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Xuefeng woke up on the third day since they started their deal with Nuwa, yet none of the girls finished their training yet. Though, Xuefeng was pleasantly surprised they were making some serious progress.

They were all mostly at the last stage while already having the ability to use the chosen Element. Right now all they had to do was focus on increasing the absorption rate from the snail pace to a bearable minimum.

After all, they couldn't take more than an hour to fill their dantains to brim.

Waking up after him, Nuwa didn't open her eyes and instead began kissing his chest, neck, before giving him a bit of morning sweetness on the lips.

"I told you they are going to make it..." She muttered after she found a comfortable position on his chest, hugging and enjoying his gentle rubs on her back.

"Mhmm, good job. I would give you a reward but you already used up your credits." Xuefeng praised her as he patted her on the butt, recalling the exhausting last night he had.

Both Yiren and Nuwa only went to sleep after they received their fill. They didn't want to finish quickly and they were not satisfied with just one or two rounds. He was definitely milked dry that night.

"Hehe, I love when you take care of me like that..." Nuwa let out a soft giggle and licked her lips as if she still wanted more. "We should definitely repeat that."

"Tsk," Xuefeng snickered, questioning with wonder. "Can't you be like Yiren? She can still barely move after yesterday's pounding yet you are energetic and getting hornier with each second."

He extended his hand to grasp Yiren's butt and massaged it smoothly, trying to relax her muscles a bit. Only after they were turning softer did Xuefeng sent his Fate Qi through them, removing any fatigue from their bodies.

"Mhmm..." This action woke her up as well but she returned to sleeping after a short moment.

"Once she is older and stronger, she will be able to handle much more," Nuwa explained with a smile and returned to hugging him as well as playing with his muscles as she walked on them with her fingers.

He enjoyed the sight of his women cuddling into his body, showing their love. Unfortunately, everything had to end at some point. He received a call from someone also important to him and had to report to it.

'Xuefeng... I'm ready...' Ling informed him quietly, finally breaking through her fears and decided to face her past. She knew it would be hard but she had to make a change. Her desire to be of use to Xuefeng and help him whenever he had questions was much stronger than her anxiety.

'Alright.' Xuefeng quickly acknowledged her words, knowing exactly what she wanted. Ling already asked for another extension, scheduling her transformation into Fate Law for today.

It was a time-consuming process so they had to leave some time for that. They didn't have much of it till they arrive in the Central Region so they had to act quickly.

Turning to the girls, he squeezed them both to gain their attention.

"It's time to wake up. Ling decided to transform so I have to go." Xuefeng muttered straightforwardly, describing the plans as they were.

"Mhmm, okay." Nuwa nodded right away, letting go of him. "Do you need anything from me?"

"If you can protect me during the process, I would be really grateful," Xuefeng replied as he lifted Yiren who was still sleepy, rubbing on her eyes before leaving a peck on her lips. "I have to go, sweetie."

"Mhmm~" She replied sweetly and let him place her on the bed next to him.

Xuefeng wore a new set of clothes, being helped by Nuwa who insisted and sat down on the bed next to them.

"Wear some clothes in case someone wants to talk to me. You can be my representative if anything happens." Xuefeng advised, knowing they were closing in on the Central Region.

"Can I really? What if its an emergency and I need to fight?" Nuwa asked excitedly, pulling away from his back.

"You are smart enough to know what to do. I will leave it to you." Xuefeng believed Nuwa wouldn't go on a killing spree so he didn't mind that.

Nuwa smiled naughtily and nodded, creating a multi-layered barrier around him. Using different elements as the source, it would be quite hard to break it from the outside.

'Alright, Ling. You can start.'


Seeing the giant golden barrier through the windows of the control room, Liu Xiaobei couldn't help but get reminded of his past. He was born in the Central Region but because of a stupid misunderstanding, he left, never returning again. This was the first time he was this close to it since he left.

The barrier was massive, surrounding the whole Central Region from both the ground and air. It was like a giant shell placed on top of it. What was the most surprising was that it was a natural phenomenon, not created by a human.

Mu Lan knew what he thought about so she immediately hugged him and assured him.

"It's okay... We will now build a new clan which will be comparable to that of Xiao Family and no one will be able to say anything. Past doesn't matter. Only the present and future do."

"Mhmm, thank you." Liu Xiaobei kissed his wife in response but then turned back at the window, realising something was flying on their way. "What are they doing? Can't they see its Xiao Family Warship? Xiao Feng told me no one will dare to stop us."

A bunch of smaller flying ships were blocking their way right before the barrier which forced them to stop their Warship else they would definitely kill a lot of people.

Liu Xiaobei didn't want to create troubles even before they arrived in the capital so he decided to stay peaceful.

"Let's inform Xuefeng. I guess they are deliberately stopping us." Liu Xiaobei face turned serious as he pulled out the golden token that gave them unlimited pass.

Before they left the control room, he activated the barrier around the Warship, not planning on risking the lives of his clansmen. One million Spirit Stones for peace of mind and the safety of his clan was an adequate price.


As Mu Lan still didn't reach the Saint Stage, she didn't follow after Nuwa and Liu Xiaobei. It was natural that he wasn't in a good mood after being stopped but he didn't complain, hoping to resolve this quickly.

They flew-half distance to meet with them yet no one was coming out of the flying ships to negotiate with them. One minute, two minutes. Still nothing.

When the timer reached five, Nuwa was already fuming and the pressure surrounding her was raising. She whipped with her hand above her head and created a giant fireball the size of one of the flying ships before finally crying out with a devilish expression.

"If no one comes in the next ten seconds I will blow your shit up!"

Liu Xiaobei smiled at that, happy he took Nuwa with him. He decided right away that he will leave the talking to her.

It wasn't even a half of the allocated time when tens of cultivators left their respective flying ships and approached them hurriedly.

They thought that Nuwa would be easy to bully yet how wrong they were. The men had panicked expressions, not expecting her to be this strong. They already confirmed all Xiao Family members above Sage stage were in the capital so they only expected to face a young boy.

"Miss! Calm down! We were just finishing our reports!" Their boss quickly called out to Nuwa, scared of the overly large fireball, still raging on top of her palm.

"Who do you take me for?!" Nuwa yelled at him and didn't hesitate anymore, launching the fireball straight at one of the ships that were empty.


The ship was swallowed by the fire before exploding on its own, damaging nearby vehicles as well. The barrier surrounding the flying ship couldn't even defend for a second before it was crushed.

Nuwa glared at the men afterwards, scanning them all with murderous gaze and questioned without mercy.

"Why did you block us and how do you want to die?!"