her pain nor enough to get the satisfaction she needed.

Pressing her head against his with his fingers wrapped around her golden hair, Nuwa's lips were tied, constantly receiving a power kisses which made her lips go numb. She was supposed to dislike it, yet she strangely didn't, feeling pleasure from the tingling sensation.


Her firm butt received red-mark worthy hit before Xuefeng's hand grasped it again, directly touching her smooth skin beneath her skirt. A sudden bite on her lip which he prolonged suddenly suppressed the burning sensation her felt, pulling away while dragging her lip with him.

Nuwa was out of words for a moment, staring into his blue eyes, covered by slightly messy white hair, flying all around because of wind. "You were never like this..." She muttered as her tongue touched her numbed lip, still feeling as if his teeth were biting on her.

"Come back soon if you want more..." Xuefeng whispered back, kissing her yet again, this time gently and with care, healing the numbness of her lips and burning on her butt, his palm giving a kneading massage to mask the previous sensation.

Nuwa didn't need much thought to know what she wanted. When he let go of her, finished fixing what he started while supporting himself only by holding onto her waist, she decided firmly, "I will come back as soon as I can, and then, we will repeat this... Okay?" Nuwa asked to confirm.

"As you wish." Xuefeng confirmed and sliding his hands off her body, he fell on her own, leaving the skies for her. She hovered in the sky, watching him hit the clouds and touched her lips yet again. "This dummy doesn't know what he started..." She muttered to herself, her lewd smile indicating the desire to fulfill her new fantasies and departed right after.

Landing on the ground, Xuefeng received a few stares as he naturally disrupted the meeting so he apologized, his expression calm. "I'm sorry, just some wife and husband teasing. Where did we finish?"

"It's okay, we exchanged some words with the girls as you were gone." Xiao Yuying replied first, not minding his actions and glanced at Jiao. "Can I know who are you milady?" She asked politely, not assuming that she was Xuefeng's woman. She didn't want to put anyone in awkward spot if she wasn't.

Jiao was waiting for her moment for a while already. Being cold out, she introduced herself, surprising even Xuefeng. "I'm Jiao, the eldest daughter of Central Region White Lotus Sect Master. I was Leading the branch of our Sect in Eastern Region but came with Xuefeng to the capital in case he needed me," Jiao said, glancing at Xuefeng as she spoke.

Xuefeng wanted to respond to that, not expecting she would actually be so high in ranks when Xiao Feng called out first instead of him. "Is your younger sister an alchemist perhaps?" He asked curiously.

"Mhmm, she is. I wanted to visit her today actually," Jiao replied casually but her words made Xiao Feng smile happily.

"That's great! If you can convince her to work with us, it would be amazing. She has been giving us troubles lately," Xiao Feng pleaded, where Xuefeng finally spoke.