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 Yiren stood at the edge of the Warship and looked at the horizon of buildings, her breath taken away as it was the first time she saw such a big city. She blinked her eyes a few times upon seeing a giant castle, much bigger than her own in the Holy Land. Earlier she was staying in the Warship so she didn't get to see any.

"Whoa... Are we going to live here with everyone?" Yiren asked herself rhetorically, not expecting an answer from anyone yet someone hugged her from behind and confirmed it. "Of course-do you like it?"

Yiren recognized Xiao Wen's voice and nodded with a smile, catching her sister's hands into hers. "I'm glad we will finally settle down at one place for a while."

"You will also see our father too. Are you excited?" Xiao Wen asked curiously as she let go of Yiren, seeing that everyone was already out, ready to descend. She didn't expect Yiren to abruptly turn around and catch her hands with excitement.

"Really?!" Yiren called out, her light blue eyes opening wide. "I always wanted to see him." Yiren regretted that she wasn't there when her father was inside Liu Clan so now having such an opportunity, it was normal to be thrilled about it.

"Don't worry, they should come to greet us soon," Xiao Wen assured her as she glanced into the distance and she just so happened to see a group of people flying over from the distance. "I guess they are already here. Lets join Xuefeng down below."

Xuefeng already jumped down when everyone left the Warship. "Yes," Yiren nodded, hyped up about the whole situation as he gaze followed her sister. Silky white wings spread from her back and she jumped off first, flipping to the front as if she was jumping into water.

Gentle wind hit her but she skillfully landed next two both her mother and Xuefeng. Now everyone could fly so all of her sisters proceeded to jump as well. Yiren didn't wait for them to come as she dove into Nuwa's embrace, too impatient to wait with the news.

Yiren could see Nuwa was talking with Xuefeng about something important as their faces were calm but serious so she decided to loose the atmosphere between them. "Mom! We will see dad! He is coming to us already!" Yiren called out, her cheek snuggled on top of her chest.

Yiren didn't expect her mom to actually frown hearing the news. "Where?" Nuwa asked, looking around the sky as her Spirit Awareness filled their surroundings. It wasn't long before she pinpointed Xiao Feng's location, still some distance away from them.

Xuefeng walked up to them and placed his hand on their waists. "Yiren," He called out to gather Yiren's attention. "We just talked with Nuwa and she decided to return to the Holy Land for a day. She has some matters to settle."

Yiren blinked, the information scanning in her brain lagging a bit. "Huh...? Right now?" She finally reacted, looking at Nuwa with confusion. They just arrived and instead of checking the capital for a bit, she was already leaving.

"Yes, the earlier I leave, the sooner I come back. I want to organize the business we created but also bring some members of our race. Xuefeng's Clan needs help in making a name for themselves so we want to connect our races," Nuwa explained the plan, caressing Yiren's cheek. "Do you want to come with me or st-"

Yiren didn't let her finish as she immediately interrupted her. "Can I stay?" Yiren asked as she hugged into Xuefeng's chest. "I want to see Auntie but someone needs to protect Xuefeng while you are gone, right?"

"Hah, of course you can." Xuefeng replied for Nuwa and gave Yiren a peck on the lips, thinking of how cute she was. "You are the one who decides what you want to do. You can visit Holy Land any time you want after all."

'Mhmm, too short... One more.' Yiren thought as the sensation of Xuefeng's lips lingered on her body and leaned for a repeating kiss, holding onto his cheeks to prolong it.

"I will stay then," Yiren announced after she finally pulled away.

Yiren didn't know that her actions made Nuwa a step too late to leave before Xiao Feng could arrive. She wanted to give Xuefeng a departing kiss before sneakily leaving.

"Xuefeng! Xiaobei! You all finally arrived," A male voice hit them from the skies and everyone turned, watching as a small group of experts landed. Xuefeng's parents were also outside, coordinating the clansmen who were leaving the Warship.

They landed next to Xuefeng's group though, not disturbing Liu Xiaobei.

Yiren's initial plan was to be the first to greet them yet a sudden stage-fright engulfed her. She stood beside Xuefeng while staring at the middle-aged man, stomping towards them on the soft grassy ground.

'Is that really my father?' Yiren asked herself, the fear disappearing as soon as it appeared. She was slightly disappointed at Xiao Feng's sight. Despite being all powerful, he was glancing at Xuefeng with a bit of envy that he masked very well. She was only able to discover it after being exposed to such behavior since years ago. Many elves naturally envied her golden, royal blood.

"We are still late. There were some delays we had to take care of but we are finally here," Xuefeng replied smiling calmly at the group.

"Mom!" Both Xiao Wen and Tianshi called out at the same time and run up to lady next to Yiren's father, who quickly embraced the two of them before glancing at Xuefeng.

"It's okay, as long as you guys are here. Hope you can finally stay for much longer this time." She spoke while standing dignified and mature, resembling her auntie in terms of age. "I see new faces. Mind if you introduce them?"

The lady glanced at Yiren and Jiao, smiling at them. Yiren found her much more likable than her father so she didn't mind the question. "I'm Yiren," She called out, putting on a gentle smile and casually placed her hair behind her pointy ears, directly proving that she was Nuwa's daughter.

"Yiren is out big sister," Xiao Wen confirmed her mother's guess as she suddenly ran up to Yiren and went back, dragging Yiren with herself before introducing her to Xiao Feng. "Yiren, Xiao Feng-Xiao Feng, Yiren. All three of us have same father."

'She probably think that I still want to meet him, recalling my previous reaction,' Yiren thought as she observed Xiao Feng's face, trying to figure out its true character. The fake image of her father she has been building all those years was ruined for her.

Under Yiren's stare, Xiao Feng actually felt awkward, being first time in a situation he didn't know how to react to. He tried to get rid of the awkward situation by cursing at Xuefeng, "Damn you Xuefeng. All of my daughters are yours now. I still can't believe you pulled it off."

Only then did he recover his usual confidence and turned to Yiren, smiling at her like a father would to a daughter while lowering his head to match her height. "Hi Yiren. I am your fath-" He tried to greet her yet he couldn't finish because a sudden hand crushed into the top of his head.


"Bad Daddy!" Yiren cried out, massaging the side of her hand with which she just hit Xiao Feng. "Don't curse Xuefeng! He is the best man you can find!"

Yiren didn't stop her scolding at that and instead glared at him before pointing at Xuefeng. "Apologize now," She ordered sternly, her cheeks puffed.

"What...?" Xiao Feng was still in shock, just like everyone else. If they had water in their mouth, they would spurt it all out.

"I said apologize!" Yiren repeated in a shout, stomping with her foot which made the ground shake. She was against anyone who cursed at Xuefeng, no matter her father or god.

Xiao Feng turned red from anger but the moment Yiren squinted her eyes, all that anger disappeared and he awkwardly apologized. "I'm sorry..." he muttered in front of everyone.

If anyone thought that Yiren would stop at that, they were quickly proved wrong. "I'm sorry for cursing! I will never do it again! Repeat!" Yiren ordered yet again.

"I'm sorry for cursing! I will never do it again!" Xiao Feng repeated without questions this time, shame visible on his face.

Finally being done, Yiren smiled, turning from a devil into an angel and patted Xiao Feng on the head. "Good daddy. I hope you won't do that again," She said with her soothing voice, showing her bright persona.

"Pffffffttt!" Nuwa couldn't hold back anymore and finally burst out laughing, glad she didn't leave early.