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 Those who wanted to rush out and defend the Sect with their Elders and Sect Master suddenly halted their movements. They didn't need to be smart to realise how unrealistic that would be. After all, they couldn't even discern the cultivation of their enemies.

Seeing the blinding Golden Wings on Xuefeng's back, looking as if he descended from heavens. The Legacy Disciples, as well as Law Enforcement Disciples, couldn't get themselves to move just so they could throw their lives away.

Their Elder who was so much stronger than them dropped dead and the Sect Barrier, that needed at least a few Spirit Monarchs to destroy, was crushed with just one attack. The choice was obvious. Sect wouldn't matter to them if they were dead and being selfish as most cultivators were, they couldn't sacrifice themselves like that.

"Damn it!" The Sect Master cursed, feeling hopeless in such a situation. He glanced at Xuefeng, wondering if he should fight them but then he spotted the body of his elder who was splashed on the ground which immediately crushed his hopes.

It didn't take long for Ling to find Zhen Zhao after getting the information from Princess Shan who was really cooperative and said, 'I got him. He is running away towards the gate in the north. He is wearing a black hood, trying to hide his identity. I guess you scared him too much, hehe.'

'Thank you, dear,' Xuefeng said happily in his mind, before informing everyone with a smile, "I already found him. Zhen Zhao is running away. Let's go catch him."

For Xuefeng, it wasn't even a serious hunt as the difference in strength was just too big. What's more, Xuefeng wasn't alone. He had a strong group of beauties which fully supported him.

They ignored the many disciples who were staring at them from the ground and only assured the pale Sect Master who didn't know what to do, "Don't worry old man, we will just take him and leave. Continue doing what you were doing."

Without saying anything else, they all flew towards the fleeing Zhen Zhao, leaving them in awkward silence.

All disciples suddenly felt useless but the Sect Master of Sacred Sword Institute broke their negative thoughts as he cried out to them as he pointed at the Xuefeng's backs, "Did you see that?! Do you know what just happened?!"

No one said anything and the Sect Master continued, giving them an answer, "This is strength! Isn't that what you all want?! Look at him! He can walk into our sect without anyone even trying to stop him! He reached Sage Stage in such a young age! What excuses do you all have?! Strength! Respect! Beauties! This is what you can get for working hard!"

Strength... Respect... Beauties...

Those three words resounded in the disciples' minds as they imagined Xuefeng with the beauty in his arms, domineeringly breaking into their Sect. Wasn't that their goal? They wanted to walk unhindered in this world with no one capable of endangering them. This was how the peak of cultivation looked like.

To motivate them, even more, using the show Xuefeng created, the Sect Master added with power in his voice, "He can enter into our Sect and kill anyone he wants without receiving any punishment. Set this as your goal and fight for it! You all are the masters of your destiny!"

"Yes!" The disciples responded united. They knew their Sect Master was correct but it was definitely hard to achieve. Not everyone can reach such level of power and they definitely needed some luck in their lives.


Blub, blub.

"It seems like you became a celebrity now, haha." Tianshi giggled after hearing the Sect Master's speech from the distance. It wasn't hard as he didn't try to hide it, talking to everyone loudly.

She wanted to be more involved in whatever Xuefeng does so she sneaked closer to him when everyone watched the situation in front of them.

"I'm just enjoying my life with the greatest beauties of this world and trying to adapt to the situation. I'm nothing special." Xuefeng said while shrugging but still gave Tianshi a kiss, inviting her by his side.

Blub, blub, blub.

"You are more than special... To me at least." Tianshi confessed as she gave him a hug which got her a reward in the form of another kiss.

Blub, blub!

Getting disturbed by the popping sounds, Xuefeng finally cancelled the water bubble that he created around Zhen Zhao's head, letting him breathe a little.

Even though Xuefeng showed him mercy, Zhen Zhao cursed right away after coughing the water out of his lungs, "Cough, cough! You bastard! I will kill you!"

When they spotted Zhen Zhao from the air, Xuefeng didn't do anything to catch him. Nuwa was the one who rushed out and he couldn't do anything. She stopped Zhen Zhao from the distance before bringing him beneath their feet and sealed his cultivation after giving him a solid kick in the face. The fight was over before it even started.

