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 Sometimes when we think of an idea, we imagine it happen and it sounds really cool. We want to try it and later it does turn out as we wanted yet the complications which resulted cause of the action were not expected.

Xuefeng was exactly in such situation. When he added fire element to his domain, it looked spectacular, with a small fire hurricane devastating the land together with various tornadoes that he created in different areas. He found it cool until he recalled there are actually other cultivators inside his domain.

"Well... Shit." He cursed but it was too late already.

"Aaargh! Mercy!" The Royal Family cultivators cried out on top of their lungs but that only hurt them more as the flames entered their lungs, burning them from the inside.

Xuefeng already tested his theory so he didn't hesitate to cancel his domain.


He smashed his hands together and everything halted. The wind stopped blowing and the tornadoes ceased spinning. It wasn't a perfect solution as every cultivator suddenly dropped down from the sky without anything supporting them.

Xuefeng could only hear taps of bodies creating holes in the earth.

Pop. Pop. Pop.


As if nothing happened, Xuefeng started whistling and filled his dantain with the remains of the Qi before disbanding the rest before flying away at a casual pace and his hand behind his back.

Looking forward, he then looked down at the destruction and opened his eyes wide from surprise.

"Dear heavens, what a tragedy! Who did Royal Family offend to suffer such a catastrophe. Sigh, life is really unfair." Xuefeng sighed in the end while shaking his head before flying above the rumbles of the palace.

Anyone who was still holding in and could hear him immediately felt even worse and some even spurted blood from anger. Though, as a passive bystander who just happened to fly by, Xuefeng didn't notice it.

Xuefeng was actually impressed that the sculpture with the Ruler of the Realm face that he saw before survived both winds and fire. Naturally, it couldn't be the case so Xuefeng casually flew past it, noticing something wrong with it.

"Wait, it seems like this sculpture got damaged in the hurricane. They are lucky that I came by, the legendary sculptor. Let me give them a service for free because I'm such a good person." Xuefeng called out loud as if he was talking to himself and pulled out his Black Flames Slayer.

He grinned and smashed his sword against the sculpture, cutting the black stone with ease. He used his bloodline ability to hold down the two parts before slashing and cutting a few more times, turning the whole piece into thousands of small fragments.

In the end, he blew everything up with a fireball causing the stone to spread everywhere across the rumble.

"Hehe," He giggled seeing his job. "I knew I was the Legendary Sculptor. Now the sculpture matches the surroundings perfectly. It's blending so nicely."

He verbally patted himself on the back for a good job before flying away with the hands behind his back, acting as he did them a huge favour.

'I wonder where Nuwa is...' He asked himself as he looked around, checking the area with his Spirit Awareness. He didn't finish his investigation when a familiar female voice called out his name and then a lady appeared in his arms, hugging into his chest.


He didn't notice anyone coming towards him but he quickly got an answer when he looked down at the lady.

"Ling? What are you doing here?" He asked as he embraced Ling who appeared in her Spirit Body.

"Some time ago, you told me that after I breakthrough, I will be able to go out whenever I want to see you. I wanted to see you now so I came." She explained as she hugged him tightly.

"Oh," He did not recall such words but it was definitely something he would say so he accepted it. "Well, let's find Nuwa together then."

"Mhmm~" Ling nodded in agreement with cute purr. She was extremely light so he didn't have problems carrying her.

She looked exactly like a human person so Xuefeng became curious.

"Is your body that of a human right now? You won't be discovered?" They flew high above the city so he felt safe to talk casually with her.

"Yup~" She confirmed, acting really cute and cuddly. "The cost of me supporting this body is minimal so I can stay like this forever."

She finally lifted her face to glance at his face.

"Are you happy?" She asked with puppy eyes, expecting only one reply.

Xuefeng just couldn't resist such cute expression and gave her a juicy kiss, not knowing how much longer she would act like this.

