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 Nuwa led him towards their room where everyone was supposed to wait and they met Jiao standing next to the doors. She naturally had to listen to Xuefeng's orders and he told her to wait. He didn't actually know what to do with her yet so he decided to postpone it after he exchanges words with Nuwa.

Not even glancing at her, Nuwa kissed Xuefeng deeply right in front of Jiao to tease her and show in a live-action what Nuwa could and Jiao couldn't do. She didn't want to deal with Jiao so she left everything to Xuefeng, entering inside the room after one last reminder.

"Don't forget our deal."

She wanted Jiao to constantly think about it, getting headaches over the unknown. Nuwa didn't reveal anything else to avoid giving clues.


The doors closed, but it didn't mean that Nuwa cancelled her presence around them. Even if they didn't feel it, Nuwa was still listening.

"I will be working on my domain until we cross the borders of the Central Region. The girls will be also working with their training so you are basically free until then. If I need anything I will call for you." Xuefeng described the situation in a simple way, trying to not act too close with her. She was his servant now after all.

Unfortunately, Jiao didn't act like he wished and asked back, prying about the deal that they made. All she had to do was guess and in the current situation, it wasn't that hard.

"So Nuwa told you to get rid of me, right?" Jiao questioned as her eyebrows rose and the corners of her mouth lifted. Nuwa couldn't wait to push her off the cliff and it wasn't a secret.

"And what do you want? Do you like being my servant so much?" Xuefeng answered with a question, not playing in her game.

"And what if I do? I lost the bet so I have to serve you for the next three months." Jiao walked forward towards him, staring at Xuefeng with a flirtatious glance. "No matter what you tell me to do, I will do it."

She finally walked up close enough to him and their gazes connected within an arms length from each other. She wanted to close the distance even further so she extended her hand and caught his shirt. He didn't move away which surprised her.

A few plans immediately spurted in her mind and Jiao chose the one with the lower risk.

"Anything. I will do anything you want." Jiao repeated her willingness while biting her lower lip sexily. One could easily figure out what she wanted from him.

Xuefeng grinned at that and actually gently grabbed onto her chin, making her look straight at him.

"Really? Are you sure?" He tried to confirm before he would bring his plan to life.

"Mhmm, as long as it's not something that would hurt me, I don't mind anything..." Jiao nodded in confirmation, trying to support herself on his hand.

"It can be something that brings pleasure too..." She added right after, looking innocent. "But I'm new to such actions... So you would have to teach me a little bit..."

Her soft speech was really suggestive and alluring but she was talking to Xuefeng after all. He was under such pressure almost every day. She could feel that her methods wouldn't be effective but Jiao still wanted to try.

This is why she was shocked when Xuefeng actually hooked on her ploy and took a half step forward with a bright smile. Jiao was still suspicious of his actions but when bits of warmth sipped through her dress as he held onto her waist, she began getting convinced.

"You know what..." Xuefeng observed the doors to their room. "I actually have something nice you can do for me..."

"Mhmm... What is it? Let me hear it..." Jiao whispered as she slowly leaned over to him, heading for his lips.

"It's something that can help you relax..." Xuefeng added, touching her lips with his finger.

"Please tell me... I can't wait any longer..." Jiao was getting hotter the more time she spent in his embrace. His stalling was giving her shivers as she couldn't help herself from kissing him.

But... Who would have thought everything would crumble in seconds?

Xuefeng's naughty smile returned back to normal without warning, just like her own after he announced what he wanted.

"Three days break. Go relax or train."

She definitely wasn't prepared for that as she still stood on the spot he left her at for a few good moments even after his feet crossed the doorstep of his room.

'Damn... He played me...' Jiao lamented upset, realising Xuefeng was just playing with her. 'You only won today... I will have my win...'

She didn't admit defeat in her heart and walked away towards her own room, already planning her next move.


"Mhmm..." Xuefeng was speech deprived the moment he entered the room when Nuwa clung to his chest with one of her legs bent upwards and sucked on the lips she just tasted not a while ago.

"What did I do to deserve such treatment?" Xuefeng asked after she finally let go of him, the grin on her face being contagious.

"Hehe, nothing. I'm happy how you played her. Come, the girls are already waiting in the biggest room." She giggled with a wide smile and pulled his hand, bringing him next door.

The girls were already impatient, waiting for Xuefeng to arrived and all stood up when they entered.

"What took you guys so long?" Xiao Wen complained with a gentle frown but Nuwa immediately jumped into explanation to avoid any drama.

"I talked with Xuefeng about the training for the next few days and we decided to continue with something special," Nuwa said as she pulled out a Wisdom Tree. "I wish that each of you will choose one element you want to master. I will help you reach the stage where you can use it freely."

Before the girls turned doubtful, Xuefeng began choosing based on what he thought would suit them, passing them corresponding miniatures of Wisdom tree.

"Wuying, how about you master Water Element to help you with your Blood Element? They are both liquids so it shouldn't be that hard for you."

"Tianshi, you should master Lightning Element. I have a special Armour that I can pass to you. It has a great defence so you should be safe in critical situations."

"Xiao Wen and Shan, you are still yet to master Air Qi so you should focus on that. Ability to fly is crucial in many situations." Xuefeng only had one Air Qi Wisdom Tree but he expected Yiren or Nuwa to share the other one.

"And Yi, you can choose between Fire and Earth Element. I would suggest Earth as it would be more beneficial for you during close-quarter fighting."

When Xuefeng was finally done, everyone gawked at him with eyes wide open.

"I'm actually impressed." Nuwa voiced out everyone's thought and everyone walked up, giving him a big hug. They ended up all lumping together into one embrace with Xuefeng in the middle.

"Okay, okay, let's start the training. You girls have three days to master your elements. Nuwa will be your guide." Xuefeng couldn't do anything but tickle them so they let go of him else they would never start.

"Haha, yes!" They all agreed with giggles.