Xuefeng rolled his eyes and shut Zhen Zhao mouth with the power of his bloodline and asked bored, "Should we just kill him? I'm quite a newbie in the art of tortures." With his cultivation sealed, Zhen Zhao didn't have the power to resist him at all.

"How about we destroy his cultivation, cut off his tendons and manhood before cutting off his tongue so he can't speak for the rest of his miserable life? We can also poison him and then send him to the Sacred Sword Kingdom's capital to show his father what bastard son did he raise?" Xiao Wen proposed as he rubbed her hands with a devilish smile. After learning what he did, she wanted him to eternally suffer instead of dying.

Nuwa nodded, liking her plan and added something from herself while also showing an evil smile, "Instead of only poisoning his body, we can do that with his spirit as well so that even after he reincarnate with his death, the pain will carry on with the second life of his."

"I agree! Scum like him should suffer forever." Xiao Wen concurred with her and glared at the shivering Zhen Zhao. He could naturally hear what they were planning and he definitely wouldn't be able to survive this time.

Though, he wasn't shivering from fear but anger instead. He was angry at himself for putting himself in such a horrible situation and what's more, at Xuefeng who ruined everything for him. Despite having a blade pointed at him, coming from Princess Shan's hand, he still glared at Xuefeng, having a deep desire to kill him.

Princess Shan turned frosty and pressed her sword closer to Zhen Zhao's neck before warning coldly, "Glare at him once again and I will-" Unfortunately, she couldn't finish her words as she was suddenly stopped by Xuefeng as he pulled her back, "Don't kill him her. This is exactly what he wants. Giving him a quick death will be a blessing for him right now."

Princess Shan realised what she planned to do just now and drew her sword back, complaining as she fell into Xuefeng's arms, "You are right... I just hate him so much, ugh!" She was the one being tormented by Zhen Zhao, giving her stressful nights for a long time.

"It's okay. I am actually curious about what he wants to say. Those will be his last words in his life." Xuefeng assured her before lifting the lock on Zhen Zhao lips, waiting for his last words.

The disciples who were naturally watching from the distance held their breaths and waited for their senior brother's words. Many of them still didn't know what wrongings Zhen Zhao committed but against ultimate power, it didn't matter. Even if he did nothing, when someone with a stronger background wants to kill him, no one will care.

Having his ability to talk back, Zhen Zhao quickly snapped, "You are not even a man! You parade with your girls, trying to act manly, yet you can't even fight me! There is no way you can defeat me one on one! Fight me, coward!"

"Oof..." The disciples gasped, not knowing where Zhen Zhao got the courage to curse his enemies a moment before his death and everyone looked at Xuefeng, awaiting his response.

"Hahaha!" Just as they expected, Xuefeng burst out laughing at that accusation and asked, "Didn't you see how I destroyed the barrier of your Sect with just one punch? You are funny. I have no intention to fight a nobody like you. There is nothing I can gain from that. My wives don't need me to showcase my strength to know they chose the correct husband. Life is brutal. Either you adapt or you will be a loser."

Xuefeng didn't care about more about Zhen Zhao and sealed his mouth before any other words left his mouth. Turning to Xiao Wen, he called out, "I think your idea was nice. We can do that. Let's start by crippling his cultivation."

It wasn't that hard, knowing the placement of the dantain in the human body. Before anyone could react, Xuefeng covered his leg with Earth Qi, making it as hard as a rock and smashed it against Zhen Zhao's lower abdomen.


They heard a loud pop as if a bubble broke and a large amount of Spirit Qi leaked out into the air. Zhen Zhao immediately bent over and his eyes opened wide with its whites turning red from pain, trying to escape from their sockets. He had the urge to cry and vomit yet his lips were sealed, forcing the blood to stay in his mouth. It started to fill his lungs, making him choke yet he couldn't spit the nasty liquid.

Raising his head so that Zhen Zhao can look at him, Xuefeng punched him in the face which sent him to the ground, finally spurting blood from his mouth before saying coldly, "And just like that, your cultivation life ended. I hope that after you die, you will be haunted for all the girls' lives you ruined."

"Girls, I will need your help with your plan," Xuefeng muttered as he immobilized Zhen Zhao once again, pressing him against the ground.

"Gladly." The girls replied united.

Just then, when Xuefeng turned his head towards the girls, Ming cried out in his mind, 'Watch out!'