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 Feeling her hand squeezing his own tightly, Xuefeng pulled her into his arms and teased her as he started undressing her, "Don't be so tense. We are just going to clean ourselves. I don't want to disturb Yiren again."

His words actually made her relax as she didn't want her first time to be rushed like that, in the bathroom. Every girl wanted their first time to be a memorable experience and Princess Shan wasn't different.

When the dirty blue dress fell to the ground, she was only left with her underwear and over the knee white socks while her round chest was fully naked in front of him. Knowing he would be gentle with her this time, Princess Shan was much more proactive and without any shyness from being exposed, she started undressing him.

His stylish black leather jacket was already handled by Jiao so there was only his shirt and pants that quickly followed her dress example. To Xuefeng's surprise, she boldly took off his underwear together with his pants and with them on the ground, she halted for a moment, having his member right in front of her face.

"It's big even in this state..." She watched it with curiosity and even poked it with her finger which made Xuefeng's imagination go wild. He wouldn't be a man if he didn't picture the beauty of Princess Shan's calibre suddenly taking liberties with him.

Fortunately, he resisted his urges and pulled her up from the ground. He was still yet to properly investigate her body so he did a quick scan with his eyes and hands. Rubbing on the porcelain skin of her waist, his fingers travelled upwards and grasped her breast. It was like examining new territories that were never discovered by anyone.

Seeing that he was forgetting his previous words, she caught his other hand and slipped it inside her underwear so he could find out more about her before teasing, "You said we will only clean ourselves, huh?"

As if an answer to her question, Xuefeng covered his hands with Water Qi in a liquid form and continued with a smile, asking back, "Isn't it exactly what I'm doing?"

Princess Shan only smiled to that and copied him, beginning to clean him as well. She was more diligent than him as Xuefeng took many advances at her yet she didn't, knowing this might provoke some reaction from him. Unfortunately, even if she didn't intend to, Xuefeng's erection awakened and began poking her in the belly like a spear.

They finished cleaning themselves but Xuefeng was still hard, begging to touch it with each twitch. "Don't worry, it will calm down on its own. We just need to wait a moment." Xuefeng assured her after giving her a 'thank you' kiss.

Just as he said those words, the warship suddenly started to slow down. Not only that but it was also lowering its attitude which signalled they might have reached their destination. Ling words quickly resolved his doubts, 'We reached the sect. I can see the structures in the distance.'

He passed the message to Princess Shan and she gave him a naughty smile as her hands grasped on his erection. Even though she never did it with anyone, she naturally had knowledge about it.

Xuefeng immediately realised what she wanted but he shook his head hesitantly, saying, "We don't have time..." If they reached, Xuefeng was needed to command the operation. After all, they were stopping because of him.

Too bad that Princess Shan didn't listen and said with a smile, "I will be quick." She really wanted to do something for him and this was a perfect occasion for that.

Before he could react, Princess Shan suddenly dropped on her knees and swallowed his erection directly, without any mental preparation. Inside her mouth, she examined the object with her tongue as she looked upwards with a cute gaze as if asking if she should continue.

Xuefeng snickered as he caressed her cheek and said, "Tsk, how can I reject you when you are already sucking on it so eagerly...? Let's do it quickly." He would naturally never pull out from a situation like that as that would be disrespectful to her.

"Mhmm..." She acknowledged the challenge and unleashed all of the skills she learned from the other girls while being around Xuefeng. She couldn't stop herself from peeping but that gave her a set of skills she could use now.

Feeling her soft lips launching on an offence by tightly sealing around him while having her tongue licking on his sensitive spots, Xuefeng knew he will experience a good ride. He had to admit that there was nothing better than a nice head from your wife after a battle. He was sure to repeat it after Zhen Zhao finally drops dead.


"Damn it!" Zhen Zhao cursed the moment he saw a giant Warship with the signature insignia of the Xiao Family, thinking in his mind, 'How come he is already here?! I just arrived and I'm yet to contact the Sect Master. Fuck!'

Zhen Zhao thought that he will have some time before Xuefeng arrives to set up some defensive structures like convincing his Sect that he was being hunted by him. Naturally, being the Sacred Sword Institute's favourite as one of the strongest disciples, the Sect Master would protect him from any disasters. Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com for visiting.

What's more, they could also receive help from the main sect if there was a need. Unfortunately, it wasn't possible anymore as there was no time. He didn't even go back into his place and instead dashed towards the Sect Master mountain, needing the Sect support as soon as possible.

"Senior Brother, you came back! Where are you rushing to?" On the way, many disciples recognized him but he pushed them out of the way, calling out angrily, "Fuck off!" Those who didn't listen were smashed to the side, leaving everyone stupefied.

Was this the same Senior Brother they idolized or did someone spike their breakfasts?

Zhen Zhao didn't have time and his mood wasn't great, knowing he could face death very soon so he finally showed his true self to everyone. He didn't care about them as his life was the most important to him.

Reaching the barrier in front of a giant mountain, he shouted as loud as he could, "Sect Master! It's Zhen Zhao! Someone is trying to kill me! Help me!"

At the same time, a loud manly voice resounded throughout the whole sect, coming from the sky, "Zhen Zhao! Come out you coward and face your death!"