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 As the Central Region wasn't as big as the rest of the Regions, it focused on concentrating all Spirit Qi in a small space. It gave the cultivators living inside a natural resource that they couldn't get anywhere else.

Unfortunately, because the size was small, the news of anything happening inside spread really fast, especially if it involved the Royal Family.

Inside the Royal Palace in the capital, the Ruler of the Realm was raging the moment he heard the news of Xuefeng destroying Royal Family territory which was akin to disrespecting him. What's more, he announced it was Liu Clan who did it which was even worse.

"Damn it!" The middle-aged man with the deep frown on his forehead cursed under his breath. "He can't just stay low-key and go ascend in peace like a normal human."

His son, who was listening on the side didn't actually get where was the problem.

"Dad, can't we just send someone to assassinate him from the shadows? This way the fate lady won't know it's us." His son proposed as he flipped his shoulder-length brown hair to the side in a fancy fashion, exposing his pearl-like eyes. If someone looked at him from behind they would definitely think it was a female.

He was the only one who knew the truth about Xuefeng being untouchable by them but that wasn't stopping him. Too bad that his father didn't share the same views on this matter as him.

"Say one more word and I will cut your hair and burn it." The Ruler of the Realm glared at his son which instantly caused an outcry in his son's heart.

"Noooooo! Not my fabulous hair!" The teen caught his hair before placing them on one of his shoulders while protecting them with care. "Father, you are cruel!"

Pouting, he stood up from his chair and rushed out of the throne room without saying anything else. The Ruler of the Realm only smacked his face before looking down.

"Why... Couldn't I get a playboy like everyone else...? Damn it!" He lamented, cursing in the end before returning with his mind to the current problem he had.

But was there a solution? All he could do is wait for Xuefeng to ascend before he can even do anything. Having background from the Heaven Realm was enough to make him think twice before doing anything.

Just one order to hinder them a bit before entering the Central Region caused him to lose a Monarch Stage Cultivator. At this point, he only wanted to wait it out.


Touching the barrier, Ling closed her eyes and analyzed it as her Fate Qi wrapped around the golden wall. Xuefeng also extended his hand to allow Drakos to check it out through his body.

"I think we can make it. The elements inside are already connected well. They just need the catalyst to finish the last process." Ling explained right after her eyes opened before turning to her mother. "Mom, will you help me?"

Her eyes kept glittering as the corners of her lips lifted into a warm smile. There was no more resentment but only love in her expression.

"I will be honored." Ming naturally agreed and approached her daughter as her glance landed on Xuefeng. "Come here. We will let Drakos absorb the excess Fate Qi as we will be busy converting it."

Now that Xuefeng looked at the two ladies, he realized their eyes looked somewhat similar. He naturally didn't mind his job and smoothly embraced the two by their slim waists.

Ming's back was exposed as her red dress only covered her front and bottom, leaving the whole back open for caressing. It was only connected with a few strings to keep the dress together but she didn't mind Xuefeng's touch at all.

"Keep us firmly." She commanded, feeling how reserved he was with her and immediately felt his squeeze as he pressed them both against his broad chest while sliding his hands under her dress.

"Better?" He asked with a grin and as a response, Ming casually held onto his shoulder as if she wanted some support. Her breasts that matched that of Ling had only a thin layer of material separating them.

"Better," Ming confirmed, pressing harder against him and stopped hiving his attention, focusing on her daughter instead. "Let's start."

Ling nodded excitedly and placed her hand on top of Ming's slender fingers before they both closed their eyes, entering into sync.

It turned out it wasn't that easy as they took their time. Xuefeng was holding onto them with for a moment and his thumbs couldn't help but circle in a round motion from boredom, rubbing their softs skins as he usually does.

He stopped himself after realizing what he was doing when a similar set of movements appeared in his shoulder when Ming began rubbing his own in exchange.

Before he could do anything with that discovery, the barrier began glimmering at the spot around girls' hands, distracting him from Ming's touches.


The golden barrier buzzed and finally showed the signs of breaking. The moment the hole started appearing on side of their hands, growing larger and larger, they were hit with a fresh wave of Spirit Qi. Xuefeng breathed in, feeling refreshed. At the same time, Fate Qi began flowing into his body uncontrollably, getting sucked away right away by Drakos.

'Hell yeah!' Drakos exclaimed, stealing all Fate Qi greedily while waiting for more to come. The hole was getting bigger and bigger when suddenly its growth slowed down massively as if it was fighting back and regenerating.

"I think it will be hard to create a hole big enough to fit the Warship inside of it. The barrier has a big source of energy somewhere which constantly regenerates it. Without help, we can stay here all day." Ming commented as she opened her eyes. "You should probably call for Xiao Wen."

Just as she gave that suggestion, their Spirit Awareness tingled when Xiao Wen flew out of the Warship, entering into their radars.

"Did someone call me?" She asked with a grin, looking at the hole in the barrier with interest. Xiao Wen glanced at both Ling and Ming, smiling at them as if she already knew the situation.

She didn't need to say anything when her Lang came out on his own and immediately bowed.

"Queen, Princess... I apologize for my late arrival. I'm at your service." His tone was respectful, sounding like he was talking to someone superior to him.

"It's okay. Come to help us." Ming ordered calmly and Lang immediately responded by rushing towards them. Xuefeng who was blocking the way moved to the side without letting go of the girls, so Lang could gain access to help them.

Ming only glanced at Xuefeng's face and smiled curiously before returning to fighting the barrier. With Lang's help, the story was different this time. The conversion increased diametrically. When the hole was big enough, Nuwa gave Liu Xiaobei the signal and they finally continued their journey.

"Finally done." Xuefeng commented, watching the last part of the Warship pass through the hole. "What are we going to do with the hole? Will it seal up on its own?"

The Warship wasn't that small so the hole in the barrier would take some time to close. If left unattended, some rogue cultivators from the city could enter inside without any verification. After all, their actions were not a secret anymore.

Half of the city was awakened by the hurricane and all the explosions so many were watching them from afar.

"It's going to close in a minute. Don't worry." Ming assured him as she squeezed his cheek and entered back inside of his body. 'I will rest now. I am tired.'

Before Xuefeng could reply, he was disturbed by Drakos who cried out when the supply was cut.

'Aaaah! I want more! Why are we leaving...'