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 Outside, the three youngsters were already getting impatient, feeling like someone was stealing their chance. After all, Xuefeng's group just came out of nowhere and entered the queue, standing first in line before using the power to shut them down. That's only something a bully would do.

"Damn, there is no way the Royal Family sent them... They didn't have the Royal Family uniforms! Or even a Sigil!" The winner of the tournament called out angrily, being the most pissed off. He wanted to rush out and enter inside the temple to see what they were doing yet he knew it was a suicide.

Thankfully, he didn't need to wait for too long to vent his anger as he saw a group of elders flying from the city towards them. An old man with all hair grey was leading them, looking like the most powerful of the bunch.

There was an aura of knowledge and power around him.

"Clan Leader!" The three youngsters quickly exclaimed at the same time, knowing very well who that man was. He was actually their only hope at that moment.

"Don't worry kids, we will settle everything." He announced the moment he landed in front of them and glanced at the temple. "Let's go talk to them."

Too bad, they didn't even make one step as they heard a male voice coming from the inside of the temple.

"The inspection is done! Thank you for your cooperation. You can return to what you were doing." Xuefeng went out of the temple and called out with his lips curved into a smile.

He successfully got another Fate Holder in his team and his dream of turning everyone into one was just a step away.

Holding onto Tianshi's waist, he only glanced at the group of elders before launching into the sky without saying anything else. It was best if they disappear as quickly as they came.

Although the old man had stronger cultivation than him, he didn't worry about his escape plan. Just as he thought about it, the group of elders also moved, deciding to intercept them.

"Hold on! Guests, it's quite rude to leave without exchanging greetings." The old man called out from the side, making Xuefeng frown but he didn't keep it for long, smiling to them as he halted, suspending in the air.

They were naturally stronger so he didn't mind. He knew that Nuwa and Xiao Wen would be restless, wanting to go all-in into a battle mode so he extended his hand sideways.

"Girls, don't kill them yet. Move only if they get too close." Xuefeng said it as if he was scolding them, not wanting to repeat a previous mistake.

Just those words alone were enough to alarm the group of elders, forcing them to halt some far away. No one would like to gamble on their life.

"Is there something wrong? I'm sorry but we are in a hurry. We need to visit other temples in the area." Xuefeng continued to hold onto the same story, trying to bullshit his way out.

"Mhmm, it's understandable." The Old Clan Leader nodded with his head, keeping the calmness on his face and glanced at the Warship hovering in the sky. "Is this Xiao Family Insignia? I thought Royal Family doesn't have good relations with Xiao Family?"

Xiao Wen and Nuwa were glad the Old Man noticed it, making it impossible to avoid the battle. Unfortunately, just when they wanted to sharpen their swords, Xuefeng ruined their plans.

"Cough, cough," Xuefeng cleared his throat before his speech. "According to the new Central Region state Law, section three, article twenty-four, paragraph fifty-seven: The Central Region Commissioner, commonly known as the Temple Inspector, has the right to use any existing insignia on his Warship as he wishes, including all symbols and pictures known in the Earth Realm."

After acting as if he was reading from his memory, he shrugged and stared at the old man, waiting for his reaction.

None of them knew what Xuefeng was talking about aside from Tianshi who almost burst out laughing, stopping herself in the last second.

"What...? Sections? Articles? What is this all about? I never heard anything like that before." The Old Clan Leader was weirded out, not getting any of the concepts.

Xuefeng only frowned and continued, scolding the poor Clan Leader.

"Section one, article five, paragraph nineteen! Any Central Region citizen is required to know the law! Ignorance is never an excuse to go against the law!" Xuefeng was trying to master his bullshitting craft, making the Clan Leader even more confused.

"Since when are there any laws like that? We were never informed." The Clan Leader didn't know why but he started to get anxious, thinking the Ruler of the Realm actually created a new set of laws.

It would be a disaster if it was actually true. They didn't know anything about them!

