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 *** I changed the Barbarian Race into Titan Race *** - Author Pio


The Leader of Titans looked at him straight in the eyes through the mist surrounding him, knowing it was rude to ogle the other clansmen women and proposed, "Young Man, I sincerely invite you to join our Race. You have a Titan's Blood now. Although it's not much, we can help you improve your bloodline. What do you think?"

He didn't expect Xuefeng would reject him but he was bound to be disappointed. He thought too highly of himself, imagining that everyone should already know his glorious Titan Race.

"I'm sorry but Sir come here uninvited, didn't introduce yourself, then invite me to join your Race without any information. I don't know where, why, how, nothing. Do you expect me to just agree to join some foreign race, just like that?" Xuefeng questioned, not planning to join anything.

He was a free bird who never really wanted to bind himself to any organisation or even worse, race because there were too many responsibilities in such cases. He was already in the Clan but that was his family. Even if Xuefeng plans to join White Lotus Sect in the Central Region to provide the right environment to train for his wives, he didn't plan to stay there for too long.

"Don't accept any of his offers. Once you join, they won't let you leave anymore. They are too prideful so don't outright reject him. He will feel offended and even might try to take the Titan Blood away from you." Ming advised, knowing how different races behaved.

Xuefeng accepted it but he already knew he had to do the same. His speech threw the Titan off, but he realised that it was normal that Xuefeng didn't know anything about them. They were from the Heaven Realm after all.

"My bad. It's normal for you to not know. Let me summarise some information you might know. First of all, we Titans are the greatest Ra-" The Leader of Titans started his introduction when Xuefeng cut him off, stopping his monologue.

"I'm sorry but don't Sir think its too early to invite me? I'm going to stay in this Realm for a few more years so that all of my wives can go to Heaven Realm with me. I don't want to any long term plans like that. Can Sir invite me again when I finally ascend? I can promise that it shouldn't take more than four years." Xuefeng asked, stalling for time.

Unfortunately, the Leader of Titans only frowned, understanding Xuefeng's words differently.

"So you are rejecting me...?" He asked sternly. "You know that once you reject me, you won't be able to keep your bloodline. Just for you killing one of us, I should have killed you on the spot, yet I gave you a chance."

Xuefeng wanted to facepalm his face after hearing such a threat but he resisted his urges and gave out his own counterarguments.

"I'm not rejecting Sir. I just don't want to distract myself until I'm strong enough. Also, don't sir think that I might get attacked once I awaken my Titan Bloodline? Unless Sir wants to protect me every day till I ascend, I would like to keep it a secret else others might do the same to me as I did to that guy." Xuefeng said while pointing at the unconscious Zhen Zhao.

"Hmm... You are right... Our blood is so precious that many would want it, even if its only ten drops..." The Leader of Titans admitted hesitantly. Before he continued, Xuefeng added more.

"Also, you can feel my presence anyway so once I ascend, you can find me easily. There is no need to stress ourselves with any acceptance ceremonies. It will be better to celebrate with everyone, am I right? We can't leave our brothers alone." Xuefeng said sneakily, trying to outsmart the leader. Knowing how many levels of intelligence did Zhen Zhao lose after transforming into a Titan, he didn't believe their leader was any smarter.

What happened was just as he expected.

"Alright. I will find you once again after you ascend. I will introduce you to our brothers personally at that time." The Leader of Titans finally agreed, finding Xuefeng's arguments reasonable. The act of him already calling them brothers made Xuefeng look even more believable.

Just as he said it, he vanished with a puff and they didn't see him again. With Ming confirming that he was gone, Xuefeng finally breathed out deeply, relaxing while turning towards his girls.

"To think that we would be surprised by such a meeting. I didn't know cultivators could still enter the Earth Realm just like that." Xuefeng commented surprised as he put down his sword and gave Princess Shan a hug. She didn't leave his embrace the whole time.

"It's power was only that of a peak Monarch Stage. I could take care of him if there was a need." Nuwa explained as she took over Zhen Zhao's body and began investigating on his bloodline. She wasn't bothered about hurting him or not so the word careful was not in her mind.

"I can't feel any bloodline anymore. Good job Wuying." Finding nothing, she praised Wuying for the nicely done extraction. "Shall we go? This bastard won't survive for long. His heart is barely beating."

"Don't worry, I will keep him alive. The ladies he hurt needs this revenge." Xuefeng assured her, healing Zhen Zhao barely enough to survive the journey.


'No... No, no, no, no, no! How could they catch him!? What did he do to deserve it?!' Zhen Zhao's sister cried out in her mind after hiding behind the corner right when she saw her brother being dragged to the middle of her plaza.

She was just coming back from her training when her brother suddenly appeared in the sky. She didn't spot the Warship in the sky as her eyesight locked on him, a lifeless body hanging in the air without any support. Only a moment after she spotted a group of people flying behind him.

'They did it to him!' She immediately figured out and hid on instinct. Just yesterday she found a new girl for her brother who was willing to meet with him in private. She wanted to receive a gentle pat from him as a reward but now all her efforts turned out to be useless.

'No! I can't let them kill him! I need to do something...' She thought panicky as she suddenly thought of a crazy plan which she immediately accepted as the right choice of actions.

The news inside the White Lotus Sect spread quickly and soon thousands of female disciples came out to see it for themselves.

The great Zhen Zhao, the one that everyone knows, got crippled and stripped of his cultivation, and was now pinned to the wall with ice bolts. It was hard to believe but they didn't have any choice. The scenes were happening right in front of them.

"Zhen Zhao committed unforgivable crimes against our sect. He hurt many of our sisters, giving them hell and pain which forced us to act. We went to Sacred Sword Institute and took him away to face punishment from the hands of those who got hurt by him. His punishment: death from a thousand swords!" Being the Sect Master, Jiao announced his death to everyone gathered. She was sure there would be the victims in the crowd who wanted to get revenge.

Pulling out her own sword, she pierced it through his stomach without hesitation, causing him to cough out blood.

"Ladies! I order you to raise your swords and punish Zhen Zhao for the crimes he committed!" Jiao cried out to the crowd as she pulled the sword out, raising the bloodied tip to the skies.

They already decided to make it a punishment directed from the whole sect instead of a single individual. It was naturally hard to face the person who hurt you even though he was all tied up and unable to move. For the girls he preyed on, it was too much. Having their sisters around would also hide their involvement in the case.

It didn't take long for the girls to start approaching. Not only they got an absolute order from the Sect Master but they also wanted to see Zhen Zhao from up close.

Naturally, they were not impressed. With his head down, dirty body full of cuts, blood flowing out of his mouth and his messy hair, he looked more disgusting than appealing.

Unfortunately, just as the first girl planned on approaching and piercing him with her sword, she was caught by another girl from behind. Black dagger quickly landed on the girl's neck as the attacker stopped the punishment from starting with her shout.

"Anyone moves and I will kill her!"