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 Back in Xuefeng room, he was currently deciding what to do next. Someone will explain the cultivation to him tomorrow so there is no need to think about it now.

'As there is still some time before dawn, I might as well check out the clan and the city. Even though I inherited some memories, it's better if I check everything myself.'

He turned towards Wuying and told her his plans. Her eyes instantly brightened.

"That's a good idea. You need to move a little now that you recovered." She grabbed him by the hand and lead him towards the doors.

"Yhym..." Xuefeng coughed awkwardly. He would have a hard time stopping his emotions if she held him by the hand.

Wuying stopped then looked at her hand and blushed. She didn't let go of his hand, but only lowered her head and muttered quietly.

"I just wanted to thank you for defending my name yesterday... because of me, you were injured."

"W-well you can thank me with other ways... It would be embarrassing to walk like that while everyone is watching." Xuefeng quickly thought of an answer.

"So, you don't mind, if no one is watching?" She looked at him shyly.

"Uhm..." Xuefeng started at her cute face tongue tight. He tried to say something but couldn't find the right words.

Just as he decided what to say, she moved her hand quickly and placed in on his lips.

"I will take that as a yes. also," she kissed him on the cheek. "This is another reward for defending my name yesterday." Saying that she left the room.

'This is getting harder and harder to resist.' He sighed.

'Forget it, I won't think about it now. Everything is just too overwhelming. I need to relax and calm down.'

"Are you going?" He heard Wuying voice from the outside.

"Yeah, I'm coming."

Even though he couldn't cultivate earlier, he had his own courtyard. Being a son of clan leader had some advantages.

Unfortunately, it couldn't stop the ridicules from his peers. Being the only one in the clan with broken dantian, many youngsters liked to bug and ridicule his predecessor.

Xuefeng was already prepared to hear some insults. In this world, where individual strength is everything, without cultivation, you would be a useless person.

After they left his courtyard, they headed towards clan territory entrance. As they were passing the training grounds, they could see many youngsters training their skills. Watching for a second, he was amazed.

With one swing of his sword, one guy could throw a croissant shape white light. When it hit a wooden puppet, it had a long cut on its chest.

"Amazing." Xuefeng watched interestedly. Now he couldn't wait to start cultivating.

Wuying seeing him watching, stopped together with him and started explaining.

"That's Liu Yong. He is currently a peak spirit master. He possesses two spirits artefacts, one weapon and one armour. The one you see is a rank 2 Spirit Sword called Air Cutter. It's quite uncommon, there are only a few of them in the clan."

"You need to kill a beast to get one, right?" He looked through his memories, but only found some common information.

"Yes, Spirit weapons are actually remains of a beast spirit. For example, if you kill a rank 2 White Sparrow, you can get an Air Cutter. Unfortunately, only 1 out of 10 White Sparrows can form a spirit artefact."

'Why your servant knows more about cultivation than you. No wonder you died, did you live in a cave or something?' While she was talking, he was blaming his predecessor for the lack of knowledge.

"When we walk around the city, we can visit Spirit Artefacts House, maybe you can see some Spirit Artefacts." Wuying proposed.

"Sure, let's go." They finally stopped watching training grounds and went towards the gate.

Liu clan territory was located in the middle of the city. Most of the shops and restaurants were also located in the centre.

As they were passing through the gate, they saw two guards at the entrance. When they heard someone coming, they turned around to see Xuefeng and Wuying. Instantly their backs straightened.

"Miss Wuying, Young master." They bowed as they let them pass.

Xuefeng thought it was normal, because from his memories, every time the real Liu Xuefeng went somewhere with Wuying, guards would bow to them and lower their heads.

He thought it was because of him, being the young master but he was wrong. Even current Xuefeng was wrong. If he looked into the eyes of the guards before they lowered their heads he would see deep fear.

Normal people in the clan wouldn't know this secret but how could guards not know who Wuying was. She was the one who trained them! Only best of the best could join Liu clan Shadow guard. They were authorized to kill anyone they think is harmful to the clan.

They were the hidden force of the Liu clan.

Many years ago, there were other powerful clans in the Phoenix City, but after Liu Xiao Bei created Shadow Guard, they were completely suppressed. Now they already relocated to other cities and Liu clan was the only big clan left.

Of course, there were some other forces in the city like Trade Union which had branches everywhere, but they didn't interfere into power struggles in the cities. All they cared about were profits.

As Xuefeng and Wuying disappeared behind the corner, the two scared guards could finally breathe a sigh of relief.

"If I didn't take Shadow Guard test, I would think she is a normal, cheerful girl. She for sure can act in front of the Young Master." The shorter guard said.

"Shhh, are you tired of living? What if she hears you. Our next training would be a nightmare." The second guard warned him.

With that sentence, they both stopped talking for a second. When they tried to remember this week training, a chill ran through their spines.

"By the way, how long did you last in this month Shadow Guard test? I thought I can make it this time, but I had to give up on the second day." The shorter one suddenly asked.

"I lasted for 3 days, but because I overextended my body, I had to lie on the bed for 3 days." The second one sighed.

"Did anyone pass the test this time?"

"Yes, Yan Zhi was the only one. But that was expected. He was the strongest guard." Short guard admitted.

"I heard he cultivated like crazy because he is in love with Miss Wuying." He whispered.

"Young master will have a competition now that Yan Zhi joined the Shadow Guard."

"Let's hope nothing major will happen." They both agreed.