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 Anyone who was strong enough could feel the foreign Qi filling their surroundings but there was nothing they could do about it. Air Qi was one of those Elements that was pretty hard to dispel as it was mixing with the air which was everywhere in the atmosphere.

They could only separate themselves from it with a barrier but they were still surrounded by it.

"Huh?" The old man quickly noticed the wave of Qi rushing towards him and his eyes immediately opened wide. The sheer amount of it was even more than the maximum capacity of his dantain yet Xuefeng was capable of putting out even more.

He didn't hesitate and escaped from the zone, not willing to face anything that the youngster was cooking for them.

"Retreat! We can't beat them!" He cried out to his subordinates as he distanced himself but unfortunately, he acted too late. When the Royal Family cultivators understood they were in danger, they quickly turned around, dashing away from Xuefeng yet they realised they didn't move much. They were suspended in the same position as if something was controlling the space around them.

"You can no longer escape..." Xuefeng muttered in a devilish voice as the whole palace area with hundreds of cultivators were locked is his domain. They were no longer the owners of their lives.

"Hehe," Nuwa laughed to herself, not even bothered by the pressure Xuefeng's Wind Domain created. "I will play around with the old guy and leave the rest to you!"

She didn't wait for Xuefeng's confirmation before rushing out of his Domain.

With Nuwa no longer inside, Xuefeng finally started his assault. He didn't plan to start killing, he wanted to make the Royal Family suffer. They already challenged him a few times and it was time for payback.

The calm breeze from before began gaining momentum before turning into a hurricane, sucking the cultivators inside of it. Anyone under Sage Stage was like a doll which flew in the sky against their will. Xuefeng had full control of his Wind Domain and with Ling help who could keep his Domain active, he could move to defeat the stronger pieces which still kept their ground.

'Mhmm, I wonder if I can connect my Wind Domain with Shan's Ice Domain and create a hailstorm or snowstorm...' Xuefeng thought as he neared to the first group of Sages.

They knew he was coming yet they couldn't run away from him, focused on resisting the storm. That was the main advantage of having a domain. Disturbing your enemies while giving yourself a favourable environment.

"Don't think you can defeat us this easily!" One of the strongest the Royal Family Cultivators attacked him with words, trying to buy time for his skill preparation but Xuefeng was not having it.

"Too late!" He called out with a grin as he swung with his Black Flame Sword even though he was a few meters off. His enemies thought he would miss so they sent their own skills to aim at his swing window where he would be open to strike.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

Out of nowhere, three explosions resounded before being followed by another three cries of pain when the fire engulfed their bodies. They dropped down to the ground like broken kites without the wind supporting them.

Who would have thought that a sudden blast of air would push them forward, right into the range of the strike?

Being able to control any space within his domain was an amazing feeling and Xuefeng definitely planned to abuse this strategy.

"Huh?" Just as he thought about it, he sensed Fire Qi joining the hurricane of wind in the form of sparks coming out of his sword and his previous strike. "Can I maybe add Fire Qi into the mix?"

He only thought about it but the idea was too strong to resist. They already used a lot of Fate Stones but he didn't care about it, knowing he could test something that could improve his understanding of domains.

He quickly left the scared cultivators, knowing they were not leaving even if they wanted to and let the wind take him free so he could enter the centre of the hurricane.

"Let's test out this theory!" He called out to himself before sending flame strikes aimlessly.

Meanwhile, outside the domain Xuefeng created Nuwa was wreaking havoc, blasting the remains of the Royal Family territory, supposedly by accident as she chased after the Old Man.

After all, who in the right mind would willingly fight her. She had six elements and his skills couldn't even touch, disappearing before even getting close to her.

"Sigh, you are no fun. Only running away... I thought you would be somewhat skilled but you are just a fake Monarch." Nuwa commented, realising that her opponent was nothing special, not even willing to put up a fight.

She extended her hand with a grimace and the Old Man suddenly stopped, halting his movements midair. His body was shivering as if he was fighting the power that was holding him down.

"Don't bother, you can't fight me back. If only you cultivated naturally instead of inflating your cultivation base with pills, you would maybe stand a chance." Nuwa commented as she effortlessly suppressed any revolts.

There were naturally some rare pills that could let people breakthrough even though their talent was lacking but those people would never ascend from the Earth Realm and their power would be limited. They would still be stronger than Sage Stage cultivators but the gap wouldn't be too big.

Glancing back at the Wind Domain that was still raging strong with an additional black and red colours filling it, before turning at the Old Man, Nuwa decided to change her approach.

"If I let you live, your so-called Ruler wouldn't even feel the loss. The palace can be rebuilt and talents can be nourished. Monarch cultivators are hard to come by, even the fake ones. This will teach him a nice lesson." She called out loud as he pulled him closer to her.

The Old Man's eyes showed terrified expression but there was nothing he could do.


A dull explosion reached Nuwa's ears, coming from the Old Man's abdomen and a bunch of artefacts started flying out. Those were the most precious treasures he had but Nuwa didn't even look at them, keeping them all in the Old Man's ring after taking it off from his fingers.


She didn't let him think of what was happening as his head suddenly twisted in an unnatural position, causing a small crack before his body lifelessly fell down from the sky on its own.

"Hmm, that Old Man was poor... And here I thought I can give Xuefeng a present..." She scanned her loot after breaking the seal inside but was left disappointed. "Wait, every the Royal Family has a treasury somewhere... I might get more from them..."

Just as she thought about it, her Spirit Awareness scanned the area. Searching all buildings before diving underground.

"Hehe," She giggled when she found an underground space protected by many arrays. "I found you."

She folded her wings and dove like an angel. Before she hit the ground, the earth parted to the sides, creating a tunnel for her.

If she later couldn't appease his anger with her cuteness, she could at least gift his father some goods to buy herself the goodwill of his parents.