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 Darkness swallowed their surroundings before Xuefeng and Ling once again returned to the previous bedroom. The moment little Ling entered into Ming's arms, the memory was cut as if she fell asleep.

"Ling... It's okay, it wasn't your fault. You were still little..." Xuefeng immediately rubbed Ling's back, trying to cheer her up. He didn't actually understand why was she so upset but she quickly dispelled his doubts.

"It's not about killing the maid... Me being here with you means that they killed me..." Ling whispered, still being buried in Xuefeng's chest.

"Didn't Mind leave the Fate Kingdom to find you? We will find out what happened together. There is no way we can change the past so why not focus on the future, your future with me?" Xuefeng asked as he pulled her away and caressed her cheeks with both hands.

Ling sniffed, feeling blessed that she chose Xuefeng as her Fate Holder and closed in to leave a love mark on his lips.

"Thank you..." She whispered afterwards as she hugged him once again. "I think I'm ready."

"Mhmm," Xuefeng nodded before suggesting. "Let's get over with it fast and talk to Ming. I think she will explain more to us than what we can see with your memories."



When little Ling woke up, she found herself on the bed. It seemed like she was supposed to sleep for a while as she immediately heard an argument coming from another room.

Her father was screaming, sounding really mad.

"It's all your fault! I told you to stay with her but you insisted on taking part in the meeting. Now, look at what happened!"

"Yeah? What happened? Our daughter awakened an incredible ability. We should celebrate instead. She will be a great leader in the future." Ming didn't panic and instead countered with her own argument. Unfortunately, her husband didn't like it.

"What leader?! Everyone is scared of her! Those bastards already sent the news to everyone! I don't think you realise what her power means. Once she grows up and we use her correctly, we would be able to take full control over all Realms." Ling's father explained with his voice raised. "They want to kill her now to avoid disaster in the future. If they group against us now, we won't stand a chance."

Ming didn't wait to make her decision as she called out immediately.

"As if I care about those bastards. They are all talk, no action. If they even dare come close to my daughter, I will personally chop their little friends off!"

"Mummy..." Little Ling muttered to herself when she heard her mother's caring words.

Bang! Bang!

Just as she spoke, her body shuddered when two loud knocks resounded throughout their chambers. An instant thought appeared in her little mind, corrupted with what she overhead from her parents.

'They are coming for me...' Both Xuefeng and Ling could hear this thought as it was clearly phrased in her mind.

"Damn, they came so early... Go to Ling, I will go stop them." Her father called out and soon they saw Ming enter into little Ling's room.

"Mom...? What is going on...?" Little Ling started getting anxious after hearing all the shouts.

"Don't worry Ling. Nothing is happening. You are safe with me." Ming assured her as she ran up to the bed and pulled little Ling into her arms.

She knew something could happen so Ming pulled out a small bead and placed it gently on her hand. "Still, swallow this bead just in case. It will protect you from any danger."

Only when she made sure Ling swallowed it, did Ming relax and breathe calmly.

"The men from the meeting room are just curious about your ability. They should go once they understand it." Ming explained, knowing Ling was really smart for her age.

"But they called me a murderer... Did I really hurt that lady...?" Little Ling asked quietly as she hugged into her mom's belly.

"Yes." Ming didn't seem like she wanted to lie to her. "But it doesn't matter now. What I want to know is how you did it. What triggered your ability?"

Little Ling already knew that the Maid was most likely dead but she still felt sad when it was confirmed. She dove deeper into Ming's chest and answered honestly.

"I don't know exactly... When I broke through, I wanted to share the news with you that I forgot to test it... When the maid caught me, I really wanted her to let go... I was really upset..."

"So negative emotions trigger it..." Ming pondered out loud and was about to question more when the doors of the room opened wide. They saw Ling's Father enter inside with various men from the meeting.

Little Ling turned into a round ball on her mother's lap, trying to hide from the men gazes but there was no escape as they seemed to come for her.

"What's that supposed to mean? Did I let you come inside?!" Ming frowned and immediately scolded angrily like a tigress protecting her cub.

Unfortunately, the men were too determined so they didn't chicken out under her stern gaze but they still bowed.

"Pardon the intrusion, my Queen. Once we figure out what her ability is, we will leave."

"Now?! Are you out of your mind?! Just look at what state she is! Get the fuck out! There won't be any tests today!" Ming yelled as she shielded little Ling with her body. "Leave us alone! She needs to rest."

"We can't do that, my Queen. Her power is too strong and needs to be classified immediately." The blurred-face man replied as he glanced behind him and soon a prisoner in handcuffs was brought up to the room. "We already found a test subject."

"Mom... I don't want any of this..." Little Ling shook her head abruptly, no longer looking at the scene and closed her eyes.

Xuefeng and Ling saw only darkness but they could still hear what the others talked about.

"I already decided," Ming said sternly but the person who was supposed to support them, suddenly acted against his family.

"Let them test what they want. We have to do it anyway." Ling's father sided with their enemies, making little Ling really upset. They could feel all the dark emotions she felt at the moment.

Anger, confusion, fear.

It was because of all the negative emotions that little Ling blew up after her father caught her hand.

"Noooooo!" Her eyes and hand turned golden with the situation repeating itself, though ending different than before.

Just as her father realised what was going on, he chopped off his arm without hesitation, avoiding the same fate as the maid.

"She is too dangerous! We can't let her live!" The blurred-face man shouted and he immediately got support, despite their King not even spoking out a word or uttering a cry out of pain.

His hand was sucked dry of any Fate Qi before dropping to the ground as little Ling couldn't lift it.

Ming could see what was going on and suddenly took the hardest decision of her life. She pulled out a white cross with a blade on one edge and pierced it through little Ling's heart without hesitation.

Little Ling was still under the effect of her ability but she was returning back with her consciousness when she felt pain in her chest.

The last words they could hear before the darkness swallowed them again came from her mother.

"Live on Ling."