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 Without saying anything else, he took her by the waist and launched into the sky, heading towards the Warship.

"I don't like killing, sigh..." Tianshi muttered as she buried her head into Xuefeng's chest. She was thankful that he recognised her uneasiness. Even though she lived in this world for a while already, she hasn't been through the same extreme experiences as Xuefeng so she wasn't used to it yet.

"It's okay, you have me. I won't force you to do something you don't want to," Xuefeng assured her as he embraced her, landing on top of the Warship. He didn't plan to go inside just in case anything happened.

Even though he cheered her up, she was still down, knowing how important killing was in this new life of theirs. If one didn't fight and kill, they would probably suffer in this world.

"But you will probably kill a lot in the future... If I want to stay by your side, I can't be like that..." Tianshi said quietly as she hugged him tighter, feeling like baggage.

"Tianshi, look at me," Xuefeng noticed it based on her voice and quickly acted, trying to talk to her.

"I don't want to..." Instead of listening, Tianshi dove deeper into his chest, not budging at all.

"So you won't look at your husband eyes?" Xuefeng asked back, not worried about her sudden outburst of stubbornness. He knew how to deal with it.

She finally glanced upwards after feeling his gentle pats on the head and saw his assuring smile. His hand moved from her hip to her chin as he lifted it up so she could directly face him and savoured her lips, wanting to distract her mind a little from the scenes she just saw.

"I think I need to remind you of something you forgot," Xuefeng whispered softly. "As long as you stay by my side and continue being my Tianshi, I will not leave you no matter what you do. I told you already. You are mine forever. You can get used to everything if you want to. And if you don't like killing? It doesn't matter. You can be my support instead."

"Support...? How?" Tianshi asked with her interest piqued. She liked the idea of helping Xuefeng without the need to kill directly.

"I can bet that Yiren also dislikes killing. You two can act like support from the back lines, launching ranged attacks for example. We are a team. There needs to be a balance. We can't all go into close-quarters combat else we will all bump into each other. I actually prefer if you moved further to the back with both Nuwa and Yiren, acting like support and brain of the operation." Xuefeng explained as he caressed her cheek.

All positions on the battlefield were important. With Tianshi being under Nuwa care, he could keep her safe but also sneakily make her undergo Nuwa's training. She was strict when it came to training which made her much better training for Tianshi. He wasn't perfect for that job as he was naturally biased and easy to bribe with cuteness and cuddles.

"Thank you! I will join the support~" Tianshi exclaimed with happiness, actually really liking the idea. When she thought about killing, her inner morals were still stopping her. If she didn't have to do it, she would gladly accept such an offer.

"Mhmm, you will be able to use your ability well with Nuwa by your side. You can help her with decision making and planning as well," Xuefeng said excitedly, kissing her once again but she gently pulled away, confused about his words.

"What ability? I don't think I have anything like that..." Tianshi muttered as she tried to think of anything. Aside from her Heavenly Steps and her wings, she didn't think there was anything special.

"Oh, I didn't tell you? I want you to be the one who gets the next Fate Spirit. This will be our next destination. I don't think we will stop on the way anymore until we reach the location of the Spirit," Xuefeng explained with a smile, surprising her greatly.

Wasn't that exactly what she wanted? Tianshi wanted to be much more useful to Xuefeng yet her power was just not enough. She didn't hesitate and jumped at Xuefeng with a big smile on her face, trying to squeeze him as tightly as she could.

There was no need for any words as her action expressed what she wanted to say.

"I guess they are coming back," Xuefeng muttered after a moment, yet Tianshi didn't let go of him, claiming the spot in his arms fully for herself. He didn't mind that and simply embraced her as well.

"It's done. Both dead and taken care of," Nuwa said just as she landed, placing Princess Shan on the metal floor as well. As Zhen Zhao didn't have any support, he didn't survive long.

"How long did he last?" Xuefeng asked curiously. "You finished quickly."

