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 Was this the only choice? Killing her own daughter with a holy artefact to allow her to live on forever? Certainly not. But was it the best one possible? Probably yes.

With Ming's husband already siding with others and men rushing to hurt her daughter, this was the only solution which allowed her to once again see her daughter's smile.

She could naturally fight them but it was for sure a lost battle and the risk was too high. They couldn't hurt her, knowing the future of their race depends on her, but they could definitely hurt her daughter.

She was the mother of Spirits but Ling was her only flesh and blood.

Just as Ming could understand what was the right decision, Ling could too and was actually thankful to her. If not for her, she would never meet Xuefeng and would probably be gone already.

"Ling, how are you feeling?" Xuefeng asked warmly, finally understanding what happened. It might have been selfish of him but he was glad of what happened.

Would he be in the same position if not for Ling? Definitely not. If he reincarnated as a simple cultivator, he would still be a baby and he would later struggle to cultivate. The explosive improvements he currently had would be a dream.

"Mhmm, I'm good. I don't blame my mom. She did what she had to do." Ling muttered, showing a slight smile to prove she was okay. The events were still overwhelming for her but she could manage now after looking at the big picture.

Xuefeng placed her on his lap, realising they returned back to Ling's palace she created from her scattered memories a while ago and looked at her with a cheering smile.

"We are back. Does that mean you successfully broke through?" Xuefeng asked to confirm.

"Yes. I think that's the case." Ling nodded, hugging Xuefeng's neck as a reward for herself. "Though, I still don't know what my ability does..."

Recalling all of her previous Fate Holders, she never reached far enough to use her second ability. The closest one was Ice Goddess yet she also hunted down before Ling broke through.

"Isn't it something like sucking Fate Qi out of the person you touch? We can test it in the future but I think that's the case. You can raise someone talent with your first ability but with your second one, you can take it back. Though, I still think it can only suck Fate Qi." Xuefeng pondered out loud, getting excited with his theories the deeper he delved.

"Wait..." Ling suddenly paused him. "I think there is a problem..."

"Huh?" Xuefeng didn't quite get what she meant.

"Each time my Fate Holder ascended to Heaven Realm, we were hunted down by multiple people. I only now realised the pattern..." She explained her worries. "I think I need to ask mom about it..."

Just as she mentioned it, they heard Ming's voice in their heads.

"Ling, congratulations on your breakthrough."

"Mom!" Ling called out, jumping out of Xuefeng's embrace right when a figure of Ming appeared in the room. She immediately rushed into Ming's chest, hugging the blond beauty tightly.

The difference in the attitude was like heaven and earth. Naturally, Ling wouldn't be mad at Ming anymore, knowing she was actually her mother who loved her so much.

"I'm glad you finally remember me..." Ming responded in a similar way, rubbing her back with care. Xuefeng simply watched, not disturbing the mother and daughter meeting.

"Mom... Am I being hunted?" Ling asked what bothered them right away, raising her head to look into Ming's eyes. She didn't want to endanger Xuefeng because of her own past.

Ming turned serious, losing her cheerful smile and replied with a nod.

"Yes. Because I turned you into Fate Spirit, you can no longer die. You will be reborn over and over no matter how many times they kill you... But, they are still trying. They know you are one of their mortal enemies." She explained with a frown. "This was also one of the reasons I left to find you. I wanted to protect you."

"Mortal enemy to whom?" Xuefeng joined the conversation as he walked up to them. "Are you talking about those geezers that wanted to kill her? I saw Ling's memories with her."

"Mhmm, that's right. Each and every one of them controls at least one of the realms. Earth Realm is the only one which is out of their control as it's managed by my uncle." Ming glanced at Xuefeng. "She is safe here but once you ascend, they will quickly locate you."

"I'm not scared. They can come at me as they wish. Don't I have Drakos and now Ling to counter their powers? We shouldn't hide just cause there are many of them." Xuefeng expressed himself confidently as he walked up to Ling and hugged her from behind.

"It's not all about Fate Holders. Normal Cultivators will hunt you down too. This is why we have to prepare before you ascend. Once you do, I can bet a huge prize will be placed on your head." Ming informed and was quite surprised that Xuefeng wasn't even a bit worried.

It was all because Xuefeng already decided how to proceed with all the facts.

"If it's just working hard, I'm down, but we are not going to hide like rats. We will face all the troubles directly, together with everyone." His eyes looked like nothing could change his opinion and it seemed like Ling shared the same opinion as she cuddled into his arms.

"Alright. If that's what you two want, I won't stop you." Ming sighed, not stepping in anymore. "I already tried once and it backfired on me. Maybe we are just meant to face it directly."

Ming thought they deserve an explanation about her previous questionable actions.

"When I tried to separate the two of you, I wanted to find a way to save Ling and hide her. I never planned to separate the two of you. Unfortunately, you two wouldn't believe me even if I told you so I had to act like a bad guy, knowing she would understand later." Ming said as she took Ling's hands into her own.

"It's okay... I believe you now." Ling replied with a soft smile.

Acting as if she recalled something, Ming turned to Xuefeng and informed him.

"Talking about working hard. It seems like your woman is creating a nice mess outside. Don't you think you need to take a look at it?" There was a slight grin on her face as if she found it funny.

"Damn, is it Nuwa?" Xuefeng immediately cursed and kissed Ling on the cheek. "I will leave the two of you for a moment. I need to check it."

He didn't hesitate and recalled his consciousness, appearing back in his room. Just as he expected, Nuwa was nowhere to be seen.

"Nuwa, I swear to god, if you create trouble again I will smack your butt!" He called out loud before breaking the barriers surrounding him.

"Xuefeng! You are finally awake!" Yiren heard the noise and quickly welcomed him happily. Xuefeng would be more than willing to cuddle with her but he had a bad feeling that Nuwa wasn't a good girl right now.

"Yiren, where is Nuwa?" He grabbed Yiren's hands and asked without dilly-dallying.