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 The disciples of the sect had no idea that the Warship they saw in the sky wasn't friendly. Everyone thought it was just bigger shipping of some important materials and seeing no immediate defensive reaction from the Sect, no one really bothered with it.

Only after hearing the deafening shout coming from it, did they realise that those people didn't come with friendly intentions. They didn't feel the pressure coming from the voice thanks to the barrier surrounding the Sect but just based on its tone, many disciples had shivers.

Though, they were a few who were not affected by it at all and rather smirked instead while saying, "Who is this daring? He is brave enough to curse and even challenge our senior brother to a battle. I guess he is courting death."

When the disciples of the Sacred Sword Institute realised who the man from the Warship plans to fight, they immediately laughed, fully confident that Zhen Zhao was impossible to defeat by some random foe. Many tried but all failed.

Naturally, none of them recognized the Insignia of Xiao Family on the side of the Warship but how could the Sect Leader miss that? The moment he was alarmed by the booming cry, he immediately left his abode and shot his gaze at the skies. Seeing the Warship, he momentarily paled.

Just as he was about to fly and meet the unexpected guests, he heard a familiar voice coming from behind him, "Master! Save me! They came to kill me?"

Realising that it was his personal disciple that Xiao Family mentioned, the Sect Master quickly called out to him, "What happened?! How did you offend Xiao Family?!" His facial skin slowly began to don the colour of his white hair as his mind got consumed by headache.

He couldn't even imagine it as Xiao Family was situated in the Central Region and they barely had any contact with them in this kingdom. Just then, the Sect Master recalled the sexual tendencies of Zhen Zhao and quickly questioned, "Did you flirt with someone you shouldn't?!"

Hearing that his Master knew what's up, he didn't bulshit and tried to win him over with honesty, "I didn't know she was connected to Xiao Family! She is just a simply Princess from the Aurora country. If I knew, I wouldn't dare approach her..."

This angered the Sect Master as he cursed, "Damn it, the lack of knowledge doesn't exempt you from punishment! Come! We will meet with them and hopefully resolve it. Maybe they will give our Sect some face and let you off when you apologize."

Zhen Zhao showed a scared expression and shook his head hurriedly as he pleaded, "Master, I can't! Her boyfriend just said he wants to kill me! The moment I go out, they will all gang up on me, going straight for the kill. He doesn't care about the Sect as long as he sees me dead. Please Master, can you represent me? They won't attack you." A normal person would kneel while begging like that but Zhen Zhao would never do that even if his life is in danger.

"Humpf," Sect Master snorted. "If they dare attack, we will retaliate. Unless a Monarch Stage cultivator is helping them, they don't stand a chance against our Sect's barrier. Stay here, I will take elders and meet with them."

"Ah! Thank you, Master!" Zhen Zhao exclaimed as a smile finally returned onto his face and the Sect Master only nodded in response as he set off to gather his elders.


Seeing no movement for a few minutes after he shouted out, Xuefeng asked Princess Shan calmly while giving her a hug, "Should we go down and kill him there? It doesn't seem like they would be going up."

He knew that Zhen Zhao wouldn't dare show his face and eventually he would have to find him on his own but just in case Zhen Zhao did, Xuefeng took Princess Shan into his arms to show she was his woman and piss him off.

Their opinions were divided though as Princess Shan muttered after hugging him tighter, "I don't mind waiting..." They were a bit delayed as Xuefeng took his time enjoying her soft tongue but it seemed like they could savour the moment more as their early arrival didn't change anything.

Xuefeng didn't leave anyone behind this time, taking all of his women on the deck as he wanted to involve everyone, no matter what he did.

"Can't they see a giant Warship right above their Sect? I think it has been a few minutes already. Tsk, so unprofessional." Xiao Wen snickered, hating to wait for nothing. "I agree with Xuefeng. We should just raid this Sect and find him ourselves."

"I don't think this is how we should announce our arrival. We came so suddenly but instead of dominantly pursuing our goals, we stopped by their doorstep. I think they will prepare themselves now just in case we attack." Jiao said while each time emphasising the word 'we'.

Nuwa was the one with the strongest Spirit Awareness and she was first to spot the incoming cultivators. She stopped the others from talking as her frosty face voiced out, "There is no need for that anymore. It seems like they are coming." She seemed to be in a bad mood and Xuefeng knew he was the reason for that.

Just as she woke up from the cultivation with Yiren after feeling the Warship halting, she noticed Xuefeng having fun with Princess Shan in the bathroom which quite triggered her. He was supposed to train yet there he was, having fun. Naturally, she was the most upset that he didn't invite her.

Fortunately, he somehow managed to calm her down after forcing a hug on her until she stopped pouting. Nuwa was calm and collected when she wanted but there were also times where her jealous and selfish attitude leaked.

Looking at the five approaching old men, she immediately felt a desire to unleash her frustration on them but Xuefeng was there to interfere, saying, "Let me take care of them." She wasn't exactly convinced but after a gentle back rub, she nodded in the end.

He didn't walk forward in front of everyone like a leader but instead stood in the same place, equal in status with all of his women. Seeing that there was no young man in the group that finally reached them, he let go of Princess Shan just in case he needed to take action and called out with annoyed expression, "You made us wait."

He already had a plan for this confrontation and he definitely wouldn't be a good boy.

The Sect Master of the Sacred Sword Institute glanced at the only man in the group, quite surprised to see a Sage Stage cultivator accompanied by so many beauties and said with open arms, "Welcome guests. I'm the Sect Master of-"

Just as he was introducing himself, he spotted Jiao which distracted him and changed his focus onto her, "Huh? Jiao? What are you doing here?"

Unfortunately, he didn't get to hear her reply as she stood silent and instead heard Xuefeng's frigid voice, "That's Sect Master Jiao for you."

The old man looked surprised and asked confused, still looking at Jiao, "Oh. I thought we were friends?" She was the only one he knew, but that wouldn't help him.

Jiao stood silent, carrying a casual smile and simply glanced at Xuefeng instead of replying, signalling that he was the shot caller in the group.

Xuefeng was also bored of that small chit chat so he cut the conversation short as he questioned, "Cut the bullshit. Tell me where is Zhen Zhao. Or do you want to me go inside and find him myself?"