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 The next three days Xuefeng could describe as monotonous but also relaxing. During the day, he would train his Wind Domain before spending the time with his women.

Unfortunately, they were so engrossed in their training that they didn't even want to stop and eat with him. He understood it well, knowing it was their chance to improve their strength and help him even more in the future.

After the first day of strict training with Nuwa, they could already sense the Elemental Qi in their surroundings which made them even more motivated.

With ongoing Elemental training and Spirit strengthening for Yiren, Xuefeng was only left with Nuwa who took advantage of him each time he passed through the doors. He couldn't do anything other than enjoying her special attention.

Xuefeng brushed his hand through Nuwa's blond hair, gently rubbing on her scalp while helping her change her position back and forth. After giving her instructions, Nuwa was free to do whatever she wanted and eating him up was one her games.

"Ah... Your tongue is amazing..." Xuefeng laid down on the pile of pillows, praising her once again but Nuwa was never tired of his words. It helped her study all of his weaknesses which she could use against him if she wants something in the future.

Nuwa sucked on the tip, attacking it with her tongue before tightly locking around the shaft and gulping it all the way to her throat, shivering each time Xuefeng twitched from pleasure and hit her soft walls.

It wasn't his fault and he blamed her seductive dance that was pushing him to the limits of arousal. Not only her sexy chest was constantly rubbing against his thighs but her butt teased his desires each time it completed its rotation, showing its heart-shaped beauty to him.

He wanted to reach out and grasp it firmly yet Nuwa already locked onto him, taking full control from his hands. He couldn't complain yet Nuwa's body always threw his desires out of control.

"Hu..." Nuwa gasped deeply, taking wisps of air into her lungs. Xuefeng once again twitched, indirectly telling her he was about to burst so Nuwa slid his erection on top of her tongue as she pulled away.

She arched her back and squeezed her chest with her arms which displayed her perky breasts up for visiting. Her blushed cheeks and lewd smile gave him signal she was sincerely inviting him to caress them as he wished. He wasn't the only one whose thirst for action reached the ceiling.

As he already had a lifelong subscription, Xuefeng didn't hesitate and pinched her hardened nipple, twisting and pulling on it until Nuwa voiced her pleasure levels to him.

"Ah! The second one too!" Nuwa moaned as she led his free hand towards her second breast which also awaited some attention. She supported herself on his thighs before hopping onto his lap, closing the distance between them.

She didn't forget about his member who was left alone for a moment and suddenly extended her tongue, letting thick saliva drip from it right on top of the shaft. Nuwa was already waiting for it with her hands as she gripped it firmly right after, distributing the slime-like substance evenly across the burning skin.

"Mhmm..." She didn't finish when her nipple ring got vacuumed into a soft and moist place before being tingled by a warm snake. Xuefeng couldn't help himself but sit up and embrace her, pressing her warm blobs against his face.

Both her hands were tightly wrapped together as she slid them up and down with passion in her eyes. She wanted to keep him in the form before she can finally swallow him inside her.


A small smack resounded throughout the room when Nuwa couldn't resist herself anymore and pushed him on the bed, forcefully pulling him away from her chest. Her hands squeeze the hard erection, stopping him from bursting out before glaring at him with a grimace on her face.

"Can't you wait for a moment? I told you I want it inside..." Nuwa complained but Xuefeng knew how to pacify his beauty.

He reached out and grabbed her arm, pulling her momentarily into his arms. She was still pouting, waiting for his consolation even though she didn't resist. With her arms bent, their chests connected but she continued to stare into his eyes.

As a response, Xuefeng simply smiled and brushed a single strand of hair that fell on her face, putting it behind her ear. When his fingers grazed her sensitive ear, her body shuddered and her face shifted to the side, leaning on his palm.

"Mhmm..." Nuwa didn't know when it happened but a moment later she was purring like a cat, enjoying as he thumb rubbed the inside of her ear. When she realised she was tricked again, Nuwa counterattacked, grabbing onto his own before linking their lips as well.

"I'm sorry, your hands felt so good that I couldn't-" Xuefeng tried to explain after she calmed down but Nuwa already forgot about it and moved on, continuing to enjoy. "Just shut up and kiss me."

They were completely out in their own world, not realising that another soul entered their room. Intimacy between Royal Elves was often dangerous as their minds were filled with too much pleasure and they couldn't focus on their surroundings.

"Hmm?" Although they were busied with themselves, when Xuefeng felt someone tamper with his member, he had to act. At first, he thought it was Nuwa who sneakily wanted to connect with him yet after he skimmed downwards with his fingers and caught Nuwa's butt, Xuefeng knew that something was wrong.


Nuwa didn't want to let go of him so he smacked her across the butt which finally awakened her consciousness of the surroundings.

"Ahh... Yiren?" Pulling away, Nuwa finally realised Yiren was sitting behind them, stroking Xuefeng's erection as if she was preparing it for herself.

"Sigh, people want a moment of peace yet here you are, moaning at full volume," Yiren complained, acting as if she didn't want it yet the corner of her mouth was twitching. They knew she was just pretending and confirmed it when Yiren pushed Nuwa's butt forward and sat down on Xuefeng's lap, sliding his member inside with one move.

"Hey! It was my turn!" Nuwa called out to her, not expecting to have her chance stolen this easily.

Only then did Yiren close her mouth from the initial shock of being completely filled and grinned at her mother, slowly moving up and down as she talked.

"First comes, first served doesn't apply here Mom. It's more like, 'first inside, enjoys the ride.' Haha." She giggled afterwards, laughing at her own joke.

Yiren didn't know that Xuefeng has been on high pressure for a while already and with just a few moves of Yiren's bottom, his body was begging to release his golden seeds. Having nothing to stop him anymore, it was inevitable.

"Ahh! Xuefeng!" Yiren's eyes opened wide as she stopped moving and Nuwa quickly realised what was happening, blaming everything on Xuefeng. "Couldn't you wait a bit longer? Sigh..."

Nuwa fell back onto Xuefeng's chest and pouted, hugging him instead of fighting with Yiren. She was still under the effects of pleasure stimulants. Xuefeng found her really cute in that moment so he tried to cheer her up.

"Hey... I can still go for a few rounds..." He caressed her cheek in the process.

"I don't want to anymore... Just hug me..." Nuwa muttered quietly and Xuefeng gladly fulfilled her request.

Having no competition, Yiren couldn't reject such an opportunity and resumed action.

"If Mom doesn't want to, I will go for another round, hehe."