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 Zhen Zhao's blood-red eyes suddenly shone with crimson light, similar to a beast turn activated her berserk ability, and he immediately broke from Xuefeng's lockdown, striking Xuefeng in the back.


A dull thud resounded throughout the area as Xuefeng got pushed back tens of meters away, creating a deep line on the gravel with his feet. He didn't lose his balance but the sheer power of the punch was enough to send him far away.

On his back, right before he was struck, a lightning barrier appeared and absorbed the attack, nullifying any damage he could take. He immediately realised who helped him.

'Thank you Ling.' Xuefeng acknowledged her quick help and glanced in the direction of Zhen Zhao. 'What happened to him? He broke my lockdown while being crippled...'

Unfortunately, there was little time to talk as Zhen Zhao locked his gaze on him.

"Fight me!!!" Zhen Zhao roared while spitting saliva everywhere like an actual beast.

His body began expanding at that very moment, gaining a bit over a meter in height while also expanding his muscles throughout his body. Most of his clothes ripped apart due to the excess tissue but luckily, he still had his privates covered.

'It's a bloodline! He awakened one under pressure from you. If I'm not wrong, he should have the blood of Barbarian in his body which triggered the awakening.' Ming explained what happened as she proposed the solution. 'It's our lucky day. Go kill him and take his bloodline.'

Nuwa frowned seeing how Zhen Zhao dared to punch Xuefeng and suddenly exploded with pressure, focusing it all on the giant in front of her. The power of her Spirit was so much more violent compared to Xuefeng or even her daughter, Yiren, that Zhen Zhao didn't have a chance.


"Aaaaargh!!! Fight me!!!" Zhen Zhao dropped on both of his knees but still tried to struggle, crying out on top of his lungs while glaring with his bulging eyes at Xuefeng.

"Sit down!" Nuwa shouted as she utilized her Royal Elf Bloodline to its full potential and Zhen Zhao lost any power in his body. He was pressed against the ground with his face scrubbing the gravel.

When Nuwa gets serious, no one would want to face her in this world. If she desired, she could simply chop his head off right at that very moment yet she looked at Xuefeng instead.

The Sect Master of Sacred Sword Institute regained his hope for a short moment when Zhen Zhao, his strongest disciple finally fought back, but it was soon crushed when he realised the people he dealt with were not from his rank.

"I think she already reached the peak of the Monarch stage... How did this youngster convince such a strong cultivator to be his lover...?" The Sect Master muttered, not understanding Nuwa's thought process.

He believed that such an expert would rather aim higher and pick someone stronger to be her man instead of looking at youngsters like Xuefeng. Unfortunately, he didn't have the say in this.

'I don't think I need such a bloodline... I don't really want to become a giant like this...' Xuefeng replied as he slowly walked back to the group.

'Don't worry, I won't let you absorb his bloodline. I will store it and we can later combine two bloodlines together to create something more useful. This one is too crude for you.' Ming assured him.

'Okay, what do I do then? Do I just kill him?' Xuefeng questioned, trusting Ming for now.

'No. You have to tire him out first. Once he is weakened, it will be easier to collect his bloodline. His berserk ability will end soon but if he doesn't use the power of it, his bloodline will be ruined and useless afterwards. I will tell you when you can collect it.' Ming explained the process in a simple manner.

"Nuwa, it's okay. You can let go of him. I will handle it." Xuefeng informed Nuwa as he finally stopped walking, standing some distance away from him.

"Are you sure?" She asked confused, not sure what he planned to do but he nodded, giving her some info which only she would understand.

"His current power. I will take it away from him." He said with a confident smile.

Nuwa looked at Zhen Zhao curiously and her eyes brightened when she understood what he meant. Zhen Zhao had crushed dantain with all Qi leaked out. His sudden outburst of power could only mean he got a bloodline which was located safely inside of his Spirit.

"Oh. Fine. He is yours then." Nuwa said before removing all restrictions from the giant.

"You wanted to fight me? What are you waiting for?" Xuefeng called out to Zhen Zhao who abruptly stood up, finally free.

"Aaargggh! I will kill you!" Zhen Zhao snapped angrily with his fists clenched and teeth-gritting against each other. He didn't want and launched himself forward using all of his berserk strength.

Gravel flew out from the ground with each stomp of his but Xuefeng wasn't scared. His job was to tire him out, not fight him. He spread wings from his back and just as Zhen Zhao charged at him like a raging bull, Xuefeng simply shot an airball at his face before dodging to the side with one swing of his Golden Wings.

Zhen Zhao couldn't simply stop his attack so he went right past him before crashing into an Earth Wall that suddenly blocked his path.


Chunks of earth were blasted in every direction as it couldn't resist his raw power. Fortunately, that wasn't Xuefeng's goal.

"Haha, I thought you wanted to fight me? Why are you hitting walls with your head? Are you that dumb?" Xuefeng asked with a smirk as he sat cooly on the small bounder he used as a chair, his leg put on top of another.

He wanted to anger Zhen Zhao even more and he was successful.

"Stop running!!!" Zhen Zhao roared, launching himself at Xuefeng once again. He only had the power of his body so he had to hit Xuefeng with his fists.

Xuefeng realised that Zhen Zhao wasn't that smart under the power of his bloodline which subtracted some difficulty in this battle.

In the end, muscles couldn't make you smarter.


At the same time, far away in the Heaven Realm, a large group of Giants were roasting a bear-like beast under a large fireplace. It was fully skinned from its fur with its legs roasting on separate sticks. They were drinking and laughing when suddenly, every each one of them froze.

"A new brother was born!" One of them with a crown made of bones on his head stood up and announced the happy news.

"Yeah!!!" Everyone cheered loudly as they raised their cups of liquor in the air.

"For the new Barbarian!" The King of Giants called out as he also raised his cup and gulped the whole cup to the bottom.

"For the new Barbarian!" The others repeated and similarly drank their cups.

"I will go check up on him with my Avatar. Hopefully, we will have a new family member soon. When I come back, I want a whole leg for myself!" The King called out happily as he sat down and closed his eyes, controlling the Avatar in meditation.