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 "Tsk, only two minutes and already out of juice. Didn't you want to fight me earlier? Pathetic." Xuefeng called out seeing how Zhen Zhao slowed down his movements.

The energy provided by the berserk state was already in the end game. The pains that were ignored for a short moment were coming back, paralyzing his body with each of his steps, distorting his facial expression into an unsightly grimace.

'Do it now. Immobilize him and draw his Titan Blood from his system with the help of Wuying.' Ming ordered while describing the process.

'Also, be quick. I recalled one trait about the Titans that might be an inconvenience if we don't hurry.' She warned before Xuefeng launched forward.

As Ming didn't explain further, Xuefeng didn't ask and finally attacked, sending four swords at Zhen Zhao while also creating an Earth Qi wall behind him. The whole area was already filled with his Earth Qi which allowed him to trick Zhen Zhao many times, dodging all of his advances while also punishing him back.

"Aaaaghh!!" Zhen Zhao cried out when the four swords pierced right through his limbs, pinning him to the wall behind him. The speed of the swords was just too quick for him to react, slicing right through his abundant muscles without a problem.

"Wuying, can you help me?" Xuefeng called out to the group and Wuying jumped to his side right away.

"What can I do for you?" She asked as he embraced her and flew towards the Zhen Zhao with one flip of his wings. They didn't have time so he explained to her what Ming just told him.

"I want you to extract the special bloodline blood from him. I suppose it should be different than normal. I will count on you." Xuefeng whispered into her ear before further immobilizing Zhen Zhao so she would be safe.

"Sure! I will do my best." Wuying quickly agreed, happy that she could help him and extended her hand to the giant in front of her.

At that point, Zhen Zhao was powerless. Having no dantain to provide him with Spirit Qi as well as no power left in his bloodline, he was like a sheep waiting to be slaughtered by the butcher.

'He came in the end... Don't make any sudden movements else he will know we discovered him.' Just then, Ming warned him right when Wuying's Blood Qi entered into Zhen Zhao's body.

'Who?' Xuefeng asked confused, focusing on Wuying.

'I told you a moment ago. There is something in the Titan Bloodline that is special. Just as Royal Elves, they also can feel each other through their bloodlines but the sensitivity in Titan Bloodline is way above others. Just as Zhen Zhao awakened his bloodline, they immediately sensed it and now their leader arrived from Heaven's Realm with his Avatar to check up on him. Don't worry, I will handle it if anything happens.' Ming explained, assuring him at the same time.

'Okay, thank you.' Xuefeng said while having a huge desire to turn around and look around to spot the person. Fortunately, he resisted it, knowing it wouldn't be possible with his stage.


'Huh? Crippled Cultivation? Half-dead? Is that the newborn that is supposed to join us?' The leader of Titans Race muttered to himself while rubbing his eyes, thinking he was seeing wrongly.

For him, the Members of the Titan Race were undefeated. If any of them lost, they no longer deserved to be called as such. Seeing the beaten up Zhen Zhao immediately made him both angry and disappointed.

He didn't rush to save Zhen Zhao as he joined the ranks of losers. Just then, he noticed something disturbing. Ten drops of black Titan blood suddenly flew out of Zhen Zhao wounds and formed a small ball right in front of Wuying, making her burst in smiles.

'What?! They are stealing his Bloodline!' The Leader of Titans momentarily cried out in his mind, finding that ultimately disrespectful but then, his angry face froze.

He saw the brown-haired girl walk up to the Golden-Winged cultivator and pass the blood to him. The boy quickly absorbed it and hugged her afterwards but that wasn't what the Leader of Titans focused on.

'He absorbed it...' The face of the Avatar calmed down as he started thinking deeply about the situation. 'It doesn't matter who has it as long as he has it, right? This elf seems much more impressive than that human anyway... What we want are winners... He will do then.'

The Leader of Titans quickly decided what to do and smiled in the end, no longer looking at Zhen Zhao.


'Great, Wuying has amazing control. Although most of the Bloodline was burned during Zhen Zhao's berserk, ten drops should be sufficient. We will put them into good use.' Ming praised after collecting the blood for Xuefeng, already locking in safely inside of his Spirit.

'I never thought it would be that simple. Does that mean that I can also gain other bloodlines with the same method?' Xuefeng asked surprised.

He had to go so far as to stay connected with Yiren during a ceremony just to get half of her Royal Elf Bloodline yet here they simply sucked the Bloodline Blood from Zhen Zhao. He realised it was probably a dangerous procedure so he was happy there were other, safer methods.

'Absolutely. As long as you don't care if they are dead or alive. Extracting someone's else bloodline is like killing them. Zhen Zhao just awakened so it was much simpler as the Bloodline still didn't fuse with his Spirit. It just existed in his blood circulation. Just from those ten drops, it will be really hard to awaken a Titan Bloodline. Though, I'm not saying it's impossible.' Ming said, simplifying so Xuefeng could understand.

'Oh! Do you know why that Titan Leader didn't defend Zhen Zhao? He is still here, right?' Xuefeng asked as he pulled out the swords from the wall, making Zhen Zhao fall limply to the ground.

'You will probably meet him soon. Settle the Zhen Zhao case first.' Ming responded lightly, not saying anything anymore.

Seeing that she wasn't worried, Xuefeng also relaxed and glanced at the almost dead body on the ground who slowly began to shrink back to its original size as if someone popped a hole in his body, letting all the air out. Xuefeng suddenly realised it would be unfair to all of Zhen Zhao's victims if they took care of him themselves.

"Let's take him with us. We will think about what to do with him on the board." Xuefeng decided as he lifted Zhen Zhao from the group.

"Alright." They all agreed united and flew towards the warship, leaving all the disciples with dejected expressions. This was the strength their Sect Master was talking about.

Like Ming guessed, just as they reached the warship, they saw a tall translucent giant on top of the deck. Xuefeng didn't plan to expose that he knew that and quickly got alerted as he aimed his Black Flames Slayer at him.

"Who are you?!" He asked with a frown.

"Brother, don't worry. I came with peace and to present you with an offer." The Leader of Titans greeted calmly as he smiled, explaining his visit.

Xuefeng didn't put down his guard which made the giant nod with satisfaction and asked loudly, "What do you want?"