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 For the next week, Xuefeng was training his swordsmanship under Princess eye and other useful things like battle tactics, tricks or how to recognize his opponent next moves under Wuying wing. He was also sparring with them both to gain precious fighting experience.

Meanwhile, he was also undergoing a Spirit Awareness training and physical practice. He could easily learn things like Spirit Arts with the help of Ling cause she can just put the knowledge into his head, but other things must be taught by others.

Most people learned spirit awareness while there advanced into Spirit King stage but he wanted to start now. He didn't want to repeat the situation where his father could sneak close to him without him noticing.

Ling regained some of her powers so she could do it for him, but when she was busy for example with modifying Spirit Arts she couldn't focus on checking his surroundings.

Although he started earlier than others, it didn't mean it would be easier. With less Spirit Qi it would be even harder than normal. He had to release his qi out of his body and let it reach long distances without losing control over it. He also had to thin his qi so he doesn't lose much of it in the process.

During this week, he learned all the basic sword moves to the point he could keep up with Princess in the sparring. Although it was really taxing on him, with each day of his physical training, he could feel his energy raising.

When I mentioned he could keep up with the Princess in the sparring I meant he wasn't beat up anymore as he was at the first few days.

"Come on, move your legs faster, right hand higher, don't stop moving, here, your right side is unprotected." Princess shouted at him to correct each of his error. In the last error, she hit his Spirit Armor on his side knocking him to the ground.

He lied flat on the floor, breathing heavily. They were practising in his courtyard training room as they used only normal swords, to avoid any unnecessary damage. They might worry about destroying the room, but Princess didn't restrain her strength while sparring with him.

If Ling didn't get regeneration ability from her latest upgrade he would already be covered in bruises. Princess seeing that he is fine after a good beating didn't feel sorry for him anymore. Even with Rank 5 armour protecting him, the impact of her hits was still reaching his body.

"I thought you will learn everything in a day but who would have thought that you improve like a normal person. You still make a lot of mistakes but it's starting to look decent." Princess looked down on him and commented.

"Well, it's all because I have such good teachers." He put a fake smile which twitched from the pain in his ribs.

"Okay, don't pretend it hurts I barely any power. Stand up, we will finish for today." She reached with her fair palm to help him stand up.

He grabbed it and she lifted him up without any effort. Before he could stabilize his body, she leaned and kissed him on the lips. After their first incident, they become more intimate with each other and Princess allowed more and more.

The sword he got from Liu Chen, disappeared into his dantian as his free hand moved towards her perfect rear, the second hand was already fondling her soft chest, almost drowning inside of it. She didn't mind it and let his hands roam freely. She already got used to his touch and kinda liked it.

"Wuying will come here soon." Xuefeng snuck away from her mouth and said out of breath.

"You think I don't know that you are also fooling around with her?" She jumped on him and entangled her legs around his waist.

"Aren't you supposed to be mad then?" He asked confused as he moved his other hand on her butt to support her.

"I'm confident, that I can steal you over sooner or later. I will be returning back to the capital in two days, so I want to leave some memories for you." She wrapped her hands around his neck and kissed him again.

"You are leaving so fast?" He didn't know how to respond to her feelings. One part of him got used to her attacks and intimacy but the other would rather want to have more time to think things through. It wasn't even two weeks since he separated from Tianshi and he still had her in his heart.

He knew that he will never see her again, that's why he didn't push the girls away completely. It would be hard to cut his past away this fast.

"Yeah, will you miss me?" She asked with hope as she hugged tighter around the neck.

"Well, I promised to protect you. How am I going to do that when you are away? What if that guy comes and forcefully take you away?" He asked concerned. He didn't have any plans to move from Liu Clan at the moment.

"Don't worry, he is preparing for the Sacred Institute recruitment by the end of this year. He will definitely not waste time on me before that." She assured him.

"Do you also plan to go there?" Xuefeng read about top 10 academies in the region. He will also have to leave the country one day to look for more fate fragments. He might as well join one of those academies in the future.

"I was planning to, but I changed my mind when I heard this guy is also going there. I plan on going to White Lotus Academy. They only accept female disciples and with my purple talent I can easily get in." Princess played with his hair as she narrated.

"Wait, aren't they only accepting virgins?" He slapped her gently on the butt, smiling suggestively.

"What do you mean? I am a virg..." She couldn't finish her sentence as Xuefeng suddenly dropped to the ground and pinned her the same way she did a week ago.

"What are you doing?" She asked in panic when she realised, she couldn't escape from his grasp. After a week of training and miraculous effects of Ling regeneration ability, his physical strength didn't lose out to hers.

Usually, she was the one to take action, but now Xuefeng was the one in the lead. She was completely unprepared.

"If I were to savour your flower right now, would they still accept you as a disciple?" He created two black rings around her wrists that immobilized her arms and freed his hands. He then ran with his fingers on her delicate chin and asked.

During this week, he not only received training from Wuying and Princess but Ling as well. She finished modifying another few Spirit Arts and the one he used now was called Spirit Shackles. He could disable someone by creating Spirit Qi rings around someone's arms or legs and strap them to the ground.

The only disadvantage was its range. He had to directly touch the person to use it. If they move too much, it won't work.

"Why would you do that? Please let me go." She struggled but couldn't break free. Princess took a deep breath and asked Xuefeng puzzled.

"Cause someone statements don't match with the truth." He sat on her expecting explanation.

"What did I lie about?" Worried expression appeared on her face.

"I read that those top academies are very protective with their disciples. If you got accepted to White Lotus Academy, wouldn't you be safe from forced marriage? Is that "Playboy Prince" even real?" He already thought the story was quite far-fetched but still decided to believe her before. When he heard what she said a moment ago that she already planned to go to White Lotus Academy, he started to doubt her story again.

Hearing his questioning, she didn't answer but turned her eyes away from his gaze with a guilty look. Her actions confirmed his guess was correct and she really lied to him.

"Tell me the truth, I want to know everything." He grabbed her chin and forced her to look at him.