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 Yiren, being a good girl, didn't hide anything from Xuefeng and quickly admitted.

"Mom went outside with uncle Xiaobei. It seems like we were blocked by someone when we tried to cross the barrier." She replied softly as she rubbed the top of his hands. "At least that's what uncle said when he came to pick you up. You were still breaking through so Mom came out in your stead."

"Ah, I knew leaving her alone would be a bad idea..." Xuefeng lamented, expecting the worst to happen before hurriedly kissing Yiren as he went out of bed. "I will go bring her back or at least make sure she doesn't kill anyone. Make sure to take care of your sisters."

"Okay~" Yiren naturally agreed, knowing she was the only one left.

Just as Xuefeng rushed out of the Warship, he spotted his father standing on the edge of the deck who glanced at him as well. The greetings were unnecessary as the two had a good understanding of each other.

Before Xuefeng could say anything, Liu Xiaobei called out while pointing downwards.

"You can find Nuwa in the City below." He didn't plan to stop Xuefeng, planning to let him handle Nuwa himself. Liu Xiaobei knew his words didn't have much value to her.

Xuefeng nodded in reply and spread the Golden Wings from his back before jumping head down off the Warship. He smoothly passed through the barrier as it didn't stop anything from the inside and only began braking with his wings when he was getting closer to the city.

It was naturally much bigger than what Xuefeng expected, expanding to the horizon which gave him some troubles. Nuwa was somewhere in the sea of buildings and he needed to find her.

"Hmm, the people who angered Nuwa had to be high ranked... It's the Royal Family that controls the barrier... the Royal Family lives in palaces..." He pondered out loud as he hovered above the city skyline and looked around, searching for the biggest and most grand palace in the city.

There were three which matched his conjecture so he picked one with the biggest territory and the most buildings surrounding it. Hearing the explosions from the distance as he neared it made him smile.

"I was right!" He called out, seeing destroyed structures and many flying ships cut in half or burning on the ground. He immediately knew that Nuwa was pissed off.

'So far I don't see any bodies so maybe she still didn't start killing?' Xuefeng thought to himself when he only saw destruction but no lives lost. It could only mean that Nuwa was still restraining herself.

There were many cultivators rushing towards the main palace while the others focused on extinguishing the fire. The Royal Palace in front of him no longer resembled a typical complex of buildings made from elegantly cut stone but instead some ruins of the long lost castle.

He didn't feel bad as they deserved it, knowing they stopped their journey. Xuefeng could only follow after everyone as Nuwa was most likely in the centre of all disasters.

There was no need to fly for too long to finally notice a slim figure in the distance and feel the powerful energy which she was emitting. She was hovering in the middle of the Palace Garden while being attacked from all sides yet she held her position like an unmovable mountain, deflecting and countering all projectiles.

Nuwa could naturally feel Xuefeng coming to help her as the whole place was under her control but before he could, she acted as if she was waiting for him to come and finally stopped defending.

"I gave you many chances to surrender and apologize! Does the Royal Family think you can bully us?! The rising Liu Clan from the Central Region?! Let me show you the power of Liu Clan!" Her voice resounded throughout the city as she opened her mouth, making sure everyone knows the Royal Family offended them and began her counter-attack.

"Damn." Xuefeng cursed under his breath, seeing the situation would soon get out of control yet his insides were telling him to not stop her.

It was a perfect opportunity for the Liu Clan to create a buzz around their name. They tried to bully them yet they got bullied themselves. Xuefeng wasn't scared of the Royal Family or even the Ruler of the Realm. They were just stepping stones for him.

As Xuefeng pondered over the issue, Nuwa didn't step down and suddenly six elemental Qi started spinning around her, shocking any of the enemy cultivators. Xuefeng knew he had to move at that moment before its too late.

He flew towards Nuwa while pulling out his Black Flames Slayer before pumping his Fire and Fate Qi into it without hesitation. The black flame gained two more colours and its size increased diametrically, swallowing both him and the sword in a flash while extending it to almost ten meters.

"WHO DARED TO OFFEND LIU CLAN!" Xuefeng bellowed right after, showing he was on Nuwa's side and swung his monstrous sword as a demonstration before glaring at the enemy the Royal Family Cultivators. His face and body were covered in the triple-coloured flame which added to his mysteriousness as well as multiplied the fear factor.

The Royal Family Cultivators already had a hard time fighting against Monarch Stage Nuwa yet now another monster appeared in the form of Xuefeng, making everyone think twice before they attack again.

"Six elements, Monarch Stage yet still so young..." The only Monarch stage cultivator acting as the Royal Family Protector in the city muttered with difficulty, knowing how hard it was to master Elements.

The Old Man got pretty dejected, knowing he was already old yet he only mastered one. Nuwa was still young yet she had six elements ready to use. The difference in power was too much. It meant that she had three times more Qi than he had.

"Who are they... I never heard of Liu Clan..." The Old Man thought out loud before calling out to his underlings with a clear understanding of the power difference. "We surrender! Cease fire!"

Even though he cried out, no one was attacking anyway, afraid they would be targeted first. Unfortunately, it wasn't enough to stop Nuwa and Xuefeng anymore.

They exchanged gazes as if they were exchanging war plans and without even saying anything, they figured out what to do. Their mutual understanding was on another level.

"Hahahahaha!" Both Nuwa and Xuefeng laughed out loud as if they heard the best joke ever and Xuefeng took control of the talking. "You think you can just bully us and then surrender as if nothing happened? You had your chance! Now its too late! No one can bully my Liu Clan!"

Nuwa grinned as Xuefeng just pulled the exact words from her mouth that she wanted to say. He didn't stop her so she could continue her fun. Though, Nuwa still remembered that Xuefeng disliked killing innocents, preferring to aim at the big fishes instead so she only planned to make them suffer.

'Ling! Provide me with Air Qi! I'm about to use it all!' Xuefeng cried out in his mind as he decided to test his improvements. The scale in which he wanted to fight was beyond his dantain capacity which required Ling's help.

Nuwa wanted to throw herself into a whirlpool of battle when she suddenly stopped, sensing a foreign Air Qi filling the space surrounding her. When she realised what Xuefeng was doing, her face immediately welcomed a grimace and she pouted unhappily.

"Hey! It's not fair! Don't huddle everyone for yourself!" Unfortunately, Xuefeng didn't hear her as he was focused on creating his biggest domain ever.