"He was dead after twenty rounds. We managed to poison his spirit before he died though which probably quickened his death," Nuwa explained casually as she walked up to them before asking Tianshi, "How are you? Feeling better?"

The goal was to live and coexist with each other which meant having a good relationship with each other. Nuwa knew Tianshi had a deep connection with Xuefeng so she naturally befriended her quickly.

"Mhmm, I'm good. I just don't like killing and tortures," Tianshi nodded calmly, telling the truth.

"It's okay, you will get used to it after some time," Nuwa replied before switching her gaze to Xuefeng. "Shall we go? I don't think there is anything left to do here."

"Mhmm, we can continue," Xuefeng nodded but then he looked at all the ladies and realised someone was missing. "Jiao is not going with us?"

He was sure she was stubborn enough to follow after them. She wouldn't agree to a bet with him if she planned to return to her Sect.

Just when he thought it was the truth, they saw a blue flash coming from the outside of the warship before realising it was Jiao who landed on the surface next to them. She did not have a happy expression on her face.

"Welcome back, now we can mov-" With the complete squad on the board, Xuefeng decided to finally depart yet Jiao stopped his speech.

"I told you to wait for me as I need to settle some matters with the Sect. I come back and I don't see anyone. Care to explain?" Jiao glared at Nuwa, not scared of confrontation with her yet Nuwa played innocent.

"Huh? You did? I thought you are leaving. I don't remember anything," Nuwa said after shrugging, clearly not bothered by her allegations which pissed Jiao even more.

She wanted to continue firing with arguments but Xuefeng stopped her before it went too far.

"Jiao, calm down. Everyone get inside the Warship. We are leaving," Xuefeng ordered sternly, giving an example and moved towards the exit to open it for the ladies, helping Tianshi get down. The others followed, leaving only Nuwa and Jiao outside.

"Hehe, your Master told you to enter inside. Are you going against your Master's wishes?" Nuwa giggled as she teased Jiao with her current status, directing her voice so that only Jiao could hear her.

"Humph, everyone starts somewhere. You should be careful. You never know when your enemy can strike," Jiao ignored her teases as she snorted and walked past Nuwa, warning her.

Naturally, Nuwa only laughed it off, not scared at all. She openly disliked Jiao so this argument wasn't something that surprised Xuefeng.

Though, he still had to take a stance that he didn't approve of such behaviour.


Nuwa's butt was slapped right after Nuwa entered inside the warship. Xuefeng sent Tianshi back and waited for everyone to walk away for that.

"What? I didn't do anything wrong," Nuwa pouted after she got pulled into his arms. After all, she had the right to dislike someone.

"Just be nice for now. I want everyone to learn master Water Element in the White Lotus Sect. It will be really beneficial for us to join them. We can use Jiao to easily communicate with their sect. Why else would I keep her around, knowing you don't like each other?" Xuefeng said patiently while massaging her butt in the place he hit her.

"Can't we just use Wisdom Trees instead? There is no need to visit that sect at all," Nuwa protested against the whole idea.

"We are the Royal Forest Elves. It is naturally easier for us to master elements but it's not the same for humans. They will find it easier to master inside a proper environment," Xuefeng tried to convince her, but Nuwa didn't give up.

"What if I can prove to you that it's not true? I will help them master one element before we enter the Central Region. If I succeed, we won't go to White Lotus Sect. What do you think?" Nuwa presented her sudden idea as she hugged him, looking at him excitedly.

"Hmmm..." Her words made him wonder if she can actually do it and Xuefeng realised there were no drawbacks to her idea so he agreed. "Alright. If you can make everyone master one element, we won't need to go to White Lotus Sect."

"And you will kick Jiao from our group," Nuwa added with a smile, but her plot didn't work out perfectly.

"Not right away. I will need someone to fetch me ingredients when I master crafting and alchemy. But after I'm done, we will part ways," Xuefeng agreed but on his own conditions.

"Okay!" Nuwa nodded happily, feeling confident in her teaching abilities and kissed him to seal the deal between them.