"Of course I'm happy. You can stay with me for how much you wish. The girls will for sure love to meet you." Xuefeng didn't think there would be any problems. Though, just as he said so, a chilly gaze locked on them from afar, to the point he could feel it.

"Who is she?" Nuwa called out coldly the moment she flew out of the hole in the ground. She immediately appeared in front of them and scanned the new female creature that happened to hug onto her lover.

Xuefeng was not actually surprised as that was Nuwa natural reaction and he introduced Ling before anything happened.

"This is Ling, my Spirit I told you girls about. She usually lives inside me but after breakthrough, she is able to create her own body. It's her first time leaving like that. Hope you can get along with her. She was the one who has been helping me since I came to this world." Xuefeng emphasised the word 'helping', knowing it would leave a positive feeling in Nuwa evaluation.

Xuefeng was glad he was right as Nuwa smiled right after, dropping her initial guard.

"Oh, Xuefeng did mention you before. Welcome to our wor-" Nuwa tried to welcome her when Ling disturbed her words when she pulled away from Xuefeng's arms and hugged Nuwa instead.

"Big sis~ I thought you are scary before but you are really nice. I like you~" Ling confessed honestly. "Can we become sisters?"

She looked at Nuwa with the same puppy eyes she did to Xuefeng, making Nuwa unable to reject her. "Sure... I don't mind. You were the first who appeared around Xuefeng so I should be the one asking. You are more senior to me."

"Hehe, its okay sis~" Ling replied cutely before pulling away from her and returning to Xuefeng, embracing him like a monkey once again.

"I swear she wasn't this cuddly yesterday," Xuefeng commented to Nuwa but then Ling pouted.

"You don't like it...?" She was naturally different from before as she gained a lot of memories from the past. As she basically died when she was still a child, some of her childish behaviours slipped into her new character.

She was still a mature lady but her mature self was mixed with her young self, basically turning her back into her teens.

"No, of course not. Don't change. I prefer it more compared to when you were colder to me." Xuefeng quickly denied which caused the smile to return to her face.

"I'm glad..." Ling replied and gave him a peck, before returning to hugging him. Xuefeng wasn't lying. Sometimes some cuteness to brighten your day was perfect for the good mindset.

"Nuwa, how was your fight?" Xuefeng changed the subject as he turned to Nuwa but only saw her shrug.

"He was so weak that I accidentally killed him." She admitted honestly, knowing that Xuefeng was in a good mood.

"Oh well, I'm not perfect either. Let's return then." Xuefeng smiled bitterly, expecting such an answer and flew upwards, planning on continuing their journey.

As Nuwa followed after him, she got a feeling that she forgot about something. Only when they reached the Warship and she saw Liu Xiaobei's face did she slap her forehead, recalling her original goal.

"Damn, I forgot about the golden token for the barrier." It was actually the main reason she followed after the Royal Family members yet she forgot about it.

Ling was the one who saved her.

"Isn't that just a Fate Qi barrier?" She asked Xuefeng rhetorically. "You can ask Drakos to suck some of it away and create a hole for us to pass through."

"Oh? Its Fate Qi? How come I can't feel it?" Xuefeng replied confused, finding it much different. Thankfully, two heads are better than one and in this case, four heads were even better.

"It's cause its not exactly Fate Qi. Its the combination of nine elements. That's why it's giving off a golden hue, being a step away from combining into Fate Qi. After all, Fate Qi is just the combination of all elements." Ming explained as she suddenly appeared next to them.

It was Drakos who finished in Xuefeng's mind.

'I guess we can figure something out if we work together. We can turn that nine elements into Fate Qi with the help of Ming and Ling and then I can gladly absorb it, hehe.' He giggled, always happy to have a little snack.

"Alright, let's do it. If that can benefit us, I'm always down." Xuefeng quickly decided only to hear Liu Xiaobei words that made everyone laugh.

"I don't know what are you all talking about but I'm down."