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 'We can't just destroy the barrier.' Xuefeng gave him a quick response as he flew with everyone towards the Warship, leaving the closing barrier alone. 'My Clan is going to live in the Central Region. Once its natural habitat is destroyed, it will be similar to any other Region as the concentrated Spirit Qi will leak.

'Fine...' Only after hearing the solid reason like that did Drakos stop being grumpy. 'I absorbed a lot anyway. It was a tasty meal. One hundred times more and I should get back my previous body.'

'Oof, so much.' Xuefeng casually commented the moment he landed on the Warship's deck. 'I thought you actually got a lot this time. I could feel the monstrous Fate Qi that the girls kept pumping through my body.'

'Huh, you think I was this weak? I was the Legendary Drakos. Everyone knows my name.' Drakos actually felt hurt, showing his proud attitude but Xuefeng crushed it in one sentence.

'Well, I guess that didn't help when they hunted you down and forced to hide in this Realm.'

'Fuck.' Drakos didn't comment on that, leaving after a curse to absorb his Fate Qi properly. Xuefeng didn't mind that as Xiao Wen came up to him at that time and caught his arm, feeling proud of herself.

"I mastered Air Element!" She said as the corners of her lips lifted into a grin. "I think I'm the first one from the girls too."

Xuefeng wanted to praise her but Nuwa came up to them and preceded him.

"I will teach you some skills on the way. We still have a few hours left." She patted Xiao Wen's head as if she was her real daughter. "Yiren knows all six elements so you still have some work to do."

Even though it sounded like Nuwa tried to make her feel bad, Xiao Wen actually didn't mind it. She knew that she was still behind in that aspect but there was a new path in front of her with the current method they discovered.

If she continued with that pace, she could master other elements in less than a month.

"I know. After I stabilize the Air Qi in my dantain and study a few important skills for it, I will continue with another element." Xiao Wen called out excitedly with her hand clenched into a fist.

"Congratulations wifey, you did well." Xuefeng had to pull her into his arms to finally praise her. "Let's return to the Warship?"

There was nothing else to wait for so Xuefeng dragged both of them inside. It was the first time when he saw Xiao Wen this excited to learn and actually began asking Nuwa many questions about elements.

He didn't break their chit-chat and instead questioned in his mind, recalling that Ling disappeared right after Ming.

"Is everything alright? Ling? Ming?" He could feel their presence inside him so he was sure they could hear him.

He didn't expect he would hear a familiar cute voice a few sarcastic comments.

"Tsk... I was away for a few days and you already forgot about me." Little Ming snickered, shaming him for forgetting about her before calling out just as he tried to defend himself.

"I'm going to deal with you later. I will stay with my daughter for now. There is still a lot we need to talk about."

Xuefeng wanted to try again but then stopped himself, realizing it was good they wanted to socialize with each other and left them alone.


Within the next few hours, girls were waking up from their cultivation one by one. What surprised Xuefeng was that it was Yi who was the second one to complete her mastery.

Although there was no Earth as they were high in the sky but Xuefeng could still feel the Earth Qi coming out from her hand when she presented it as proof.

Naturally, it was still just the first step. Before they reached their first destination in the Central Region, they began their Element Manipulation study where Nuwa and Yiren taught others how to transform Elemental Qi into its physical form as well on how to control the natural element.

Only Yi had no latter in her surroundings so she focused on the first one. It was not a short process so they would have to continue it for a few days at least.


After hearing Nuwa's order to stop the Warship, Xuefeng had a bad feeling about the situation.

"Are you sure that its the correct place?" He asked to confirm. They came to the control room as it was Nuwa's turn to navigate the Warship. She was the only one who knew the coordinates for their first destination after all.

"Yes, I'm sure. It's within those mountains. Exactly where that temple is built." Nuwa nodded once again and Xuefeng didn't her yet again.

"Let's stop then," Xuefeng told his father who was already slowing down the Warship and looked at the city below.

"To think that they built a city here..." He muttered, not expecting such a case at all.

Their plan was naturally to claim the Fate Spirit that Nuwa met all those years ago. It was meant to be a simple job with both Drakos and Ling's second ability but it seemed like there would be some complications.

"It seems like its a clan-based city." Liu Xiaobei claimed after he challenged the city with his glance. Being someone with the most knowledge about clans, no one questioned his expertise.

"Let's go down. They probably already saw us anyway." Nuwa proposed, calmly walking towards the exit. She wasn't scared of confrontation.


For the Bai Clan, that day was special for everyone in the city. On the last day of every month, the best three talents of the clan could enter the temple and change their fate.

Three youngsters were looking at the gates to the temple with excitement and determination in their eyes. All of them were slightly beaten up because they paid a lot of blood and sweat to get this chance.

After placing the top three in the monthly tournament, they were one of the best who survived and won themselves this honor.

"Okay! Listen up!" The Elderly man that looked like one of the high ranked Elders from the Bai Clan called out to them to gain their attention. "According to the rules, you will go inside with an order of how you placed in the tournament. The first place will go in first of course, followed by the second and third. You only have one chance so do your best."

"Yes!" The youngsters agreed momentarily, knowing the rules very well. There wasn't anyone in the city who didn't know them well.

The winner of the tournament smiled proudly and walked forward, heading towards the temple.


Unfortunately, he couldn't make more than a few steps when he felt pressure coming from the sky, forcing him to halt.

"Who is there! It's forbi-" The Elder quickly rose up in the sky, glaring at the people approaching, wanting to prove his worth and protect the rules but his tongue got quickly tied when he realized he wasn't stronger than any of the individuals that arrived.

What was worse, he didn't know any of them. Luckily for him, Xuefeng was really generous and announced the reason for his arrival to not trouble the Elder.

"Cough, we came for the yearly inspection! The Ruler of the Realm ordered that each temple has to be checked every year to catch illegal cults. We are sorry for the inconvenience. Cough." Xuefeng coughed into his hand as he spoke while trying to hold himself back from laughing.

Naturally, the Elder shivered when they mentioned the Ruler of the Realm but the boy who was about to enter wasn't scared and protested.

"But it's not a religion temple!" He didn't want to cry too loudly, regretting it after but he couldn't just stay quiet. It was his chance that he fought for.

"Don't worry boy. We will be quick." Xuefeng smiled and commanded to his team. "Let's go inside."

The Fate Spirit didn't belong to anyone so he didn't feel there was anything wrong with their action.

After all, first inside enjoys the bride...