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 "Milady, do you want us to accompany you?" Two servants at Spirit Lord Stage bowed to their lady when she decided to go out of the palace.

"No need, I have some matters to take care of. Don't tell anyone that I'm gone." Saying that the maiden put the cloak on her head and left the room.

Seeing her leave, those two servants looked at each other and nodded. They left the room after her. One followed the lady, another one went in the opposite direction into the depths of the palace. When she arrived in front of the doors with a golden phoenix imprinted in the middle. She bowed and said "Little Yu asks for an audience with the master. I have information about milady."

"Granted." A deep voice sounded from the inside and the door opened.

She approached the middle-aged man who was looking through a stack of papers and information disks in front of a wooden desk.

"Master Xiao, Milady sneaked out of the palace." The female servant reported. They were assigned to monitor their milady and inform about every action that was out of order.

The man behind the desk frowned. He was the master of Xiao family and at the same time Tianshi's father. After her suicide attempt, they placed two Spirit Lords servants by her side to prevent events like that in the future.

"Did Little Yi followed after her?" He asked to make sure.

"Yes, master." She confirmed.

"Do you know where is she going or what is her objective?" Xiao Feng continued to ask.

"We have some assumptions. Milady asked us a few days ago what is the best information gathering place in the capital. We answered that it was the Information Pavilion from Trade Union. Yesterday, she asked for drawing materials and today she left with a drawing of a young man with blond hair. I suspect she is planning to search for that man with the help of Trade Union Information Pavilion." Little Yu speculated.

"So that's the reason she didn't want to marry. So she was hiding a man behind my back. Hehe. Let me see, who is the person you think deserve to be my son-in-law." Xiao Family leader laughed as he suddenly stood up.

"You did a good job. I will check this matter myself." Praising her, he disappeared from the study.

Tianshi tried to stay anonymous and carry out her plan without anyone knowing. Unfortunately, it would be hard to outsmart one of the strongest men in this world.

She was heading towards the information pavilion to find Xuefeng whereabouts. She didn't act earlier because she wanted the whole incident with her suicide to die down. She was also worried that her father would hurt Xuefeng if she brought him into a conversation.

After all, how can she explain, that she loves a stranger, who she never met? What if he landed in the place far away from here? It would be strange if she claimed they met in the past.

She was wearing an oversized cloak to hide her identity while passing through the busy streets of Central Region Capital.

Fortunately, her destination was close to the Xiao Family Palace and she only needed 10 minutes to arrive.

She entered the Trade Union building and saw two signs one for Information pavilion and another for Spirit Pavilion. One should be for buying information and another for Spirit Artefacts, medicines, Spirit Arts etc.. She turned left towards her goal. When she reached the lobby, her first thought was that it looked like a bank. There were multiple employees behind glass counters who were selling the information you needed.

After you acquired what you want, cultivators were paying with a Spirit Stone Cards. They looked very similar to the credit cards on earth and were also used to transfer money. Unfortunately, she didn't have one.

"Good morning, Manager Kong."

"Manager Kong you look great today."

The quiet hall suddenly turned noisy as a middle-aged man came down from the upper floor by the stairs. Everyone greeted the man, but he only nodded. He looked around the hall in search of someone and as his eyes landed on Tianshi, they lit up.

She was surprised when she notices the man called Manager Kong approach her.

'Am I discovered?' She became worried.

"Hello, I'm Manager Kong. Can I maybe help you with your business?" He stopped in front of Tianshi and asked politely.

"I wish to buy information." She answered trying to change her voice.

"Perfect, how about I invite you to my study on the upper floors?" Manager Kong proposed.

Tianshi thought something was wrong but she didn't have a reason to refuse and nodded.

After she followed him into the upper floors, people on the lobby still watched the stairs in shock. Various conversations exploded in the jiff.

"Who might that lady be to require Manager Kong personal greeting."

"That's what I was thinking. Maybe she is a young mistress of some rich family."

"Even is it was Princess of Xiao family, she wouldn't get much attention from Manager Kong."

"Well, it's not like we will find out anyway. Let's get this information about hidden domain as soon as possible."

"Yeah, you are right. It's going to open soon, we don't want to miss it."

On the second floor, Manager Kong made a cup of tea for her before pouring one for himself. She looked around the office and was satisfied with the interior. Her mother on earth was a house designer, so she also started to like that subject. If she could replicate this world designs on earth she would become famous overnight.

"So, Lady Xiao, how can we help you?" He asked after taking a sip of tea.

"I want to find a person." She put down the hood showing her beautiful appearance as apparently he already knew who she was. With Spirit Qi nourishing her skin every day, she looked much prettier than what Xuefeng remembered.

"I knew Lady was dashing but I never thought it would be so true." He complimented her.

"Oh, how many times I heard this line." She chuckled. Her father often invited important people, so she wasn't intimidated by Manager Kong.

"Can you tell me some more details about the person you want to find?" Manager Kong started talking about business after a quick courtesy.

"His name is Liu Xuefeng and this is his picture. I have no idea where he is at the moment. He might be everywhere. Even in other regions." She handed him the drawing she pulled out of her ring.

"That would be quite hard but we will try our best. There is no information our Trade Union can't gather." He looked quite surprised to hear that name but he has hidden it immediately. He looked at the picture as to confirm something before hiding it in his ring.

"After you localize that person, I want you to ask him if he knows Tianshi and if he remembers what he did for her on the cliff. If he knows and asks you where am I, tell him that I'm in the Xiao Family in the Central Region Capital." She passed him the information.

"Okay, we will try to find him as soon as possible but it will for sure take some time. After all, we have to search the whole world. It would at least take one or two months."

"Thank you. How about the payment?" She was already prepared to hear a huge sum for such a job but Manager Kong waved with his hand and said "You don't need to pay, lady Xiao. We often buy many Spirit Artefacts from Xiao Family, so we are partners. We will treat it as a small request."

"Then I will have to thank Manager Kong once again. I hope this deal will stay between us. I don't want to involve my family." She reminded before standing up.

"No problem Milady, we never leak confidential information." Manager Kong also stood up and promised.

"Then I will take my leave. You can inform me when you find him." She put the hood on her head before leaving the room.

Manager Kong sat down and after a moment, Xiao Feng revealed himself from the corner.

"You owe me a new Spirit Artefact for this deal." Manager Kong picked up the cup and took another sip. He wasn't bothered by Xiao Feng presence as if he wasn't a leader of a powerful family.

"What do you know about the boy?" Tianshi might not notice the small change in Manager Kong expression, but how could he miss it. He must know something already.

"Indeed, I know something. This morning, I received the information about this boy from the small country in the Eastern Region. What about my Spirit Artefact?" He teased him with a little bit of information.

"Okay, you won. I will make you one when I find some time. Now talk." Xiao Feng gave up.

"Hehe. I received the news of a new Black Talent awakening in the aurora country Liu Clan. The interesting part is that he was naturally a red talent, but after he consumed Six Petals Lotus Flower, he advanced into a black one. Not only that, he brought on himself Six Lightning Heaven Tribulation and was only slightly injured after it. Our Trade Union Branch reached a partnership deal with Liu Clan after this." Manager Kong recited everything he knew after he received Xiao Feng promise.

"Interesting... Leave this to me, I will send someone to check this boy. If he is not to my liking I will not allow him to meet my daughter." He quickly decided, picked Xuefeng picture from the table before disappearing on the spot.

"I'm sorry, Tianshi. Life is cruel." Manager Kong sighed to himself before going back to sipping his tea.