At that point, the girls realized that Xuefeng was faking the whole thing just like he faked the inspection and smiled, finding it funny too. Tianshi squeezed his hand and joined in the fun.

"I thought that the messengers already informed every Central Region Clan about the change in the laws? Are you saying that it's the Royal Family's fault? You should rather ask your elders if they hid something from you." She informed casually as she threw a look at the elders, hovering behind the Clan Leader.

It wasn't strange that they all panicked, not knowing about any new laws as well. Their uneasiness only increased the moment their Clan Leader turned around and glared at them all.

"What are they talking about! Did you miss any letters?!" The old man scolded them and they hurriedly shook their heads. "Clan Leader! There were no such letters and we didn't welcome any messengers!"

The Clan Leader could see the honesty in their voices but Tianshi didn't stop there.

"Does that mean you didn't pay the new taxes? If you don't know about new laws, it must mean you didn't pay anything." Her face changed expressions, looking as if she was about to say, 'Okay, now you are in deep shit.'

"Taxes...?" The finance elder asked with a look of fear on his face. If he really missed something, he would have to pay from his own pocket.

"Yes, of course. Income tax, payroll tax, property tax, consumption tax and all other fees that are described in section two in the articles one to ten. There is no way you didn't pay taxes for the last half a year, right?" She covered her face with the free hand, trying to hold back her laughter but seeing the elder's faces, her smile froze and she turned serious.

"You are joking, right? Tell me you guys are joking?" She asked as if she was really concerned with them before tugging onto Xuefeng's arm, pleading on their stead. "Please, let's not report it. Look how pitiful they are... The interest from the taxes will destroy their clan..."

Xuefeng rolled his eyes at her, playing with her act.

"Don't give me those eyes again... I already spared the last clan... We can't help everyone. Once we get discovered, I will be the first to suffer a backlash..." Xuefeng muttered unhappily, not liking this idea at all, but looking as if he was hesitating, having a hard time resisting her.

The finance elder realized it was his chance to avoid the troubles so he immediately tried to beg for help.

"Milady, please, help us this one more time..." He pleaded with anxiousness.

Tianshi smiled at the elder before grabbing Xuefeng's face and giving him a solid kiss on the lips.

"Please... Just one more time... I will give you something special later..." She winked at Xuefeng while reaching down towards his stomach, looking as if she was grabbing onto his crotch.

Only then did Xuefeng change his expression, showing a lewd smile for a second.

"Fine... Just this one last time." He agreed reluctantly, turning to the Clan Leader. "You are lucky that my girl stood up for you else I would report it to the higher-ups. Send someone to the Capital to receive a copy of the new laws."

"Yes... We will do that, thank you, Lord." The elder thanked, hoping his ass was saved for now.

"We will leave." Xuefeng decided, moving forward, but then halted and pulled out a free Storage Ring filled with Spirit Stones and threw it at the Clan Leader.

"Take this One Million Spirit Stones. This should be enough to cover the debt you have. My wife decided to help you so I can't be stingy." He announced, caressing Tianshi's cheek.

When the Clan Leader caught it and really saw a pile of High Tiered Spirit stones, his eyes went wide. For a big Clan like the Xiao Family, it was almost nothing but for them, it was their monthly budget!

"Thank you! We will definitely do so." The Clan Leader forgot about the previous case, seeing such a generous gift. His lips couldn't help but turn into a smile.

"Mhmm, it's nothing." Xuefeng just waved with his hand as it was just casual gesture. "Farewell."

He didn't stay for much longer, taking advantage of the fact that the Clan Leader was disoriented and they flew towards the Warship. This time they were no longer disturbed and reached without any problems.

They quickly boarded it and departed. It was only after a moment when their warship was kilometers away from them, did they recall the previous issue and quickly returned to the temple.

The youngster who couldn't wait and entered the temple was standing there pissed off. Seeing the elders, he cried out with injustice.

"They were thieves! They stole the treasure from the temple! Inspectors my ass!" He cursed as he informed, making the Clan Leader realize they were duped.