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 Finally realising that it was the man in front of him who was the leader of the group, the Sect Master turned to Xuefeng and said politely, despite hearing curses from the opposite side, "Sir, I think no matter the case, there should be a way to resolve it peacefully, without unnecessary bloodshed."

Xuefeng found that amusing but he agreed, saying, "Of course. Give me Zhen Zhao and there will be no accidental deaths. I don't have time to play games." The whole clan was waiting because of this issue so he didn't want to stall for too long.

The old Sect Master frowned when he heard that and asked curiously, seeing that Xuefeng wouldn't stop his vendetta, "Can I know what my disciple did to get Xiao Family chase after him?"

Xuefeng pulled Princess Shan into his arms and gave them a chance as he exposed Zhen Zhao, "He wanted to force my woman into marrying him. Isn't that courting death? Not only that, I heard he harmed many females from White Lotus Sect who were deceived by him. I won't leave until he is dead."

Jiao was momentarily alarmed when she heard that but instead of questioning him, she sided with Xuefeng while admitting her mistake, "I am ashamed I didn't kill him the first time I heard about it. I tried to convince the girls to testify against this bastard but they begged me to drop pursuing him. They didn't want to announce that they were sullied by someone. Enough is enough. Either his head drops or the Sacred Sword Kingdom will lose its biggest Sect today."

Even though her sect was so big that it was hard to manage everything, it wasn't an excuse to let her disciples get harassed by others. It was her duty as the Sect Leader to know everything that was happening inside her Sect.

Hearing the threat, the elders' faces turned ugly and one of them called out angrily, "Sect Master Jiao! Are you threatening our Sect?! Don't forget how many times we helped you!"

Xuefeng lost his patience with that one shout and immediately silenced him, "Okay, shut the fuck up. No one asked you to talk. Dogs should sit down and let the master talk." He didn't want to straight-up kill people again but unfortunately, Nuwa was not in a good mood today.

Crack... Snap!!!

A muted pop echoed in the air above as the head of the shouting elder twisted out of nowhere in an unnatural position. His body started falling down from the sky right after. After the elder died, no one supported him which resulted in the current situation.

A dead body passing through the barrier before crushing to the ground with a thud.

Trying to not expose Nuwa who was still standing as if nothing happened, hiding her strength from the very beginning, Xuefeng tried to calm down the situation while taking the blame, "There is no need for any bloodshed. We will kill Zhen Zhao and leave."

Pointing down, he added, "That old man was rude to Jiao so he doesn't count."

Jiao blushed when she heard that Xuefeng cared so much for her and actually killed someone in her defence, not expecting it was actually Nuwa. The thought of questioning how he killed him didn't cross her mind at that moment.

The four elders together with the Sect Master looked at each other and before they knew, they were all running away, activating all of their defences at once just so they could reach the Sect's Barrier before they die.

Xuefeng couldn't help but facepalm himself and commented with annoyance, "Sigh, now we will have to go down and find him ourselves... I guess it was inevitable. I doubt he would even show up knowing who he is up against."

Princess Shan nodded and confirmed as she added, "Yeah, I don't think he will come. But I also don't think he will run away. He is too proud for it."

Trying to be considerate, Xuefeng looked her straight in the eyes and asked curiously, "Are you fine with seeing him if we go down there? I don't want you to feel uncomfortable. You were the one he harassed after all."

"Yes, I'm fine." Princess Shan replied without hesitation. "I want to see him dead. Don't worry about me. I know you won't let anyone hurt me, or any of us."

She found it quite sweet for him to ask but no matter how she felt, Princess Shan wanted to see Zhen Zhao get punished for all the pain he brought to those girls.

"Alright." Xuefeng nodded as he caressed her cheek before asking in his mind, 'Is there a way to locate him quickly? I don't want to search for him endlessly if he is hiding somewhere.'

'Yes. After you destroy the barrier, you can let me connect with Shan so I can find him. I only need to see what he looks like and you can leave the rest to me.' Ling replied happily, not having problems with his request.

"Shan, later when you feel like something is entering your body, don't resist and instead imagine what Zhen Zhao looks like," Xuefeng whispered as Golden Wings spread out of his back.

"Okay~" Princess Shan nodded, trusting him fully and hugged into his chest before asking worried, "Won't I disturb you by staying in your arms?" She knew he would be battling with Zhen Zhao because of her very soon.

"Don't worry. You all stay with me." Xuefeng assured her, pulling her closer and turned to others, warning them, "Everyone, when we go down, stay together and cover each other. We act as one unit. We didn't come for bloodshed or to kill innocent kids. We will retaliate only after we get attacked, or if you think they deserve death. Don't question yourself. Do what you have to do."

Seeing the girls' nods, Xuefeng added, "We will find Zhen Zhao and give him the punishment that he deserves before leaving." As Wuying didn't have the ability to fly, he turned to her to figure that out but she commented before he even said anything, "Don't worry about me. I have discovered an amazing skill within the sword. I'm yet to master it but I can follow after you."

As she said so, Wuying pulled out her sword and her body got surrounded by a blood-red translucent miasma that made her soar in the air. She smiled at Xuefeng's surprised smile and called out happily, "Let's go!"


Seeing the dead Elder on the ground, the disciples on the site panicked and swiftly realised it wasn't just a friendly shipment of goods but rather enemies that were killing them. The sight of a scared Sect Master and four other High Elders didn't help to calm them down but instead increased their anxiety.

"Legacy Disciples! Come out and defend your Sect! Everyone else, run and hide!" The Sect Master cried out on top of his lungs, finally confirming everyone's guesses that they are in deep shit.

One had to be a Saint Stage Cultivator to become a Legacy Disciple which said something about the level of their enemies.

"They surely can't break through the barrier this quickly, right?" One of the Legacy Disciples witnessing the scene commented confidently.

Roar! Bang!

Just as he said that they heard a piercing cry, followed by a loud explosion which destroyed the defensive barrier with just one hit, making it crumble like a house of cards.

Their faces immediately changed and they quickly activated their defences, ready to battle. Unfortunately, seeing the Golden Wings on Xuefeng's back, not many could stay without having their legs shaking. It was indeed a breathtaking view.

"Zhen Zhao is our target." Xuefeng said loud enough for everyone to hear him before ending with a cold glare at everyone, "Anyone who blocks our way will die just like your Elder."