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The attacked girl let go of her sword and it dropped to the ground with a metallic tap. She naturally didn't want to die so she momentarily ceased all movements and called out for help with her eyes, giving everyone a terrified look.

"She is called Zhen Huiqing, or in other words, Zhen Zhao's sister." Princess Shan commented after scanning the face underneath the hood.

Being exposed, the heartbroken sister didn't need to hide anymore and uncovered her face, revealing a red, teared up eyes and hateful expression.

"Let him go or I will kill her!" She repeated her threat sternly. "This is my last warning!"

"Haha," Xuefeng laughed, not worried even one bit. By coming up on her own, she saved them a lot of time and energy to catch her on their own. It was a matter to celebrate then cry.

As Zhen Huiqing was miles behind him in terms of cultivation, she couldn't even resist it when he wrapped around her with the power of his Spirit, immobilising her without any troubles. Unfortunately, she didn't think too much about it when all she thought was saving her brother no matter the cost.

Slowly approaching the two ladies, Xuefeng reached out and pulled the sword away from the victim's neck. She was still confused about what happened but she didn't think too much and sidestep away from the crazy Zhen Huiqing. She touched her neck and found blood on her hands which suddenly made her panic.

"Don't move," Xuefeng called out to her with a calming tone to his voice before catching her hands. He sent a wave of Fate Qi through her body and the wound closed in a blink of an eye, leaving no scar whatsoever. This definitely surprised everyone gathered around them.

"Okay, now you should be well. You have to pay attention to your surroundings. Don't think it's safe just because you are surrounded by your sisters. The enemy can lurk everywhere." Xuefeng advised with a gentle smile as he finally let go of the girl's hands.

"Y-yes... Thank you, Milord..." The female disciple blushed seeing his handsome face so close and stuttered when she tried to reply in gratitude.

"No, I'm no Milord. Just call me Young Master." Xuefeng corrected her and returned to Zhen Huiqing who was just standing there, glaring at him with her cheeks red from tears. If it was the old Xuefeng, he would probably feel bad, but those times were gone. He knew she was also guilty.

They didn't have much proof against her but Xuefeng didn't need to wait long before someone voiced out the truth.

"Young Master! She is the one who lured the girls for Zhen Zhao! She visited me today as well, telling me that Zhen Zhao wants to meet and get to know me." One pretty female with fair skin and innocent vibe around her couldn't stop herself anymore and exposed what happened in the morning. She didn't mention her decision at all but based on her expression, it was easy to figure out.

She happily agreed earlier but now, seeing how Zhen Zhao ended up, she felt more disgust that joy. The current Zhen Zhao wasn't even better than the beggars from the streets.

"Oh, so it seems like you are guilty as well. Do you have anything to say about that?" Xuefeng asked curiously, wanting to know her part of the story. Unfortunately, her next words after he unlocked her speech were different from what he imagined.

"Kill me please!" Zhen Huiqing cried out, sounding fully convinced.

"Huh? You want to die just like that?" Xuefeng questioned as he raised his eyebrows.

"My brother will die anything. I want to die with him then. I can't live without him. Can I hug him so you can pierce us to die together? I was the one who brought all the girls to him. I deserve the same punishment as him." Zhen Huiqing said as if it was obvious, looking as if she really liked the idea of dying together with her brother.

Xuefeng only sighed to that as he picked up a stone from the ground. He felt pity for her as he realised she was just brainwashed by her brother. Although she helped, Xuefeng didn't think she deserved the same kind of punishment as Zhen Zhao who was actually performing the evil deeds.

"I don't know where you got the confidence that your brother feels the same about you. I can bet he will betray you for his own benefits without hesitation." Xuefeng said, planning to show her Zhen Zhao's bad side yet she was too stubborn.

"It's okay. I know he loves me. Even if he pushed me away, I will still follow him." Zhen Huiqing replied with a smile, looking at Zhen Zhao lovingly despite knowing how horrible of a person he was.

At that point, Xuefeng gave up on her, knowing she wouldn't change.


The small rock that was laying in his palm from the start of the conversation suddenly shot forward towards her. It crushed at her forehead without warning creating a finger-sized hole right in the centre. There was no way she could have dodged that as Xuefeng held her in place.

When Zhen Zhao's sister dropped to the ground, Xuefeng didn't think of her as a woman but rather an enemy he needed to kill to prevent any possible revenge in the future. She was already crazy about him. All of his questions meant to test if he should kill her quickly or slowly. There was no way he would let her live.

"You are too kind. I would agree to her request and make them both suffer together." Nuwa muttered, wrapping her arms around her chest. There was no word 'mercy' in her dictionary.

"It's okay. It will be easier for the ladies to kill him without her. Even if she was guilty, she was still once their sister." Xuefeng calmed her down before looking towards the crowd of ladies. "I know that many of you have been hurt by him and that it's hard to go out and admit it but listen to your own heart. Are you going to just watch? Don't you want to take the revenge into your own hands and vent for all the nights you spent sleepless? This is your last chance. He won't live for long. Kill him and get rid of your inner demons."

He wanted to give them a chance to forget about those horrible nights and fortunately, his speech worked. One lady after another walked forward, gaining the courage to fight for themselves.

"I was dumb and naive before. He took advantage of me and I learnt my lesson. Never trust a guy with a pretty face." The first lady muttered to herself before piercing at Zhen Zhao's liver.

"Aaarghh!" He cried out, waking up with pain before losing consciousness once again for the very same reason. The girl didn't show any pity on her face, recalling the pain he put her through.

As the victims continued to perform their revenge, Xuefeng glanced at the girls and seeing the uncomfortable face of Tianshi, he suddenly said, "I will leave the rest to you girls."

He didn't enjoy the tortures but he could bear them. Tianshi, on the other hand, didn't seem like she was a fan of them completely.

Without saying anything else, he took her by the waist and launched into the sky, heading towards the Warship.