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 "You didn't have to give them one million Spirit Stones." Nuwa complained after they were already far away from the city. "They will not appreciate it at all. They will still consider us as thieves."

"I know, but it's alright. At least we know we paid for it." Xuefeng assured her before turning to Tianshi, his mind going back to their hilarious role play of the good and bad cop.

"Talking about this, you did great Tianshi. I didn't know you had it in you, haha!" He burst out laughing, hugging her tightly from behind.

Tianshi, spun in his arms and kissed him in response, getting an additional reward.

"You still don't know everything about me." She muttered while poking him on the nose, creating an aura of mysteriousness around herself.

'Not for long, hehe.' Xuefeng immediately thought of discovering even more about her.

"Did you connect with your Fate Spirit yet?" Xuefeng asked her curiously as they all gathered in one room. Everyone wanted to know why Xuefeng brought them there.

"No. She said we need peace and place without disturbance so I wanted to do it here." Tianshi admitted as she pulled out her new loot, golden crystal from the temple and compared them with Xuefeng's. The shapes were different, but the structure was similar.

Just as he wanted to ask in his mind, Little Ming volunteered to help.

'I can support her so that the spirit doesn't trick her. She seems to be scheming.' Little Ming called out without leaving outside. Xuefeng was sure that she would use this opportunity to introduce herself but she decided against it.

'You actually read my mind. Thank you. Make sure she is alright.' He thanked her, hoping everything goes along their plan.

"Tianshi, my Fate Spirit will help you in a second but first, I want to take some time and introduce someone special to you all." He spoke, gaining the girl's attention.

Ling, compared to Little Ming, couldn't wait to go out and hug into Xuefeng chest, showing his closeness with him.

"Is it another sister?" Yiren seemed to be the only one excited for that. She didn't see the difference between five or ten, as long as Xuefeng gave her enough attention.

"Yes, Nuwa and Xiao Wen already met her." Xuefeng nodded before calling out. "Ling, you can come out."

He already expected her to appear in his arms so he let go of Tianshi yet Ling didn't, choosing to materialize in the middle of the circle they created.

"Hello sisters. I'm Ling. Please take care of me." She bowed while lifting the corners of her white, princess dress and smiled brightly, looking as innocent as field flower.

Momentarily, Xuefeng got ignored as everyone walked up to Ling and give her a warm hug, with Yiren being the first one. The two fluffy balls titled left and right as their chests squished against one another.

"Ling has been my Fate Spirit since the beginning so I hope you will be nice with each other." Xuefeng finished the introduction and after a series of hugs, Ling finally found its way towards him.

"Xuefeng! Can I improve their talents as my gift? It seems we didn't do it for all sisters." Ling proposed, staring at his eyes with expectations. Xuefeng felt like no matter what she ask for, he just couldn't reject her, afraid to see her disappointment.

"Right!" Xuefeng slapped his forehead. "I forgot. Yes, you can do that while I assist Tianshi with her Fate Spirit."

"Thank you!" Ling exploded with happiness and jumped into his arms, hanging herself around his neck before locking on his lips.

She didn't let go for a long time, forcing him to embrace her to support her body. He already figured what she was doing.

It was her method to showcase her love for him. Based on their previous interactions, it wasn't clear if they were lovers but the kiss could dispel any doubts.

Pulling away from him, Ling acted innocent, blushing sweetly and dropped to the ground, giving him last hug.

"I love you~" She confessed in front of everyone, hopping backwards right after while waiting for his response.

Xuefeng wanted to reply on instinct but realized it was a trap. If he said he only loved Ling, he would have to repeat himself with everyone.

"Me too, I love you all. I'm glad I met you girls." Xuefeng said instead while starting at each pretty face before distracting them by calling out to Tianshi. "Come, we will use another room to have some peace."

"Yes." Tianshi nodded and grabbed his extended hand, leaving the rest alone as they exited the room.

"Shan, how about you first?" Ling chose the first target without wasting time, not feeling anxious in front of the girls.



As the Central Region wasn't that big compared to other regions, they didn't even need a whole day to arrive in the capital. Luckily, they didn't have any disturbance on the way.

After Tianshi connected with her Fate Spirit, Xuefeng left her to familiarize herself with the new friend and instead focused on his Clan. He realized that with how Royal Family was treating them, their Clan would be most likely bullied.

They could hire many experts and receive Xiao Family support but that wouldn't change the fact that their main clan was weak.

Xuefeng decided to help them by improving everyone's talent to at least purple, while giving a black talent to the most hard working. By giving them a before taste of the ultimate reward of a golden talent, he hoped his Clan Members will pay him back with their enthusiasm to train.

Unfortunately, it wasn't enough for him. Even with talent improvements, they would be weak for months. He couldn't protect his clan all the time and Xuefeng already knew he would not stay for long.

Just as they landed in their new territory, Xuefeng thought of a good idea.

"How about we bring some trusted Forest Elves outside and let them live here?" He asked curiously, wanting to hear Nuwa's opinion.

He was surprised to hear her casual response.

"I don't mind. My home is by your side. If you can connect your clan with my race, it would be really beneficial for both sides. After all, we can't be the only connection between the two." She observed their new palace as she shared her view.

Xuefeng thought she would prefer her race to live in peace, knowing there would for sure be troubles with that decision but he was glad hearing the first part of her words.

He was about to continue pondering when Little Ming dropped a bomb.

'You know that you won't be able to enter the Holy Land after you ascend? I think you should plan everything ahead before you do.' Little Ming informed him, seeing he didn't know yet.

She thought that Xuefeng would be troubled but he wasn't that worried. 'I will be able to create my own Fate Qi once I master all elements. I won't need the Holy Land by then.' He said confidently, making Little Ming embarrassed. She was the one who told him about it yet she forgot to mention it.

It would still be nice to have a surplus of Fate Stones so he didn't give up on the Holy Land.

"How about I leave it to you Nuwa? It would be nice to bring a few skilled elves that could help my father build the clan." Xuefeng proposed, hugging her from behind and one kiss was enough to convince her.

Nuwa knew she had to return soon anyway as she was technically still a Queen there. Not showing herself for so long, many elves would be worried.

Jumping from the warship, straight down to the ground, Xuefeng muttered as he flew, "It's time to dominate the Capital, hehe."